Winners (TJMaxx) / Marshalls Haulage

Winners, oh how I love thee! For non-Canadians, Winners is the Canadian version of TJMaxx (or TKMaxx in the UK). It’s owned and operated by the same parent company as Marshalls. Winners used to be the only game in town but now we also have Marshalls (I don’t really understand the differentiation between the two?)  For Canadians, Winners is probably a bigger deal than TJMaxx is in the US – we don’t really have a lot of options for discount stores… or department stores in general. Lots of people treat Winners like another department store since they stock pretty much everything.  Personally, I go to Winners for the beauty products, and sometimes footwear / accessories. Here’s my January Winners / Marshalls haulage:
These were all acquired between Jan 2 and Jan 31st! 😀  I also had a couple of gift cards that I’d been saving so those went to good use!

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