Club Monaco eye shadow brushes

I briefly mentioned my Club Monaco #02 eye shadow brush in my brush stash post.  I called the brush as one that I would run back into a burning building to rescue.
Club Monaco Beauty was a full range of makeup sold at Club Monaco (CM) stores in Canada and at Sephora in the US. [Fun fact: Club Monaco was a Canadian company until they sold it to Ralph Lauren in 1999] The makeup line included signature items such as the infamous Monica Lewinsky lipstick (Sheer Lipstick in Glaze), Eye Grease (cream eye shadows), and Cheek Dew (cream blushes) – all in sleek brushed silver and frosted lucite packaging.  I feel they were ahead of the time since no other makeup lines in the early 2000’s offered items like theirs. From the line, I owned an eye shadow palette, a powder foundation, a concealer, a handful of lipsticks and lipglosses, and even a metal eye lash comb (I wish I had saved the lash comb but it wasn’t very good).  I could go on about the history of CM but that’s for another time!  Today I’m here to talk about the eye shadow brush #02 which I acquired from the eye shadow palette:
What makes this brush so special is that not only is Club Monaco Beauty no longer available – making this brush somewhat of a collector’s item – the quality of this brush is outstanding.  I’ve had this brush for at least 10 years and it has retained its shape and all its hairs.

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