Trash Stash: April 2015

April was another stellar month for using up more products from my stash!  Let’s get right down to it:
These are ALL full sized products, folks!  #soproud

Shiseido Sheer and Perfect – $39 for 30ml (department stores)
I did a whole review on this product, it’s simply my favourite everyday foundation.  I’ve opened my back-up bottle from my stash.
Stash worthiness: 9/10

CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara by LashBlast – $10 for 13.1ml (drugstores)
I just don’t love this. I used it for a month and while I was able to make it work slightly better in terms of building volume and some length, this mascara just can’t hold a curl.  And it’s smudgy on me.
Stash worthiness: 6/10
Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil – $13 for 200ml (Winners / Boots in the UK)
I bought this from Winners on a whim because the ingredients looked decent, and I’m so glad I took a chance – I absolutely LOVE this!  The key ingredients are: sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, and grapeseed oil.  It is a thicker cleansing oil, very similar in consistency as another favourite of mine, the Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil (even the bottles look similar!) but at about half the price.  Bonus: this smells like orange Creamsicle. The only negatives about this product is that I can only find it at Winners (inconsistent supply) and it takes a bit more rinsing to fully rinse clean.
Stash worthiness: 9/10

Lise Watier SunSmart Universal UV Shield SPF30 – $39 for 40ml (select Shoppers Drug Mart / Lise Watier online)
One of my favourite mineral sunscreens on the market.  It’s silky, fragrance-free, and acts as a foundation primer. The only negative is that it applies with a slight white cast.  I’ve opened my last tube of this from my stash.
Stash worthiness: 9/10
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ – $47 for 200ml (drugstores / department stores)
This is a controversial skincare product. The key ingredient is mineral oil which is not the most cutting edge ingredient. However, there’s no denying that mineral oil is highly moisturizing and forms a protective barrier over skin. Love it or hate it, this unscented lightweight lotion works well for my sensitive skin. The label I applied indicates that I opened this bottle June of 2014, so with nearly daily use, this has lasted me 10 months (I only use it for daytime).  I don’t have another full-size of this in my stash – just sample sizes – so I will open up another daytime lotion from my stash (likely Shiseido Ibuki).
Stash worthiness: 10/10

Mary Kay TimeWise Targeted-Action Eye Revitalizer – $45.00 for 10ml rollerball (MK reps or online)
This is a longtime favourite product that I only use on my eyelids. Is that weird? I don’t use it under my eyes since it seems to do nothing for that area, but on my eyelids – it’s magical! It depuffs them and makes my eyelid folds look more crisp (or something). Unfortunately, it appears this was not a popular product because MK has recently discontinued it. I stocked up on a couple of back-ups for my stash but once they’re gone, I’m back to having puffy eyelids. If any of you use products specifically for your eyelids, let me know! One rollerball lasts me at least 6 months with nightly use.
Stash worthiness: 9/10
Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Coriander Whipped Body Butter – $45 for 226g (Kiehl’s stores / online)
I reviewed this here, and as predicted in my review, I am indeed sad that this is finished. 😦 Please, Kiehl’s, please re-release this scent. But not this year, next year when my No-Buy is over, ok?
Stash worthiness: 8/10

Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter – $20 for 100ml (TBS store / online)
I really didn’t have any expectations of this hand cream. I picked it up during a sidewalk sale and it was 50% off. What the heck is Absinthe anyway? Isn’t it poison? How is it purifying? But I did end up liking this – I used this as my nightly hand cream – it smells grassy and earthy, and leaves my hands soft in the morning. TBS describes the scent as “heady fragrance notes of bergamot, petit grain and neroli” – I just realized this is marketed as a men’s product.
Stash worthiness: 8/10

Nivea Stress Protect deodorant – $6 for 43g (drugstores)
So one time at our girls’ night the question of “What 3 items would you bring to a deserted island?” came up and I listed deodorant as one of mine (lip balm and face moisturizer being the other 2 – in retrospect, I should have specified both of those items should contain SPF).  This particular deodorant has fast become a favourite for being so effective yet not intrusive.  Have you ever worn a deodorant and the scent is so overwhelming that you can smell it whenever you move your body? (Degree, I’m looking at you!)  I want my deodorant to work silently in the background.
Stash worthiness: 10/10
Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo – $10 for 250ml (TBS store / online)
Another Body Shop item. I completely forgot I had this until one day I was digging through my bathroom cabinet and found this hiding at the back. It was already 2/3 finished when I found it. It’s a nice shampoo, not sure if it helped my scalp too much (I suffer from dry itchy scalp in the winter months) but I do like the ginger fragrance and it lathers up nicely. This shampoo rinses clean and does not weigh my hair down. It isn’t so harsh that it strips the hair either so it can be used daily.
Stash worthiness: 8/10

