28 Days

Conventional addiction recovery models suggest that in order to break a habit, one has to give it 28 days (some literature even say 21 day – whoa there buckaroo!) Well today is day 28 of my planned No-Buy 2015.  So how have I fared? I think I did amazingly!

Bwahahaha!  Have you seen my Target entry?

Seriously, I failed.  Two weeks into this, I buckled.  But in my defense, I always maintained that my downfall would be 1) if one of my HG items got discontinued 2) if a brand / store that I shop at closed / left Canada.  Targetgate™ fell into the latter category.

In additional to Targetgate™, January was a bit of an abnormal month.  In the mail, I received a few items that I had ordered just prior to the new year:
•  Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzer & Blush
•  Guerlain Perles D’Azur Meteorites by Emilio Pucci
•  Dr. Mascara Fixer Longlash Up Curl Fix Coating Fix (lash primer)
•  Dr. Mascara Fixer Volume Up Curl Fix Coating Fix (lash primer)
•  Assorted baggy of Korean beauty samples as my gift with purchase including Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream (which I’ve been wanting to try!), Bioré-type nose strip, serums etc.

The Guerlain by Pucci items were my last hurrah for 2014 (similar to people going to McD’s just prior to starting a diet)  – they’re limited edition from 2012 that I’ve kicked myself for not buying when they were released.  I found a reputable seller on ebay who was selling BNIB (brand new in box) ones at reasonable prices.  The lash primers were recommended by youtuber Saaammage in her 2014 favourites, after I watched that video I promptly went online and ordered it – it took over a month to arrive in Canada from Korea.  I’m trying to find a cheaper alternative to my current favourite lash primer, Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base which costs $25 a tube.  These Dr. Mascara ones are $9 each and have fantastic reviews online.  Fingers crossed.

I also received a belated Christmas present from my friend, R:

Nowhere does my No-Buy rules say that I can’t accept gifts of beauty items. Loophole!

So the net effect of Targetgate™, online purchases and gifts means my stash numbers have changed:
+ 1 eye shadow palette / 12 shades (Target) = 616 eye shadows (counting each shade in a palette really skews the number huh!)
+ 1 eye / +2 face brushes (Target) = 225 eye / 135 face brushes
+ 1 eyeliner (Target) = 76 eyeliners
+ 1 face powder (Guerlain) = 106 base makeup
+ 1 bronzer (Guerlain)= 15 bronzers (I didn’t list this in my inventory summary, because it’s puny compared to the other categories.  Still, 15 bronzers is a lot for someone who doesn’t use bronzers on a regular basis…)
+ 2 eyelash primers = ? I don’t track my mascara stash since it fluctuates so often
+ assorted bath products = ? I haven’t counted my bath product stash

I’ll be doing more detailed reviews on the new items once I get a chance to try everything out properly. And I’ll post an update in February on my No-Buy status… stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “28 Days

  1. Thanks! Yes, I can’t wait to try the Guerlain. I own a couple of other Meteorites and yes, they’re amazing. I’m also a sucker for limited edition and special packaging…(aren’t we all?)


  2. Sounded like your ‘detox’ no buy didn’t work out *LOL* 😛 I must admit, limited edition gets me too. Sometimes I just buy it for the packaging and never use it (moment of silience for self reflection). I am going back to all your old posts one at a time. I am reading and I’m like, did Stashy manage to not buy even for 2 weeks? 😛

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    1. Haha I noticed you’re catching up on old entries. Going cold turkey off shopping was really tough in the beginning! It got easier as time went on, but by the end of the year, I was really itching to shop due to all the amazing Holiday launches. And, something about the winter months make me want to shop!

      Liked by 1 person

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