Lip Product Purge of 2016

For someone who’s a self-professed NON-lipstick junkie… I seem to own a lot of lip products.  And we all know that lipsticks don’t have a long lifespan – really, one should be tossing lip products about 18 months after opening.  I’m guilty of keeping mine for MUCH longer than 18 months! (but let’s be reasonable here, common sense should prevail – if the lip product doesn’t have a funky smell or a weird texture, it’s probably ok).  All that said, I need to get rid of a whack of stuff that I hardly ever reach for – some have gone bad, and others are just taking up precious space:

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Stash Matters’ Favourite Things Giveaway!

Edit: This giveaway has ended!  Winners are announced HERE. 🙂

Since it was my Blogiversary yesterday, I decided to host my first ever giveaway! 😀 These items are some of my favourite things – you may have seen me mention these items on the blog or in comments throughout the year. Here’s a group photo of the giveaway items:


There will be multiple winners, each will receive FIVE (5) items of their choosing (see restrictions below).  I bought some items especially for this giveaway and some are from my stash (since I realize I do not need so many back-ups!) These are all brand new, unopened, full-sized products.  The open product shots and swatches I’m showing are of my own personal items.

Here are the items in more detail:

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Lip stuff stash

As I’m laying out all my lip stuff in preparation for photography in today’s post, The Boy asks me, “What’s the purpose of all these pictures?”
“They’re to show my whole collection on the blog.” I reply.
“So it’s like… makeup porn?” he asks.
“YUP! You got it!” 😆

My lip stash is probably the least exciting of all of my stashes – the majority of my lip products can fit into one frame:
I’m just not that into lipsticks. I feel bold colours don’t suit my face. I’m also not into matte textures or shimmer, or overly glossy finishes – so it leaves me with a fairly narrow band of comfort zone, as you’ll see in my stash. And I only own 5 MAC lipsticks! (of which 3 are retired)  It’s relatively small by comparison to my eye shadow stash (600+) or nail polish stash (400+)   That said, I have amassed a lot of lip balms and butter butters.

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Stuff I got for free

I’ve been accumulating a bunch of cosmetic items that I’ve received for free recently. Here’s what I’ve been given in the past month or so:

No cash exchanged hands for any of this!

Check out the freebies this way

eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm collection

Happy Easter!
Today I thought I would share with you my eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm collection, since they look like little Easter eggs!

Don’t they?

I own 16 of the eos spheres, listed here roughly in the order of my preference:
1) Honeysuckle Honeydew (light turquoise)
2) Sweet Mint (light green)
3) Coconut Cream (light pink swirl)
4) Watermelon Wonderland (red)
5) St. Bart’s Sunrise / Pink Grapefruit (coral pink)
6) Blueberry Potion (blue)
7) Sweet Vanilla Nonsense (ivory)
8) Passion Fruit (purple)
9) Pomegranate Raspberry (plum)
10) Barbados Heat / Wildberry (berry)
11) Summer Fruit (deep pink)
12) Indian Summer / Orange Blossom (dark orange)
13) Vanilla Mint (light blue swirl)
14) Aloha Hawaii / Strawberry Kiwi (crimson)
15) Lemon Drop (yellow)
16) Medicated Tangerine (orange)
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Trash Stash aka Empties: March 2015

I’m officially renaming my Empties posts to Trash Stash. 😀  Once again, I’ve accumulated enough empty beauty products to post – I reckon this will be a monthly feature going forward.  I can no longer deny it – being on a No-Buy has definitely forced me to use up some of my stash!

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