Ground rules

As a heavy consumer of blogs and youtube videos, I know what I like to read and watch, so I’m applying some guidelines for myself and to let you know what to expect from this blog:

  • Regular updates – I know everyone gets busy and real life gets in the way, but since I won’t be out shopping this year, I’ll have plenty of free time to update this blog!  My target is to post on average once a week at minimum.
  • Provide useful information – like where to buy the product, the price, how many grams is in the product, the ingredient list if available
  • Original content (OC) – I’m mentioning this specifically regarding the blog’s photographs – of course my blog posts will be OC! – where possible, I’d like to post my own photos to show the products’ true colours* and how they really look candidly
  • Brevity – ’nuff said.

Bear with me as I set up this blog.  For now I’m using the free version of wordpress until I get more familiar with the interface, and then I may commit to $100 per year for a customized version and my own domain.  We shall see.  I know some CSS and have dabbled in web design before and it’s driving me bonkers that I can’t move the header positioning right now!

* usual disclaimer about online photos: colours may differ depending on your monitor setting!

9 thoughts on “Ground rules

    1. I prefer the ones who aren’t so sponsored! Off the top of my mind, it would be Siobban of Letzmakeup, and Kirsten of Itskeerstin. I also like GlamLifeGuru. And of course Lisa Eldridge They’re all down to earth and whenever their videos pop up, I watch them.

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      1. Apart from Lisa Eldridge, I don’t really follow the others. Will check them out, thanks 🙂 I love Lauren Curtis, Shaanxo and Chloe Morello. There are quite a few others but these sprung to mind immediately. Do you follow them?


        1. I know of Shaanxo but I don’t follow her. I do follow Chloe! I’ve followed her from a long time ago when she was just starting out on YT! I’ve never heard of Lauren Curtis, will check her out too. Thanks! 🙂

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    1. Haha, only YOU would come back to a post I made 18 months ago to hold me accountable! 😛 But, I’m glad I’m delivering on my promises! 😀 What were your original blog goals?

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