Beauty Hack: Ketchup Face Mask

Here’s a cheap and potentially FREE beauty hack! Did you know that you can use ketchup as a face mask?


No mixing required, just apply straight onto clean, dry skin.

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Ketchup is full of skin benefiting ingredients including:
• citric acid – gentle chemical exfoliation
• antioxidants – anti-aging properties
• natural colouring – gives a rosy complexion


I’ve been using this mask once a week to perk up my skin – I leave it on for 15 minutes and then simply rinse off with water. I apply my usual skincare afterward – the next morning, my skin is glowing and radiant! I’ve experienced no irritation from using ketchup as a face mask.


And you can pretty much get ketchup for free anywhere, from those dispensers at McDonald’s or take-out packets (I find that 3 packets covers my whole face). No more paying money for expensive masks! 🙂

















I don’t recommend using ketchup as a face mask!!! Its pH level is probably not optimal for the skin, and it’s also full of sugars which may breed bacteria. I have seen some skincare with tomato extract as a key ingredient such as Tony Moly I’m Real Tomato Face Sheet Mask and the whole range of Yes to Tomatoes skincare. Give those a try instead! 😉

49 thoughts on “Beauty Hack: Ketchup Face Mask

  1. OMG at first I was not buying it but as I continued to read I was like… really!??? Then I got to the April Fools and I felt like an idiot, bahaha. So maybe just slap a few tomato slices on your face and see how that works out instead, haha 🙂

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    1. Teehee, I like how I was able to convince you even though you were at first doubtful! I tried to make it authentic looking lol. 😆 I think a couple of slices of tomatoes will have about the same effect as a couple slides of cucumbers – just feels nice temporarily!


  2. I’m so behind on reading blog posts that I was very concerned for you since you’ve clearly had some sort of mental break down. April Fools jokes are maybe even better a week later! This was too funny!

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