Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Yes, it’s already Thanksgiving in Canada.  We have it early compared to the US (second Sunday in October vs fourth Sunday in November).  People always ask me why, and I was told that it had to do with our harvest being earlier.  But now to my adult mind, I feel it’s not really true since our harvest is pretty much the same as Americans.  Turns out Canadians have been celebrating Thanksgiving longer than Americans – it goes back to 1578 in Newfoundland.  There are differences and similarities on how Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgivings:

Infographic A Tale of Two Thanksgivings: Canadian VS American Thanksgiving Celebrations

Happy Columbus Day to my American readers!  I would also like to take this time to wish Miss ChubbyChic a very Happy Birthday! 😀 ❤

37 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! It makes sense to put it off for a week to have time to prepare. I hope you enjoy today to rest. We had out Thanksgiving meal last night – we had ham this year instead – we will be doing turkey for Christmas instead. Tonight we’ll be having leftovers lol.

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