Facial mists

Continuing with this week’s topic of “radiant skin”, today we’ll be talking about water.  To achieve radiant skin, It’s essential to keep the skin hydrated inside and out – and the easiest way of course, is water.

Yes, another zoolander reference. 😛
Yes, drinking water is good for starters – but beyond drinking 8 glasses of water blah blah blah, water in the form of facial mists can be used on your skin before, during and after applying skincare and makeup:
• Before: I spray a hydrating mist on my skin just before I apply my hyaluronic acid serum so that the hyaluronic acid has moisture to bind to.
• During: I will sometimes spray water onto my foundation brush to make my foundation more dewy.  If using a Beauty Blender type sponge, I use water to soak the sponge to make the application flawless.
• After: I spray a setting spray to reduce the powdery appearance of finishing powder, and also sometimes during the day I will mist my face with a spray to refresh my makeup

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