Inconsistent Products

Today I’m looking at product inconsistencies.  Specifically, how does a product differ from batch to batch?  This might be a crazy thing to some people, but I do own multiples of the same makeup item because I like to have back-ups or have more than one to use at the same time (as in the case with makeup brushes).  Here are some things that I’ve found to be inconsistent:

MAC eye shadow in Satin Taupe
This is my absolute favourite MAC eye shadow.  Last year I got it in my head that MAC would mess with me and discontinue it so I went and bought a back-up.
When I got it home, I decided to put them side by side to compare them and was aghast when I noticed they were not the same!  The original one has a stronger pigmentation with more complex shimmer, whereas the new one is kind of boring – lacking in multi dimensional shimmer.  It was difficult to capture on camera, but the new one is slightly cooler toned and not as shimmery.
inconsistent11Granted, I purchased the back-up at least 8 years after the old one – and exposure to air, oils, and other eye shadows could have altered it.  But I prefer the old one more than the new one!  I’m hoping maybe in 8 years’ time the “new” one will be the same as the original if I leave it to “age”?   😕

Wet n Wild Color Icon in Nutty
This one is a puzzling one.  I had read so many raves for Nutty online so I had to buy it. I was quite let down by how it looks on my lids – just a light silvery sorta sandy shade that leaves a lot to be desired. I shoved it to the back of my eye shadow drawer and forgot about it (I did take the time to depot it though).
Then several years later, I decided to give it another chance and since it was so cheap ($1) so I decided to buy another Nutty and to my surprise, the 2nd version is much more pigmented.  It is also more similar to MAC Satin Taupe as claimed by so many online reviews.  Now I understand the hype – but no, I still do not think it’s a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe.

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Stolen Moment

These are shown reversed than the swatches

Since I mentioned in my MAC Extra Dimension post that I have 2 of the same shade, I thought I’d include it here as well.  One I purchased in 2012 as a single, and the other I received in a kit in 2014 as a duo – they’re both the same formula and named the same.
Honestly, they’re very close – even more so to the naked eye. I am just being nitpicky in saying that I think the 2014 version is slightly cooler toned.  But overall, I’m not going to cry about it considering I didn’t even realize I bought a shade I already owned – oops.

And since I’ve got 3 taupe eye shadows in front of me, why not compare them against one another:
As you can see, the Wet n Wild Putty is not a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe – it’s too ashy.  Next up, a couple of brushes:

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Crease Brush #8
I distinctly remember buying the original one of this brush back in 2009 when I went cross-boarder shopping in Buffalo.  Back then, there were no Target stores in Canada (well, we’re back to square one now, because we no longer have Target stores again in Canada!)  I loved the density and shape of this brush so much that when Target Canada opened, I decided to buy another one in 2013 to use in my brush rotation.
I was sorely disappointed when I compared them side by side and the new version is not nearly as dense, and it’s too fluffy compared to the 2009 version. I’m glad I bought the original.

And lastly, this one is in NO way, shape or form a slight against Shu Uemura, but I will title this as: that time when stashmatters possibly bought a fake off eBay without realizing. *gasp!*   😮

Shu Uemura Natural Brush 10
I bought my original one from the Shu Uemura counter in Holt Renfrew so I know it’s legit.  It also cost something like $85.  A few years later, I spotted an Australian eBay shop claiming that they were clearing out their Shu Uemura inventory so everything must go!  At crazy discounted prices – I paid $20 for the #10 brush.  The reviews of this seller were fantastic and she made it clear that she does NOT sell fakes and guarantees authenticity of her products. But here’s the thing, the fake is SO damn good I almost didn’t notice.  I received the brush, proceeded to wash it and use it.  It feels and performs exactly the same as the original!  The hairs, the handle, the ferrule, the slightly raised lettering – all look and feel very high quality.  Only when I put it side by side with my original Shu, did I notice the slight differences. Can you spot the differences?
I’m not going to tell you which one is which, please guess in the comments which one you think is the real deal, A or B.  I’ve owned both for years and they both wash up wonderfully – I use them interchangeably.  Part of me wants to believe that they’re both authentic, and that Shu Uemura changed the brush slightly? Or are there regional differences between the Australian vs North American stock?   😛

Have you noticed inconsistencies in your makeup products?  Did they change the formula of your favourite item?

