Project Use it the F*%@ Up!

This idea came to me when I rediscovered my Mirabella Outshine lip gloss in Illusion, which I keep in a pen holder on my desk at work.  I absolutely LOVE this lip gloss, it’s probably one of my top 5 coloured lip products of all time.  But can you believe that this particular tube is almost 4 years old?

I just don’t remember to use it.  Did I mention that I probably have another 8 lip products in that pen holder on my desk, and usually another 2 to 4 lip products in my purse?  That’s why I need to have a goal to help me remember to use it, hence the genesis of: Project Use it the F*%@ Up!, or PUFU.  This Mirabella lip gloss will be my first victim focus:


I received this lip gloss as a gift from a friend, and every time I do remember to use it, I fall back in love with it again.  It smells similar to MAC Lipglasses (vanilla) but that’s where the similarity ends – I really dislike the goopy and sticky texture of MAC Lipglasses. The Mirabella lip gloss on the other hand, is a non-sticky, smooth, high shine, hydrating and long lasting formula in a sleek tube with a slanted doe-foot applicator.  The shade Illusion is a sheer peachy pink colour with micro-shimmers that adds a ton of dimension to the lips.  I really want to enjoy this tube of lip gloss while it’s still usable (it smells fine and has the same texture as when I first opened it) so I’m forcing myself to track my progress on a monthly basis.  I hope to finish this lip gloss within 6 months.

Very scientific, yo.

Currently it’s 1.40cm empty out of a total of 6.2cm (7.5ml total volume).  This is my starting point.  I’ll check in each month with a status update!

Sadly, this particular lip gloss formula is discontinued now (too bad, I really wanted to try more colours), but Mirabella has a new lip gloss called Colour Shine – I hope it’s a similar formula to Outshine, just renamed and repackaged.

Other items in consideration for PUFU will likely be more lip products, since they tend to expire faster.  I’m terrible at rotating my lip colours – I am more apt to slap on plain lip balm before I dash out the door.

Anything you’re trying to use up?

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