Buxom Look All You Want Palette

I bought the Buxom Look All You Want Set during the Sephora clearance sales in January.
I was lucky to score it for $37 – it retailed for $50 regularly. Unfortunately this particular palette was a limited edition configuration, however, a couple of shades in this palette are from the permanent line. I’ll also be reviewing the customizable palette concept in this post.

The set itself comes with a full size Hold the Line Waterproof Eyeliner in Call Me (matte black) and Buxom Lash Mascara in a deluxe sample size. I’ll be giving the black liner to a friend since I don’t use black liners, and I haven’t tried the mascara yet.
This review will be focused on the star of the set: the eye shadow palette containing 6 shades:
L to R:
• Opal Opulence – cool blue white (frost)
• Sequin Sparkle – light pewter (shimmer)
• Top Shelf – deep muted plum (satin)
• Penthouse – emerald green (metallic)
• Style Icon – golden beige (metallic – a permanent shade)
• Gimme Gorgeous – camel (matte – a permanent shade)
Each eye shadow shade is 1.4g which is slightly more than MAC’s single pans (1.3g), for a total palette product weight of 8.4g.  Inside the box, the singles are housed inside a tray that allows the individual pans to be arranged.
Buxom provides a handy instruction guide – it’s pretty easy to figure out.
Even though this set comes “pre-made”, it is still housed in the customizable casing. If I wanted, I could have placed the shades in any order I wanted to inside the palette (but I followed the image on the back of the palette just because I’m a sheep). I can also swap out any of the shades if I don’t want one or two of them in this particular grouping.
My favourite of these are Gimme Gorgeous, Style Icon, and surprisingly, Penthouse! 😮 I know that originally I stated I’d want to swap out Penthouse but it’s such a beautiful formula, even though I likely won’t wear it often, it deserves a mention. Both Style Icon and Penthouse have a metallic formula that applies smoothly and delivers high pigment.  Gimme Gorgeous, the lone matte, is the perfect transition shade – I consider this the anchor shade of the whole palette. I really like the Buxom matte formula – it’s not dusty and has a little bit of “body” to help it blend out the other colours. I would be interested in trying more mattes from this range.
Sequin Sparkle was a bit disappointing – from photos online, it looked really pretty and I thought it would the taupe shade for me. In real life it is too glittery and I experienced quite a bit of fall out from the chunky glitter. Top Shelf was also less amazing in real life – it applies a bit patchy and was difficult to blend out. Although Opal Opulence looks like a plain white shade in the pan, it has a strong icy blue frost when applied. It can look quite stark on my skin tone but if worn lightly, it makes a lovely brow and inner eye highlight – it can also top other colours to transform them. Overall, the formula of these eye shadows are great: pigmented and easy to blend. And with a built-in primer, these last well on the lids  (around 8 hours on average but I still use an eyelid primer). Out of the 6 shades included, I love 3 of them, and the rest I am lukewarm about – none of them I dislike. I call that a good day! 😉
The included booklet does show a couple of looks with suggested colour placement. A typical look for me using this palette is applying Style Icon (metallic beige) on the inner 2/3 of the lid, and Top Shelf (plum) in the outer third, then blending them out with Gimme Gorgeous (camel) in the crease.  I’m wearing this look today and added Penthouse (emerald) lightly on my lower lash line in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, inspired by lipstickonthelake’s post! 😀 I do appreciate that I can get a complete eye look just using the combination of shades curated for this palette.
The mirror reads “Live Life Vividly”. 🙂

Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Singles are sold individually for $15 each. To buy the palette and 6 refills separately would cost $105 but Sephora offers a completely customized filled palette for only $50, which is a great value. When I first heard about the Buxom Bar Palette, I was excited to choose my own colours but I think that by getting a pre-made one like this, I was able to get out of my normal comfort zone to try a few shades I would not normally pick. I might still swap out Penthouse for an everyday shade, and I would like a highlight colour that’s more wearable than Opal Opulence. I’m eyeing Silk Sheets (champagne) and Big Spender (matte sable) – my revamped Look All You Want palette would look like this:
In reality, I would likely not just buy 2 shades to switch out – why pay $30 for 2 singles when I can get 6 colours plus a palette for $20 more? 😉 Here’s what I’d choose for my custom Buxom palette:
L to R:
• Silk Sheets – light champagne (frost)
• Bold Bling – rose gold (metallic)
• No Faux – green brown (metallic duochrome)
• Haute Couture – java (metallic)
• Invite Only – terracotta (matte)
• Big Spender – dark sable (matte)
Yes, I included another green shade but it’s different than Penthouse. I’d read about No Faux on KazzMarie’s Best in Beauty for 2015 – it is a gorgeous duochrome in the same vein as MAC Club / UD Lounge / Wet’n’Wild Comfort Zone definer shade. I’m not getting another Buxom palette any time soon but it’s fun to window shop. 😛
This palette also comes with a dual ended brush – I give credit to Buxom for including an actual brush rather than sponge tipped applicator but the brushes are so tiny, they’re not usable. It’s about the size of a Q-tip! The palette is made of a high quality plastic which feels very substantial and would protect the shadows during travel. The cover design isn’t my favourite but it’s not that important to me. This particular palette is no longer available – the regular empty palette is plain black with a croc texture.  The eye shadows are made in the USA. In Canada, Buxom is sold exclusively at Sephora.

