Trash Stash: November to December 2017

Here’s a combined Trash Stash post for the last 2 months of 2017:

I forgot to take a group shot and was too lazy to take the items out of the bag for recycling. ūüėõ

I initially felt that my steam dwindled a bit toward the end of the year to finish up products but once I started to list them out, I found that I did finish quite a few items in the last 2 months.¬† I decided to do a big post instead of separating into 2 posts, so grab a cup of hot tea. ‚ėē

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Cl√© de Peau Beaut√© Concealer in Beige

When I hauled this item from Nordstrom in October last year, many of you expressed interest in seeing a review of this, so I prioritized it to test out.
And 4 months later, here we are! This is as speedy as I can get, ok? ūüėõ

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Trash Stash: January 2017

First Trash Stash of 2017!
As you may recall, in my 2016 Trash Stash summary post, I expressed interest in trying to achieve 365 empties for 2017 (aka 1 empty per day). Let’s see how I did.

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PP12: KATE Stick Concealer in Natural Beige

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving Day today! Happy Turkey Day to my fellow Canadians. Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving way earlier than the US. Find out why here.¬† Onto regular programming – an update on Project Pan!
KATE is a Japanese brand that I had some exposure to¬†when I visited Hong Kong about 5 years ago. ¬†It is owned by Kanebo, the conglomerate that also owns Lunasol and Sensai. KATE is their lower-end drugstore range. Today I’m showing the Stick Concealer in Natural Beige:
I got interested in this product because people raved about how it is a cheaper alternative for the cult favourite Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer. For those not familiar with that Рit is supposed to be The Concealer to End All Concealers.  It also has a hefty price tag to match Рit costs $70 USD (approx C$90 at current exchange rate), while the KATE Stick Concealer costs only ¥1,000 (approx C$12.50) for 3.1g of product.  I was intrigued so I ordered this online in early 2014.

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Trash Stash: March 2016

No makeup items this month, just lots of skincare, body and hair care again!
You guys must think I eat / drink my beauty products… I swear I don’t! ūüėõ Maybe I just slather the stuff on?

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Foundation and Concealer Purge of 2016

This has been a long time coming. I just needed to set some time aside and be in the right mood to be serious about getting rid of some items from my stash. Sometimes I feel a bit attached to items due to nostalgia and I talk myself into keeping stuff I really shouldn’t. I think I did well:
Since I’ve been hauling like a madwoman, it’s only fair to purge some stuff too! Tomorrow I’ll be purging some lip products.  Let’s have a closer look at the foundation and concealer purge pile:

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Trash Stash: November 2015

With last month’s epic Trash Stash, this month yielded a much smaller amount of empties.
I’m most proud of finishing up that little pot of Laura Mercier powder!

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Foundation mixology

Since I’m guilty of buying new foundations instead of using up my current open bottle(s), typically I have at least 12 different ones¬†on the go. ¬†Some of them are better suited for the summer, while others are only used during the winter months. ¬†My skin tone often straddle between light and medium shades, so I typically mix 2 different shades to get a suitable¬†colour match. ¬† In addition, mixing different foundation formulas helps to get a finish that works better for my combination skin type.
Typically, I like to mix foundations to both colour match and improve on the formulations to my liking.

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Foundation, Powder, Concealer Stash

Most people have maybe 1 or 2 foundations (perhaps a¬†winter shade and one for summer), a couple of concealers (under eye dark circles vs covering blemishes), and a face powder. ¬†That’s normal. ¬†Why I have amassed this many foundations / powders / concealers (or as I call them, base products), I have no excuse for. ¬†I couldn’t even fit everything I own into one frame so here’s a portion of what I’ll be showing today:
I figure I would just lump all my base products including highlighters and bronzers into one post instead of them separating out.

Remember, this is a no judgement zone. ūüėČ

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Road trip skincare and makeup bag

Starting this Friday, I’ll be on a road trip! ¬†We’ll be heading to northern parts of our province, also known as “cottage country” (don’t let the word “cottage” fool you, they have multi-million dollar homes that are owned by Hollywood celebs), and then heading to Ottawa. ¬†We’ll be staying mostly at Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs) which are essentially rooms or a portion of someone’s house. They’re more homey than hotels – and usually the breakfasts (included) are amazing! ¬†We won’t exactly be roughing it, but I¬†will be fairly low-key in terms of attire and makeup. ¬†I always ask myself 3¬†questions when packing makeup for a trip:

  1. Do I really need it?
  2. Is it the smallest / most compact item I own of that product category?
  3. Would I be devastated if I lost it or it got broken during the trip?

Keeping these¬†in mind, here¬†is what I’m packing for our 9-day trip.
I typically carry my makeup roll for the cosmetic items and a separate bag for skincare.  The makeup roll was a gwp from Smashbox, and the cute travel bag is from Consonant Skincare.

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