TONYMOLY Mini Fruit Lip Balm Set

Be  warned: this is a fun and colourful post to look at this cute TONYMOLY Mini Fruit Lip Balm Set:

I received this for Christmas last year and have been enjoying it for the past few months!

TONYMOLY is a Korean beauty brand known for having some of the most adorable packaging on the market (see Bunny Pocket Mist here).  The set includes 4 flavours: Cherry, Green Apple, Cherry Tomato, and Blueberry:

The first thing that jumps out is the shape of each lip balm! They look so realistic to each of the fruits:

I enjoy how the stems are made of a rubbery material – the cherry one is fun to play with.  They’re each about the size of a ping pong ball.

Each lip balm comes with a plastic cover inside – I like to keep these to maintain freshness:

Here’s what each lip balm looks like inside:

I was surprised that the Cherry one contained a peachy coral shade of lip balm – I was expecting, well, a cherry colour. It smelled like cherry though – it was quite artificial and sweet.

The Green Apple was a real let down in terms of colour and scent. It was just a clear colour – I suppose they don’t want green tinted lips? But the smell was so faint and not at all a crisp green apple scent – more like a sweet sorta apple smell. I had high hopes for this one!

The Cherry Tomato surprised me the most with its smell and colour.  But it doesn’t actually smell like tomato – more like passion fruit.

The Blueberry one turned out to the best smelling one – a nice juicy sweet berry smell that reminded me a lot of this Blueberry Muffin doll (Strawberry Shortcake’s friend):


We used to have a few of these dolls and they were scented with their corresponding names! 😀

These lip balms actually pack quite a colour bunch:

The most pigmented flavours are Blueberry and Cherry Tomato. The Cherry one shows up as a peachy nude on my lips that’s very wearable. Green Apple is so lame… clear nothing.  These balms aren’t sticky on the lips at all and feel quite moisturizing. They’re not too long wearing but I’m fine with reapplying.  The only downside with these lip balms is that I have to dip my fingers into the pot to apply them.

I also had some fun mixing the tops and bottoms of each lip balm to create franken-fruits:

Cherry + Blueberry = Cherryberry, Apple + Cherry = Applerry, Blueberry + Cherry Tomato = Bluemato, Cherry Tomato + Green Apple = Tomapple 😆

Each of the lip balms contain 7g of product. This set retails for $38 CAD exclusively from Hudson’s Bay [link] but the individual lip balms are available from TONYMOLY directly for $10 USD each [link].  There is one additional flavour that is available individually: Peach. I’ve had the TonyMoly Peach Hand Cream before and based on how great that smelled, I bet the lip balm is awesome too.

Have you tried these TONYMOLY lip balms? What’s your favourite lip balm at the moment?

67 thoughts on “TONYMOLY Mini Fruit Lip Balm Set

  1. These are so colorful and cute! I love the frankenfruits you put together too! My favorite right now is an Australian Gold spf lip balm, it smells like oranges and mint.

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  2. Wahahah Franken-fruits. I love your combos haha

    Thank goodness the scent isn’t the same as the packaging. Else I’d succumb to my weakness to buy. I agree with you, the scent and the colour thing is kind of unexpected. How fun would it be if the apple one is green *LOL* Weak scent is such a let down.

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    1. Hehe the Franken-fruits were an accident because I put the wrong lid on the base! 😆

      I would have LOVED it if the green apple was GREEN! It would make my lips kind of greyish colour, I think.

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  3. Hahah the frankenfruits are great, although the blueberry and cherry tomato mix sounds grim!

    These look so cute, but the price seems a little expensive for what they are! I was looking at the tony Moly stand in Malaysia and couldn’t justify the price of anything!

    Currently using a chulip lip balm from Malaysia that Hari recommended, he also said you liked it?