61 thoughts on “Inconsistent Products

  1. I go for B as the real one because it’s a lot more solid than A.
    About makeup inconsistencies, I can’t really tell maybe because I don’t do back ups. I tend to shift in between so a product lasts me a long time that it’s either discontinued, no longer available in the Philippines.

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    1. I’m just a weirdo who likes to by back-ups. I do have a policy to not buy any lipstick back-ups because I never ever finish them before they go back… the only lip product I did buy was lip balms which I do use up.
      I’m not revealing which one yet! I will later today. 😛

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        1. The reveal… NOPE, “B” is not the real one! That was the one I got from eBay. Crazy huh? It works really well though, and washes up just as well as the original one. I’m not upset by it, just makes me wonder why I need to pay so much for a brush if the cheaper one works just as well!

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          1. Dang! Seriously?! That looks so legit!
            Not that I’m patronizing but sometimes I try to sneak on buying the “Class A” or the Mirror something that looks exactly the same just to see. It’s ok for the tools but not makeups.

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  2. Great post! Definitely entertaining to read, but also makes me wonder how many of my products were a part of a bad batch. 😛
    Also, gonna guess B is the fake. I dunno… it seems too perfect.

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    1. Yes, batches can really be inconsistent – I understand it’s difficult when it’s not a machine part or something electronic. I just wish I only got the GOOD batches, ya know?
      I’m going to reveal the answer later today! I want to hear people’s guesses, tehee! Thanks for your comment!

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  3. Ooh, I’m guessing that Shu brush A is the one you bought from HR. The “Made in Japan” font just looks so much nicer. I would not doubt that they changed some things about the brush over time, though, so would not necessarily think the Aussie one is a fake. At least it works great!

    I stupidly bought a fake MAC concealer (my discontinued shade) on eBay. It was so obviously fake once I used it (all the packaging was legit-looking. Gah. Lesson learned.

    I find it really interesting that MAC Satin Taupe and WnW Nutty both changed in similar ways! It seems like they both started off warmer and became cooler in the 2nd edition.

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    1. Yeah I wanted to show the Made in Japan part because of the differences. I can’t definitively say because I also own other Shu brushes I bought from the counter – some have dots, some don’t! That’s why I am also leaning toward maybe not an outright fake but an inconsistency? I’ll let you know which is which later! I am interested in hearing people’s guesses! 😛
      Oooh I am shocked sometimes how good the fakes are! I try to stick to North American sellers but even then, there are no guarantees.
      Who knows why they got cooler in the 2nd editions… I just know that they messed with my beloved Satin Taupe! I will just savour the old one I have and then maybe once I use it up, I will forget what it looked like and learn to love the new version too. 😉

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  4. UGH. THIS WAS NOT IN MY READER AT ALL! Thank goodness we are friends on Twitter or I would have never seen this. Weird that they differ years apart. You’d think that formulas are the same for the same colors throughout the years. Interesting!

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  5. My satin taupe looks more like your new one, I guess I’ve had that maybe 2 or 3 years now, so you might still have some waiting to do. Tough one on the Shu Umera, I would say a because of how the brush looks B, but the ‘Made in Japan’ makes me think A? I’m going with A!

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  6. Wow! That’s crazy! I never thought about makeup batches being different before. Though I have seen it with some lip products online. I really enjoyed reading this post! 🙂 xo

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  7. Love this post. I had considered there would be small differences between batches, but had never even realised they could be this distinct. Satin Taupe is really not the same!
    xx Anne

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      1. Mainly concealers (which in my experience differ regardless of whether they’re drugstore or high end!) my back up bronzer (soap and glory solar powder) has always been the same, but any time I’ve repurchased a blusher I feel like there’s something different about it even if it’s pretty much identical!

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  8. Looks like you revealed before I could guess, hehe. You know what else is not the same that just sucks?! MAC’s Warm Soul. Ugh. The new version is peachier and not as bronze. A nice shade but its just so annoying that it’s different.

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