Foundation, Powder, Concealer Stash

Most people have maybe 1 or 2 foundations (perhaps a winter shade and one for summer), a couple of concealers (under eye dark circles vs covering blemishes), and a face powder.  That’s normal.  Why I have amassed this many foundations / powders / concealers (or as I call them, base products), I have no excuse for.  I couldn’t even fit everything I own into one frame so here’s a portion of what I’ll be showing today:
I figure I would just lump all my base products including highlighters and bronzers into one post instead of them separating out.

Remember, this is a no judgement zone. 😉

Foundations / BB creams: I honestly don’t like having so many liquid / cream foundations open all at once.  A bunch of these are already slated for The Purge.
basestash3 basestash4 basestash5
basestash6 basestash7
Some notes:
• My colouring: MAC NC25, MUFE 20, Shiseido i20, CoverGirl Nude Beige, Guerlain Beige Clair, Illamasqua 6.5, Maybelline Buff, Revlon Nude – of course, my colour can change within the same brand depending on the formulation (MAC is the worst for this, I find)
• My skin type is combination sensitive with slightly oily t-zone and dehydrated cheeks
• I also have a bunch of mineral powder foundations but I didn’t bother lugging them out – so messy!
• I dislike paying more than $50 for a foundation, hence I don’t own the more popular ones like Marc Jacobs ($69 are you kidding me!) – I will have to suck it up when I buy the Nars Luminous one next year though ($59) because I’ve heard so many great things about it

• The Anna Sui loose powders are really just for show – I don’t really intend to use them; just look at that packaging! (I’ve also misplaced a compact foundation with a cute strawberry design, it’s somewhere – doh)

Concealers: I just noticed that I’m missing my Clarins concealers in these photos – oops. #toomuchmakeup
basestash9 basestash8

Highlighters / bronzers:
basestash14 basestash13 basestash16
My favourites:
• Foundation: Shiseido Sheer & Perfect
• Powder: Cargo Blu_Ray
• Concealers: Maybelline Age Rewind (under eye), Revlon PhotoReady (redness)
• Highlighter: Guerlain Météorites in Teint Beige
• Bronzer: Lancaster Infinite Bronze Kaleidoscope

Unopened / Back Ups:
basestash20 basestash19 basestash18 basestash17
• Not really sure why I’ve chosen not to open the loose powders from e.l.f. or Nars since they don’t go bad once opened, but I guess I was trying to be diligent in finishing up my Laura Mercier and MAC ones first

In summary, I own (opened and unopened):
• 40 Foundations / BB creams
• 31 Powders
• 32 Concealers
• 11 Highlighters
• 13 Bronzers

This concludes my “stash” series for now. I have a few more smaller categories like eyeliners and mascaras but they’re less interesting to post.

What are your favourite base products? Any questions about any of the products shown, please leave them in a comment below! 🙂

66 thoughts on “Foundation, Powder, Concealer Stash

    1. So the weird thing is that when I was taking the pictures, I felt like it was a lot, but then when I started editing the pictures, I was like, that’s it? I thought I had more. So then, now I want MORE… especially concealers! 😛

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    1. I just left a comment on your post on the MUFE HD foundation but that post disappeared while I was making the comment? :/
      The MUFE Face and Body is quite good! It’s got more coverage than I thought it would since I’m used to the MAC Face & Body. I’ll be doing a comparison of those 2 coming up!

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  1. I would be so upset with myself if I had this many base products since I don’t wear foundation very often. I agree with both wanting to buy anything over $50. Even if it creeps towards $40 I cringe.

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    1. I like to wear at least a BB cream daily. I feel like it’s protecting my skin from the elements, or something. Yes, I almost wrote $40 max but then I realize a few of mine are over $40 so I guess I’m ok with it (or more like I don’t have a choice!)

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      1. BB creams will stay at the top for me since the ones I use have SPF in them. I just save the foundation for special occasions or when I’m not lazy to do a full face of makeup.


    1. Haha I could literally just fill this blog up with daily reviews on every single item in my stash and have enough posts to last me like… 5 years, no joke.
      I’ll be doing a brand focus post on Anna Sui in the future! I’VE ACTUALLY MET ANNA! 😀 She was so nice.

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    1. Yes a few things have gone “off”, I noticed it’s mostly cream foundations that go bad.
      Yes those are the Guerlain balls! Very addictive and they give a nice subtle glow to the face. Similar to the Hourglass Ambient powders but these last much longer (I doubt I will ever use up a tin of it!). I’ll do a post featuring them coming up!
      The Shiseido foundation is a fluid type in similar vein as Chanel Vitalumiere. I did a post on it:

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  2. Wow, that’s some collection you have! I maybe own 8 -10 foundations liquid and powder included haha. How do you get on with mac liquid one? I had it couple years ago and wasn’t too happy but now I think it might have been something to with my skin itself. Also how is the smashbox concealer like? I’ve never tried any of their products but every time I pass a stall I always think the products look so smart. And your stocking up is really impressive, I probably said this before, but still!

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    1. I really like the MAC Face & Body, it’s very liquidy but it provides a nice natural finish that wears very well through the day. If you don’t need much coverage especially in the hotter months, I think it’s a great option.
      I stock up on things when I find them on discount, like the Cargo powder because they were being cleared out from a store. In my mind, I’m saving money in the future… lol!

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      1. I’ve noticed your shopping habits already 😀 I’m never lucky enough to find that many sales, so I admire your powers! I have MAC Studio Sculpt and I find I need to avoid it on days when my face is feeling dry because the coverage is quite high and tends to dry my face even more. I’ll need to reconsider this!

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  3. I just about fell off my chair! That is SOME collection! 😀

    I am not really even sure what MAC shade I am anymore. Years ago, I tried a couple of their foundations and got matched anywhere from 200 (Hyper Real) to NC35. Granted, I get tanned in summer.

    You’re just encouraging me to branch out, foundation-wise! Loved seeing all your face stash!

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  4. Girl you are too much! Usually, I keep my base products to low levels. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 8 full sized foundation/BB creams open and maybe 4-5 powders, more if you include the finishing powders. Lipsticks and eye shadow are probably the products I have most of. 🙂

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  5. I also buy back ups!!! *LOL* I totally agree with you on the $50+ per foundation thing. They have to be kidding. I think they have to come up with a crazily beautiful packaging to lure me into buying that. Yes, MAC is the worst when it comes to colour matching within their brand haha. I tried their cream to powder foundation lately and the formula has changed @_@ MAC has driven me nuts lately.

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