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  4. I haven’t tried the lip balm, I do love their appletox moisturiser so it’s a bit disappointing to hear the apple lip balm isn’t as real apple scented as that is. I do love the mix and match fruit though 😆 I have so many lip balms, I do love the lychee one from the body shop but that’s clear with a bit of shimmer and mainly for the fact it’s lychee scented! Fresh sugar lip tints are my all time favourite but here definitely more expensive and more a treatment and colour than a balm.

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    1. I love how that the product inside these cutesy packaging are usually really good! I often discount cute packaging for cheap / play makeup but not with K-Beauty!
      Ooh I have that Lychee one from TBS too – it’s such a juicy scent! I fear it’s discontinued though, I tried looking for it to buy it for someone.
      I do like the Fresh lip balms especially the metal casing – they are pricey though!

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      1. Yeah, it seems in the UK if you got cut packaging the product was cheap inside, though it does seem to be changing more since k-beauty became more popular as some makes sort of copy the style. The lychee one is still available in the UK, I might get one next time I’m near a store in case they do discontinue it. I always forget about it until I use it and mine is so empty.


  5. These are cute. I’ve seen the blueberry & peach ones at Ulta. I’m glad the cherry tomato one doesn’t smell like tomato. I would’ve gagged/barfed if it had that smell (I hate raw tomatoes of any kind).

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  6. Those are so cute! I’m going to be checking out some TonyMoly at Ulta next weekend (if the store I’m going to stocks it), I’m probably going to primary stick to face masks. I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions, face masks or otherwise! 🙂

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    1. I’ve only used a couple of TonyMoly sheet masks (Aloe and Makgeolli) and neither stood out to me as wow. I’ve heard good things about the tomato one. I remember Rachael liking the seaweed one.
      Have fun at Ulta and the Ed Sheeran concert!!!

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  7. I was just going through the TonyMoly stuff at the Bay last week and saw these in the range. Ugh, how disappointing that the green apple one was only meh! I LOVE green apple scented things. I’m most intrigued by the blueberry and tomato one – mmm passionfruit!
    I have used the peach hand cream before and loved the scent! Was toying with the idea of getting the lip balm when I was looking through the range, but didn’t end up doing it.

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    1. I was most looking forward to the Green Apple one! I love green apple scented stuff too! That and PEAR scented stuff! I want TonyMoly to release a pear one and a grape one! PLEASE! 😀
      My friend gave me the peach hand cream and I was so skeptical but it smells like REAL peaches! So good.


  8. How cute!! I’ve only tried the Tony Moly face masks that my brother gifted me generously one year when he went to Korea with my cousins, although now, I am more aware of them and their incredibly cute packaging.

    The apple one looks and sounds lame indeed. I really like the colours of Cherry and Blueberry! They actually look like colours I would wear. Not keen on the tomato one but maybe that’s cos I don’t like tomatoes in real life LOL.

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    1. That’s so sweet your BROTHER brought you back face masks! 🙂

      My favourite colour on my lips is the Blueberry one, followed by Cherry! They’re super wearable.
      Ha, you’re not the first one to say the tomato one doesn’t appeal to you – I do find it out of place in a lip product.


    1. Oh I have the banana lipgloss from TonyMoly too, is this it:

      My friend gave it to me!

      By the way, I left a message on your newest blog post and it disappeared, I think I’m in spam hell once again! 😦

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  9. franken-fruits……… I love it, bahahaha. These sound nice overall, though I agree that dipping my finger in things is not my favorite… way too much hand washing involved.

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  10. Blueberry and cherry are gorgeous colours! I have two favourite lip balms (a Nivea one and one from The Body Shop), both of which I have been trying to use up since Project Pan but I’m STILL going! 😛

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    1. Lip balms do last so long, it’s ridiculous how many I have opened all at once. Is the Nivea one you the lip butter? I have one of those open too and I use it ALL the time and I still haven’t hit pan on that!

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  11. I love any product that smells like those Strawberry Shortcake dolls – instant transport back to childhood.

    I saw the Cherry Tomato balm in store and wondered what the heck that would smell like – glad it’s not tomato! I’m shocked at the amount of colour in them – I didn’t expect them to have any!

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