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I just saw this Tag on A Beauty Venture and rushed to do it, because I’ve got a wee bit of a cold right now (ugh summertime colds are the pits) and I wanted to do an uplifting post! (and I still haven’t gotten around to finishing that mammoth “50 Things That Make Me Happy” tag)

My Favourites… *

Place: Scotland

Person: Oprah
Side note: I want to build my own Lego Oscars statue one day

Color: Purple

Food: I can’t decide between sushi and ramen so I’ll just say Japanese food in general

Smell: A bakery

Book: Animalia by Graeme Base (I realize this is a picture book, but I just love it!)

Movie: The Usual Suspects

Music artist: U2

Genre of music: Mix bag of stuff – folk / rock / alternative?

Genre of literature: Non-fiction

Magazine: Not much of a magazine reader now, but I used to subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar, I just loved their creative direction

Drink: Water

Precious stone: Ruby (I’m slightly biased since this is my birthstone)

Animal: Owls – see my newest addition:

Flower: Lilies

Video game: I’m categorized as a “casual gamer” meaning I like puzzle games such as Gummy Drops or hidden object games like Dream Day First Home. I’m lame, I know.

TV Show: I don’t watch much current TV shows, but I did really love Arrested Development.

Fruit: Mango

Vegetable: Spinach

Historical figure: Pablo Picasso

Boy’s name: Joshua

Girl’s name: Stella

Potato chip flavor: Plain (I just don’t like chips that much…)

Meal of the day: Brunch!  I’m a sucker for Eggs Benedict:

Ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip

Soda: Stewart’s Key Lime

Season: Autumn

Month of the year: December (because of all the days off)

Disney princess: Cinderella (which includes one of my favourite Disney scenes of all time – when they’re making her dress)

YouTube channel: Siobhán of LetzMakeup

Eye color: Hazel

Dessert: Chocolate molten lava cake

* Disclaimer, these are all a favourite, not necessarily the favourite, because ah, you know, fickle is my middle name.

I’d love to see your favourites as well! Please link if you do this Tag. 🙂

32 thoughts on “Favourites Tag

    1. I’ve visited Scotland twice and I’d go again in a heartbeat! Yes, it is funny how we don’t visit places so close to us but will fly all over the world instead. 😛
      Thanks for the nomination – I’m off to read now! 😀

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  1. Such good answers! Rubies are gorgeous, and chocolate molten lava cake looks so good, wow. I agree. I love Cindy, and her dress making scene is one of my favourite parts out of any Disney movie.

    Also, casual gamers are the only tolerable gamers. 😛

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      1. Happy to hear it is at least improving 🙂 Last time I was in the States my friend introduced me to Nyquil and it was the best ever (I assume you have something like that in Canada, us poor Europeans just have to live without it).

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          1. They aren’t allowed in Europe -_- they give us some painkillers and tell us to just get on with it. It was such a miracle the first time I tried it 😀 Nearly brought a bottle with me, but my luggage was already overweight.

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    1. Oh gosh I used to eat dried mangoes ALL the time!!! I was addicted. Until I learned they’re probably not as healthy as the real fresh fruits, lol!
      My music taste is so varied though! I don’t think a particular genre defines what I like, I just hear songs that are good and listen, you know?

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      1. I was kinda associate you listening to classical.
        Maybe I just loved the 90’s much and so are the songs.
        Awww, so did you stop now? You know, we had this variation of dried Mangoes coated in Belgian Chocolate. 🙂


  2. I love that you listed Oprah, and then right after, The Color Purple…. 😉

    I have to go to Scotland one day! And Wales. All the castles!

    Love the AD gif…hahaha! That’s one show I like but for whatever reason I never watched all of it. Been on my to watch list forever.

    Citrus sodas are the best. You don’t like chips? WHAAAAAAAAT?

    I’ll try to do this tag sometime – very fun!

    Get well soon 😀

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    1. oooh haha I didn’t even notice that about Oprah and The Colour Purple!!! 😛
      Yes go to Scotland and Wales – I’ve been to both and they’re magnificent. Some of the nicest people too – they love Canadians and will ask if you know so-and-so, lol!
      Chips just aren’t my first choice for snacks… just, I don’t know, they’re too salty and greasy for my palate. I do like those hint of lime tortilla chips, does that count?
      I’m on the mend but man, I’ve been sick since last Wednesday. I went to the CNE yesterday with a cold and all the junk food just wasn’t the same! My taste buds are compromised.


  3. Ok..you are very similar to me when it comes to food. I love my eggs benedicts too. And Mint Choc Chip icecream is my go to flavour. I never buy a tub because no one in my household ever likes it and it’s always left to me to finish it..which isn’t really a problem for me :p

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  4. This is great! I had complete forgotten about Stewart’s Key Lime soda. I don’t even know if it’s available where I live now but I need to find it. I drank gallons of it in middle school.

    Also, Anamalia is one of the best books of all time. It’s brilliant and I need to find a copy stat.

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    1. Only a few specialty shops sells Stewart’s and they’re kind of pricey ($2.50 each) but they’re a nice treat once in a while!
      I actually bought a copy of Animalia a few years ago because I loved it so much – I tried listing out all of the words for each alphabet and kept sheets of paper tucked inside the book, I’ll have to pull it out to see how far I got!

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      1. That’s a cool idea with the lists! I’ve just added Animalia to my amazon wish list along with The Eleventh Hour which was one of my favorites when I was a kid.

        Man, Stewarts used to be in my local grocery when I was growing up and I think it was significantly less expensive. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.


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