PSA: My Comments are in Your Spam Box!

It’s happening again! I’ve been leaving too many comments it seems. Please check your spam box to release my comments – I’m in spam jail right now! 😦 I’ve sent a note to WP – hopefully this will be sorted out by the weekend.

stash matters

Sometime around 10 this morning, my comments on other people’s blogs started to not post.  When I hit reply, the comment would disappear – leading me to believe that they were going into the recipients’ spam box.  Thanks to Jodi of A Brash Attitude, who verified for me that my comments were indeed going into her spam box.  It’s also been verified on a few other blogs that for some mysterious reason, my comments are being flagged as spam! I’m no spammer, I’m Stashy! 😛

So, I’m asking for your help.  On your blog, please follow these steps:

1) Go to your WP Admin Dashboard, it is located here:
(replace “yourblogname” with your blog’s name! 😉 )

Or you can click through from the WordPress “My Site” (where it shows your stats), scroll all the way to the bottom:
It will open in a new tab / window.

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33 thoughts on “PSA: My Comments are in Your Spam Box!

  1. LMAO! That’s what you get for talking on other people’s blogs so much. Really.

    Hope WP get it fixed ASAP! The world needs more Stashy!

    And mmmm I haven’t had Spam in ages. Not since Spam-a-Lot was running and they did a cross-promo with Spam. I had to buy the Spam with Monty Python on the label. I love Spam in homemade fried rice. Mayyyybe I’ll make it this wknd…..How many times can I say Spam? SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM.

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    1. I know. Stupid me, chatting on people’s blogs. It is frowned upon apparently!

      Omg they had a cross over with Monty Python?! Did you keep the label? The SO made rice with fried Spam about a month ago. Soooooo good! What he does is actually soak the Spam in water overnight to leach the brine out of the meat so it’s not as salty. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM! ❤

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      1. I did keep the label at the time, not sure where it is now, though.

        Ahh that is a good trick, to soak it. It’s funny that I normally have a low tolerance for salt in my food, but certain things get a pass: potato chips and definitely Spam! LOL.


  2. I always regularly check mine; so many regular commenters on my posts (including you sometimes) will get sent to spam for no apparent reason! And randomly too, I’ll have comments from X blogger all approved and such, and then just one random comment from them will be in spam. Do not understand :/ sorry this is happening to you! I think WP is getting a little glitchy

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    1. So frustrating since I really enjoy commented (versus just liking). And yes, so randomly too! I got a notification late last night that it’s been fixed and I just successfully left a comment on a blog. Whew, back to normal – for now!

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      1. Yay!🎉 that’s good to hear! But seriously, props to you for commenting that much for such a thing to happen. I think we all need to take a page from your book and comment more!
        I HATE when a post has a huge gap between the number of likes and the number of visitors… More people liking something than the number of people who’ve read it! Those who comment generally show that they read…the loyalist of one’s followers. We all need more stashy’s!!!❤️❤️❤️

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        1. I just hate seeing blogs where there are tons of likes but absolutely not one comment! I understand that I may not necessarily have something to say about every single blog post, but I do make an effort especially if the blog post invites conversation (by ending their post with a question). I just hate the trend of “follow for follow” to jack up stats.

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          1. Me too. It seems worse on sites like IG and Twitter (follow back accounts?! Ugh). I think it says a lot about people nowadays.
            Your efforts don’t go unappreciated-never forget that! #keepcalmandcommenton ❤️


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