Biotera Curl Cream – $11.59 for 250ml (Sally Beauty Supply)
OMG you guys, I think this product is discontinued! 😥 I just tried to find it online to provide a link and it shows “this product is no longer available”. I wrote about it in my Winter hair rescue – it’s my favourite curl cream! This explains why it’s been sold out for weeks at Sally’s. Boo!!! WHY oh WHY? I’m seriously considering throwing myself on the floor and having a hissy fit at Sally’s next time I’m there.  Or maybe I’ll email them.  Whichever.
Stash worthiness: 9/10

What did you use up in April?

36 thoughts on “Trash Stash: April 2015

    1. Yes they are satisfying indeed! It felt like an accomplishment when I was photographing everything.
      I just realized I wasn’t following you – sorry about that (I’m so behind on following back – must get to it!) Looking forward to your empties post!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I googled Absinthe and apparently it’s got a bad rep. It’s a very high % alcohol but it’s not poisonous – but it was banned early in the 1900s but not anymore. It’s just odd that the Body Shop would call a product after something like that, lol!
      Thanks for being proud of me, my co-Bo-Buyer for life!

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of stuff used up! Congrats! It does feel nice to finish a product (even if you later find out it’s been discontinued).

    I cracked open a new body lotion today and got depressed thinking about having to use it all up. Plus side: finished up the last body lotion.

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    1. Ugh, I just realized that out of the 11 empties I have, 3 of them are either discontinued or LE. Bummer.
      Which body lotion did you bust open? What are you in the market to buy next… oooh how exciting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It never fails that they discontinue something you love, and you don’t find out until it’s too late!

        I just grabbed the first body lotion under my sink. It turned out to be Neroli fragranced body lotion from Yves Rocher. I must have gotten a set for free, since I seem to have that plus a fragranced body wash, and I don’t remember buying them. I should not be buying more b&b stuff; have too much of a backlog to use up 🙂

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        1. YR is crazy with their gwp. I’ve gotten so many full-sized lotion / shower gels from them. I ALWAYS opt out of their gaudy jewellery / tote bag gwp – go plant a tree on my behalf instead!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha, yes that stuff is so useless! I think I usually go for samples, but I should probably do the tree thing instead. Like I need more tissue-wipe samples of Comme Une Evidence.

            They occasionally send me “1 free product” and I always like to pick a perfume. I have so many of their perfumes now, and yet they always d/c the ones I love.

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  2. I love keihls creme de corps. I never tried the scented one. hmm? hopefully , it will be back next year. I do love body shop products, they make great products. I also love MK. Dont they always discontinue the good stuff? I think clinque has a smell, now I know what it is … mineral oil. Love that you have full size products. I just want one post of full size.

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  3. Great Trash Stash! I actually like the Covergirl Bloom Mascara. Though no it’s not my most favorite but I like it for when I’m doing a more natural look. I think the next Covergirl mascara that I will pick up will be the bombshell one because I really loved that one a lot. We’re always on the hunt for the perfect mascara lol. 🙂 xo


    1. The Bombshell one is pretty good, especially the 1st step, the 2nd step is crazy hardcore (spider lashes / super waterproof!) I generally love CG for mascaras, that’s why it was disappointing to not love the Bloom one. I do have the CG Flame Out one to try – haven’t seen good reviews for it unfortunately!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I will be looking forward to seeing your review on that one. I like how my lashes aren’t super stiff with the Covergirl Lash Bloom but it doesn’t provide very much volume or length either so I just say it’s my natural look mascara for now lol. 🙂

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  4. Just a passing thought, could it be true that a man’s hand cream works better because it’s patterned after their working hands? My musing.😊 I just love how Nivea named their Deo. Btw, hurray for the empties! That’s quite a number.

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    1. Oh, that’s a good thought re: men’s hand cream! Most men’s products are quite heavily fragranced with musk and such so I don’t like them, but this one was more fresh. Thanks! 😀

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  5. Absinthe hand butter, that’s interesting, meh who cares if it’s marketed to men, the packaging doesn’t look like it, I’d use it. lol Absinthe is usually a green drink made of wormwood, I’ve had it before it’s gross, tastes kind of like black licorice. Did the lotion have a black licorice scent?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, my friend (who is my MK rep) alerted me to it before they discontinued it. You can still find it on ebay and since they only recently discontinued it, the stock online should still be reasonably fresh. 🙂


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