• Ability to swap out colours (or choose own colours entirely if starting from scratch)
• Great value
• High quality eye shadows (pigmented, blendable, long wearing)
• Sturdy palette construction
• Full sized mirror

• Slight inconsistency between shades and finishes
• Some fall out with a few shades

Stash worthiness: 8/10

Please also visit Ingrid’s site for her review of this set, which she received as gift, and partly influenced my decision to purchase this! 😉  Have you tried the Buxom eye shadows or the customizable system? What colours would you chose?

36 thoughts on “Buxom Look All You Want Palette

  1. I always thought it was a bit strange that Bare Escentuals came out with both Bare Minerals and Buxom makeup! I’ve never tried Buxom (might have a sample of something lying around) but I did buy a BM palette once. This Buxom palette looks much better 🙂 Love the deeper shades.

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    1. It IS strange. I still haven’t tried the Bare Mineral palette I got for Christmas (sadly, I kind of forgot about it until I was putting stuff away and found it, oops). I’m guessing Buxom is more youthful / fun / forward whereas Bare Mineral is more mainstream?


  2. I’m jealous you got your hands on this holiday set because I wanted it so badly I would have paid full price but it sold out before I could! It looks amazing. Hopefully you can get your hands on a fully customized palette during one of the VIB sales this year!

    That brush is amazing for applying a smoked out liner on the top or bottom kid with shadow. Much better than any other pencil brush I’ve ever had because you can be much more precise with it because of its size. I hate that it’s so tiny because I tend to lose it, but if I keep it in the palette it’s around for those things.

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    1. Oh that’s a good idea about the brush. I was thinking more about how I would use it if that was the only eye brush I brought with me if I took this palette travelling. You’re right, it is very precise – I used it on my lower lash line to smudge out my shadow.
      Yes, maybe VIB sale this year… or maybe that $20 off $50 coupon – that would make the palette only $30, the price of 2 singles! 😀

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    1. I was all ready to dismiss that green shade but the formula is divine! 😛
      I’ve tried some Buxom lip products and they’re great too – I know Ingrid loves their lip stuff, she talks about it all the time lol.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. White Russian is so raved about! I’m not sure that I need another lip product at the moment but I will keep it on my list to get eventually… hope they don’t discontinue it in the meantime! 😛


  3. This is so pretty! It’s not a palette that would initially have caught my eye, but the swatches are beautiful. My favourites are Sequin Spatkle, Penthouse, and Style Icon, although it’s disappointing to hear that Sequin Sparkle has chunky glitter 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sequin Sparkle IS really pretty but just didn’t perform well. I guess you can put something sticky underneath – I do use MAC Paint Pot as a base every day with these. Yeah, it’s definitely not a palette I would have really considered at first glance but I’ve glad I tried them!


  4. Oh wow Penthouse! 😍 That’s a beautiful shade! Opal Opulence looks beautiful too. I can vouch for silk sheets, its fantastic. And I’ve been coveting No Faux forever – always sold out in stores when I go to pick it up. 😀

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  5. I think you will really like the mascara !!!
    Gimme gorgeous is one of my top five lifetime single eye shadow! For me it’s the PERFECT transition shade.
    I now really want an all matte palette from Buxom (that I would create). The only color I don’t use too often is Sequin Sparkle. OMG I use penthouse often too on my lower lashes !
    Thanks for the links sweetie xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was surprised I didn’t like Sequin Sparkle that much. You know I’m a taupe fiend. Ah well, it’s not like I don’t have other ones to use instead!
      And yes, Gimme Gorgeous is really lovely – I was surprised at it!


  6. Again obsessed with buxom shadows !! I don’t own any YET but I will soon lol. They are totally my next eyeshadow purchase well that next to the too faced peach palette lol. Every time I go to sephora I swatch them.. they are too amazing! I went yesterday actually with my boyfriends sister who is slowly getting into makeup and as soon as I swatched them she fell in love lol. She was already gonna make her own palette but since she wanted other items as well she decided to settle on getting just one of the singles .. I can’t remember the shade but it is a metallic taupe it’s gorgeous and super duper pigmented! That blue shade in your palette you need to use it on your lower lash line!! Trust me it will look amazing I love wearing blue shadow on the lower lash line especially in spring and summer!:)

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    1. I did wear that green / teal shade on my lash line! It’s pretty – I wore it very subtly though. 😛
      You have to get these as your next eye shadow purchase – I can’t wait to see what combination you come up with!!! Now I’m intrigued which metallic taupe shade you’re talking about – let me know the name of it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yay! I’m glad you did it lol, I love bold shades but sometimes they look a bit too heavy on me since I’m pale as paper lol. So I use them more often on the lower lash line 😛 I’m actually working on a post about eyeshadow colors that match perfectly, diff brands and dupes and stuff! 🙂 I just checked my sephora account lol, she used my points woohoo! It says she got the shade Glitz factor … but that isn’t a taupe shade though! I guess because shes much more darker it appears taupe on her lol


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