Quickie LUSH Haul (& Mother’s Day Set)

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had enough empty containers to redeem for a free face mask and solicited recommendations from you. Thanks for all the suggestions! ūüôā I finally got around to a LUSH store – here’s what I walked out with:

How pretty is that shopping bag?

I ended up more than I originally planned, but what else is new? ūüôĄ

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Favourites Lately: Late 2016

This year I decided to do quarterly favourites so I’ve had lists for early 2016 (covering January to March) and mid-year (covering April to June), and now I’m showing my third quarterly favourites to cover July¬†to September:
It’s mostly Summery products but a little bit of Autumn is creeping in… yes, I’m a bit late in posting this – it should have been up early October. ūüė≥

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Back to school: Teen pack

I know you’re saying, HOLD UP, it’s not Back to School time yet, it’s only the beginning of August. ¬†And you would be right. ¬†But you would also be wrong. ¬†Have you been in the mall lately? ¬†Summer clearances galore, and Back to School merchandise are¬†making the annual creep… and it gets me SO excited! ¬†No, I’m not excited for kids going back to school – I couldn’t care less – I’m excited for the Back to School merchandise.

This is something you probably don’t know about me, but every year without fail, I buy¬†a Back to School beauty pack from the drugstore. ¬†I’m not even the intended customer for these packs, but I can’t be the only non-teen-aged person to buy these packs for themselves, right? ¬†I’m uh, picking this up for my sister / cousin / friend (me).

This is the “Teen Pack” this year from Shoppers Drug Mart:

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Trash Stash: April 2015

April was another stellar month for using up more products from my stash! ¬†Let’s get right down to it:
These are ALL full sized products, folks!  #soproud

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Need a new hairdryer

I think my hairdryer is on its last legs – it makes a shrill noise when it’s first turned on, which dies down after a few seconds but it doesn’t sound good. It also sometimes smells like something is burning inside – I’ve removed the filter at the back but it keeps smelling. I’ve only had it for a few years but I do use it almost¬†daily. ¬†Even the bf said, “Maybe you need a new one”. I take that as encouragement to buy a new hairdryer! ūüėÄ

This is the model I currently own, which I do like:


Avanti Ultra GP-2000 Professional

What I’m looking for in a hairdryer:

  • Not too noisy (I’ve returned hairdryers before because they sound like a freight train right next to my ear!)
  • Not too heavy
  • Powerful motor / long lasting
  • Has varying heat setting plus cold shot option

Please recommend one to me!

Omnipotent Oils

I’ve embraced using oils for just about every part of my body¬†–¬†from head to toe¬†–¬†for some years now. ¬†I was using oils way before this whole argan oil rage, let me tell ya! ¬†Before argan oil was readily availalbe, I was routinely using rosehip oil on my face (I still mourn the discontinuation of Burt’s Bee Repair Serum in Canada).

So what do I use oils for?

Careful, it’s gonna get slippery all up in here

Winter hair rescue

This is the companion post to my Winter scalp rescue topic Рthat entry was getting long so I thought it would be good to give your eyes a break by splitting it into 2 posts.

In addition to the scalp issue, in the winter months I also battle frizzies due to the dry air, causing¬†static and fly-aways. ¬†My hair is wavy and cut in long layers to just past my shoulders – luckily I don’t have particularly thick or unruly hair – but it can look frizzy if I don’t use moisturizing and taming products. These are some of my tried-and-true hair styling products:winterhair1

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Sample stash

As a result of frequenting numerous cosmetics counters (and befriending many of the sales associates) over the years, I have amassed a hoard of gift with purchases (gwp), cosmetics samples, and Sephora VIB points redemption items; everything from face creams, to makeup removers, to mini lipsticks and mini mascaras.

My sample drawer. So many samples, so little time!

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Winter scalp rescue

My hair and scalp are¬†normally low maintenance – my primary concern is finding products that don’t weigh my hair down. ¬†Generally, I like using clarifying shampoos and light styling products. ¬†I don’t even use a conditioner on a daily basis. ¬†But come winter season, all bets are off. ¬†My scalp becomes severely irritated, dry, and itchy¬†–¬†especially around¬†the temples and crown area. ¬†It gets so bad that the area becomes visibly red with white scaly flaky patches – it’s quite unsightly. ¬†I only started battling this problem 2 winters ago, and have experimented with several products since then to help manage the condition.

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Empties: January 2015

My first ever empties post, how exciting! ¬†This¬†may not be a monthly occurrence¬†since it takes some time to finish¬†full sized products. ¬†I’ll try to save up enough items to warrant an entry devoted to showcasing empty bottles and jars (before they go into the recycling bin!) ¬†Likely, my empties will predominantly feature skincare, hair care, mascaras and maybe face makeup – it’ll be¬†a unicorn sighting when I do¬†finish up a colour makeup item (but it has been known to happen!) Personally I find empties videos / posts to be valuable because the reviewer has used¬†up¬†an entire product, so they have a comprehensive experience of the product’s performance

Trash stash.

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