China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

I bought this in January as part of my NailPolishCanada order at the beginning of my month-long nail polish acquisition madness. 😉
How could I refuse a nail polish that may or may not be named after a Simpson’s reference?

This shade was part of the China Glaze Fall 2014 All Aboard collection:
China Glaze All Aboard swatches
The colour is really unique to my collection. I would describe it as an indigo base with a metallic bronze / green shift… it’s not just duochrome, it’s a triochrome!
Here it is in daylight, showing the indigo base more strongly:
In indoor lighting, the polish looks mostly bronze, but the green shift does come out depending on how the light hits it:
The polish quality is top-notch; it applies easily with 2 coats for full colour opacity.  As with most China Glaze polishes, I experienced no chipping for at least 5 days.
A slight disappointment that the triochrome-y shift isn’t as apparent on the nails as in the bottle but it’s still very captivating on the nails.

This polish was released in 2014 but still readily available from online retailers.  Do you have this polish?  What’s your favourite colour shifting polish?

47 thoughts on “China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

    1. Yes, I always have to remember to manage my expectations with these types of polishes! They oversell the colour shift in the bottle – I guess it makes sense since it’s so dense in the bottle compared to the thin layers applied on the nails.

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  1. In love !! 😍 I so need that polish in my collection! I loooooove color shifting polishes. I’m gonna try my best to find it in stores lol, it kind of reminds me of an eyeshadow from makeupgeek it’s one of the duochromes .. it shifts blue, bronze, yellow and red it’s gorgeous !!😍😍

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  2. Oh that’s very pretty! I’m not sure I have any from this collection. I love the color-shifting polishes, too. Purple/green seems like a popular combo, but i like how this one is heavily purple.

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    1. I think I got another shade from this collection – from the clearance section at the beauty supply place. An UGLY golden green shade… what possessed me to pick it up? I think I was somehow subconsciously influenced by YOU. This beauty:

      I want to call it an ear wax shade… 😛


  3. Oh man this shade is gorgeous! It’s definitely one of the shades I was looking forward to seeing on your blog. I too thought the shift would be a little more “bam!” But it’s still really pretty. One of those neutral shades with a little pop of extra coolness.

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    1. Yeah, I guess the polish is much more concentrated in the bottle vs being on the nails with just 2 coats so the effect is stronger in the bottle. And it would have been super distracting with it all colour shifting on my nails – productivity at work would be nil! 😉 It was at least still a very work appropriate shade.

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  4. You are so good at applying nail polish !!!
    “Choo-Choo Choose You” is really calling my name … It won’t look the same, since I suck at applying nail polish big time 😀

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