Back to school: Teen pack

I know you’re saying, HOLD UP, it’s not Back to School time yet, it’s only the beginning of August.  And you would be right.  But you would also be wrong.  Have you been in the mall lately?  Summer clearances galore, and Back to School merchandise are making the annual creep… and it gets me SO excited!  No, I’m not excited for kids going back to school – I couldn’t care less – I’m excited for the Back to School merchandise.

This is something you probably don’t know about me, but every year without fail, I buy a Back to School beauty pack from the drugstore.  I’m not even the intended customer for these packs, but I can’t be the only non-teen-aged person to buy these packs for themselves, right?  I’m uh, picking this up for my sister / cousin / friend (me).

This is the “Teen Pack” this year from Shoppers Drug Mart:

1. GUM Ora-Clean toothbrush
2. GUM Flossers 40ct
3. Dial Vitamin Boost body wash 473ml
4. Got2B Mind Blowing Styling Spray 177ml
5. Purell hand sanitizer in Coconut Beach Siesta 30ml (there was also a watermelon scent and a vanilla one)
6. Dove bar soap 2x90g in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena scent
7. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 7 wipes
8. Playtex Sport Combo 4ct
9. Life Brand Comfort Grip Razors 10ct
10. GOSH Nail Colour in 608 Dusty Rose (the other options were a pale nude creme called Highschool Flirt and a shimmery purple shade called Gasoline)
11. Yes to Blueberry Eye Firming Treatment 3ml

They also had a male teen version with manly man stuff, as well as a younger girl version (assuming for pre-teen based on the products inside). The cost is $9.99 with over $42 of product!  I don’t subscribe to any beauty boxes, so I suppose this is my version of a beauty box.  I’m most excited to try the Simple Facial Wipes, Yes to Blueberries eye treatment, and of course, the GOSH nail polish!

Have you tried any of the items in this pack? Do they sell Back to School beauty packs where you live?  Have you ever bought one?

29 thoughts on “Back to school: Teen pack

  1. Holy sheep. *runs off to SDM right now*

    What a fantastic deal. For some reason I have never seen these, or maybe I just blank them out! The horror!

    I already have GOSH in Gasoline, though. 😀

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    1. They’re usually located in the seasonal section – right now they’re clearing out all the summer stuff and the back to school stuff is replacing it.
      Oh why am I not surprised you already own Gasoline? 😛 I eyed that one for a second or so but decided Dusty Rose was more my jam. 😀

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    1. Get it get it! Yeah I had to root through a few versions of the box because they have different scents of the hand sanitizer and different colours of nail polish so I had to find a combo that contained the 2 that I wanted!

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  2. My kids are back already! Last week and this week they started. We just finished supply shopping tonight. With my boys I was going to buy fresh deoderant and everything and I thought… well, they won’t wear it! I can’t wait for a girl to tell one he smells so finally they will wear it!!!!

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    1. Haha! It only takes one girl and they’ll be covered in Axe in no time! 😆
      Some schools here have started too, they have a modified school year where the holidays are spread out through the year.

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  3. That looks cool and affordable! I’ve only used the Simple wipes and nothing else. I don’t know if they sell anything like this, but they probably do (I’m from Australia). I think I’ve seen Formula 10.0.6 do something similar but not with multiple skincare brands. Oh and I’ve never bought anything like this before, other than gift packs! 🙂 x

    Caryl –

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  4. This is so cool! I’m going to scour the shops for this here. I LOVE the stationary!! I was oogling pens earlier today and have a self-imposed ban on buying more until I use what I have 😂 PS: I love how there’s French and English on the box.. Do you speak French?

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    1. Haha don’t get me started on all the cute stationary. I can spend hours looking at all the pens and papers!!!
      I speak some French, it’s our official second language so it is required by law to be on all packaging! And we had to learn it in school. 🙂 Mostly, I learned how to swear…. 😛


      1. Ah, I studied it in school but haven’t since. I wish I was fluent, it’s such a gorgeous language. I did a degree in Spanish though so that’s my “second” language. We have to learn Irish throughout school, so I guess it’s the same idea. Road signs and all have Irish and English.

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  5. I can’t imagine, all of these?? That’s too much! We only have back to school sale/off on stuff at the mall or if you’re quite lucky you could get a free tumbler/book/pen all school essentials in it’s literal sense. So I was wondering when I saw the header it’s anything but school related. But there you have it! Your own sample box but I think way better.
    How come that Purelle flavor isn’t available here?? I heard Simple wipes are good for removing make ups.
    Oh I see a nail polish in here, and I like them.:-)

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    1. Oh I somehow missed this comment, sorry! Yes there are lots of back to school sales right now and coupons but I really like these boxes! Every year they do something different. 🙂 Not sure why Purelle doesn’t offer more scents there – I don’t like the ones that just smell like alcohol, yuck.

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      1. It’s ok. 🙂 yeah I know because my aunt is a good shopper of sales there. Lol! And I believe that they’re really good kind because my bad that I got to compare it with the ones my aunt in Ireland sends. But on the contrary they have good sale on clothes there.


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