I bought a $12 spray pump

I was just itching to buy something at the MAC store.  I was at a mini-makeover a few weeks ago with my coworker and while she was making her purchases, I spied this:
It’s a spray pump.  I asked the makeup artist how much it was. $12 CAD ($10 USD).  Against my better judgement, I said, “I’ll take it.”  I’m now the proud owner of a $12 spray pump from MAC.

I must admit, I’m a bit of a spray pump connoisseur. Whenever I come across a product with a nice fine mist, I either save the pump or the whole bottle (so far, my favourite spray pumps are from the Sukin toner and an old John Frieda Root Awakening Spray).  I’ve also purchased countless empty spray bottles from the dollar store or health food store.  But none of them cost me more than $3.
This puppy is made in France!  Assembled in Canada!  This explains why it’s $12. Only the bag is made in China. [how fun is the word “PUMPSPENDER”?]

Apparently this fits MAC’s travel bottles, which I also own.  I do really like their travel bottles – they don’t leak and don’t retain odours, and mine have lasted for years (they cost $12 for a pair).  The travel bottle comes with a flip top, and it switches easily to the spay pump with a perfect fit:
The tube is a bit long for the travel bottle but it’s quite flexible so it can bend to accommodate or it can be trimmed to fit.  The spray pump comes with a clear cap – perfect for travel.  So, how does this $12 spray pump perform? *drumroll*

Unfortunately, not very well.  It splatters and sprays in blotches rather than delivering a fine even mist:
SO disappointing!  I’m toying with the idea of returning it, but I really dislike returning stuff.  In reality, the spray functions just fine – I’m just being picky.  For $12 though, I can be picky.  All I can say is, at least I didn’t buy any makeup while I was at the MAC store!  I was behind enemy lines and I did NOT succumb to temptations.

If you’re in the market for either the spray pump or travel bottle, they’re usually hanging out by the cash register on a spinner display at freestanding MAC stores.

What impulsive purchase have you made lately? 😛

(And NO, I did not buy the 137 Long Blending Brush! I think I’m over it now.)

28 thoughts on “I bought a $12 spray pump

  1. Standing ovation to you, my friend! I wouldn’t have been able to resist temptation anywhere NEAR MAC. I only own a few MAC products, but boy do I love ’em!
    As far as impulse buys go, I recently went to pick up some cold medicine for my little one and walked out of the store with three RealTechnique brushes. Which is why I shouldn’t just peruse the makeup aisles in stores!!

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    1. It was so painful standing in that MAC store too because everyone was getting their mini makeovers and I wasn’t! I just played around with the makeup (and all the SA kept asking me if I needed help! Yes, I need help, how much time have you got?) Fortunately (or unfortunately for me, there are at least 4 MAC stores near me so maybe I am desensitized to them?
      Aww, it’s just like my post on tips for a No-Buy – don’t go wandering down the makeup aisles when you go pick up cold meds! 😛 Well at least you got some good brushes – which ones did you pick up?

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      1. There are no MAC stores near me! I’m sure if I ever went in one my head would explode (and then what would I do with my makeup collection?)!

        I picked up a blush, contour and foundation brush from the original line – no bold metals for me! Realistically I didn’t spend that much, I was just so excited to find them in a store other than Ulta!


  2. $12 for a splotchy spray? Ack! I’d return 🙂 And then to reward yourself, spend that $12 on makeup instead. 😀

    Pompe Spray sounds fancy (French, of course)
    Erogatore Spray sounds carnal (Probably more like “irrigator” than “erogenous”, though, ha!)
    Pumpspender für Sprays is hilarious, though I’m disappointed it was not all one long German word
    Dispensador sounds very functional

    Latest impulse buys: I bought 2 Revlon np b/c they were $2.99 this week. I did make it out of Winners with wallet intact, though! (They haven’t restocked the np to my liking.)

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    1. Eh I feel I should keep this and bronze it as a reminder of my wicked ways. Impulse purchases rarely end well! Plus, I threw out the packaging and the receipt already. This is perfectly usable and will come in handy for those MAC travel bottles.
      Haha yes, I agree, it should have been Pumpspenderfürsprays 😛

      $2.99 is a great price for Revlon np! Winners has been slightly lacking in their inventory. I’d thought with Target Canada closing, the TJMaxx buyers would be like vultures on all the excess inventory that vendors are sitting on!

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      1. LOL @ the idea of bronzing a plastic pump spray!

        Oh, it would have been so nice to have seen Target m/u discounted at Winners. I never did get to go to a Canadian Target. All I’m seeing at my Winners these days is Physician’s Formula…

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        1. Yes, lots of PF and also tons of the discontinued L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation.
          I did spy a Pixi eye shadow compact at a Marshalls last week but it was opened and gross. It was one of these:

          So there’s hope!

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  3. HAHAHAHAHA! oh my gosh, you are hilarious. All I saw was “I bought a $12 pump” and knew I had to hear the story behind it!
    I love MAC Cosmetics, but if you don’t like it, don’t be afraid to return it (I also get nervous/scared when returning things, too)
    Also, I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award 🙂 check it out and let me know when you post it, I would love to learn more about you! https://ryanezamorabeauty.wordpress.com

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    1. I already threw out the package and the receipt. Meh, I will keep it. I”m glad my impulse purchase provided entertainment – I’m so ridiculous lol.
      Thanks for nominating me! I have a few of them to get through – so many questions, so little time! 😛

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