What’s in my bag?

I saw this on StyledWithJoy and I thought it would be a natural follow up to the Handbag Day post.  I did do a “What’s in my makeup bag” post already here but this post is specifically about my handbag contents:
Currently I carry the Coach Parker Leather Zip Shoulder Bag in Mushroom – it’s from the 2009  Parker Resort collection. This was one of few purse purchases I made on complete impulse – I bought it because it wasn’t covered in logos, it’s all leather, has a zipper closure, and has a comfy strap.  I also love the colour – it’s pretty seasonless and goes with almost everything without being black.  And 6 years later, I’m still using it!


This is what I carry inside:
Wallet:  ECCO Bolivar wallet in red – 3 facts about this wallet 1) I eyed it for ages at the store but it wouldn’t go on sale and I told my friend that I saw it online for 30% off – she asked the sales person to honour the discount and they did! 2) it is by far the largest wallet I’ve ever owned – I typically go for French style wallets that’s about half as big… I feel that as I get older, my wallet gets bigger! 3) I switched from my last wallet (a fuchsia number from Fossil) and used this wallet for MONTHS and the SO never noticed.  I have a thing against black wallets – all my wallets must be colourful so that I can find them quickly.

2 Phones: Yes I carry 2 phones with me – one is personal and the other is for work. Most people I know has a Blackberry as their work phone while their personal phones are iPhones. I’m the opposite. I’m a diehard Blackberry user – I LOVE the tactile keyboard! The work iPhone is my first experience with iOS and it’s just ok to me.  I can’t type on that thing.  I like iPhones for the apps but I prefer Blackberry for multi-tasking and its keyboard (it is also a touchscreen).
Work ID badge / security pass: I don’t even know why I have a clip for my badge – I am not one of those people who clip their ID badge on their belts.  At my last job I used to wear a lanyard around my neck like a doof but everyone else did it too.  If I misplace my badge, I have to pay $25 for a replacement!

Keys: my SO bought me that tassel keychain a few years ago to help me find my keys easier. 🙂  You’ll notice the absence of car keys. We go everywhere by subway or walking.  And speaking of which…

Metropass: I get an annual subscription to the monthly Metropass so I get a discount, $129.75 instead of $141.50 per month. Also, it qualifies me for tax deductions.  I keep my Metropass in a handy little case I got from Indigo.

Gum:  My last pack of Stimorol. We discovered it in Denmark on our trip last year and we’ve been rationing our stash. It tastes great and lasts a long time – I need to find a source to buy this online.
Reusable tote: my favourite kind is from Baggu and I own a whole array of their designs. Our city imposed fees for using plastics bags a while ago (but then reversed it) but most people converted to using reusable totes for groceries and general shopping.  I carry these totes even if I’m shopping at Winners or Shoppers Drug Mart.

Pen: My 2-in-1 Lamy Safari is my most treasured writing instrument because they don’t make this style anymore. It contains a pen and a mechanical pencil depending on which way you twist.  I use this on a weekly basis for grocery lists, and it has come in handy more than once when travelling and needing to fill in declaration forms and whatnot. I really should look into finding a back-up.

Tissue: I always have a pack of tissue with me – I’m really picky about the type of tissue I keep on me. Usually it’s Tempo Petit which is 4-ply tissue! I got this cute owl pack from a friend as part of my birthday present a few years ago (finally got around to using it!) and it’s only 3-ply! ( 😉 actually anything more than 2-ply is fine with me)
USB:  I never know when I need to do some espionage so I always keep this handy (in reality, it’s full of knitting patterns).

Hand cream: I’m not loyal to any brand of hand cream – whatever small tube I happen to have, I will even use hotel body lotion as hand cream.  This one I bought on clearance from Rexall – I was drawn to it because it’s all natural and made in France, it’s just ok performance-wise.

Blotting paper: I’ve shown you my blotting paper stash, so it’s no surprise I keep blotting paper in my purse. They’re fantastic to reduce shine and I don’t even need a mirror…
Mirror: But I do keep a mirror in my purse for when I get an eyelash in my eye or there’s dirt on my face.  This is from the Body Shop Lily Cole collaboration a few years back. I got this on clearance for $1.  I cannot for the life of me figure out what the design is – I think it’s pink and black cow spots?

Lipbalm: I’m back to using my HG, Dr Hauschka lip care stick.  The best!

Lip colour: besides a clear lipbalm, I usually carry some sort of coloured lip product.  Today it is Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig.  I rotate my lip colour almost daily.

That’s it.  I travel pretty lightly (although my SO wouldn’t agree) – hope you found this somewhat interesting.  What about you? What do you carry in your purse?  I’d love to see a post!

66 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Grey bags are the best! I think I once wore only grey bags for a year or two. They do go with just about everything.

    My wallet is also enormous (but I love that style of wallet the best). I do have two smaller wallets that I use with smaller handbags, but it can be annoying to have to swap out some cards. I agree, colorful wallets are best. I have a small black one I love, but it’s a pain to find it in most bags.

    I actually don’t carry all that much in my bag; my “What’s in my bag?” post wouldn’t be too interesting!

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    1. You should do a “What’s in my diaper bag” lol!
      I used to swear by French wallets with a metal frame clasp for the coin section (it was my thing!) but it’s getting harder to find cute ones. Also, I have so many loyalty cards, they all don’t fit in the small wallets, it’s really getting ridiculous.


  2. Thanks for linking to my blog! 🙂

    I love the color of your bag because you can use it year round.

    Blotting papers are a must and lol about not needing a mirror/dirt on your face. And I have no idea what the design is. It’s interesting.

    You’ve inspired me to use hand cream during the day. I only use it before bed.

    Good job on the wallet! My wallets are usually neutral because my bag is a bright color! I can find it because it’s built like a tiny brick.

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  3. I like your bag. I’m a big Coach fan but I hate most of the ones plastered with the logo. Most of mine are all plain leather or patchwork ones. The ones I do have that have the logo were all my mom’s (I got all her bags after she passed away last summer).

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    1. Aw sorry about your mom. I guess her purses are good mementos of her even if they’re covered in logos. I got a Guess purse for Christmas from my MIL one year, bless her – it was COVERED in “G’s” ugh… I only wear it when I’m going to her place. 😉
      I’ve been wanting one of the pleated leather style purses and Coach was the first place I saw where it was affordable, like this:


    1. Haha, just think of your poor poor shoulder, carrying all that weight around! I wish I could carry even LESS but I worry I might need something while I’m not at home. The worst would be if I forgot my lipbalm – ugh! That would warrant a visit to the drugstore pronto! 😛

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  4. It’s always fun to see what other people carry. I would have to agree with you– you travel pretty light compared to others! I have a bad habit of accumulating a bunch of lip products in my bag at the end of the week. 😅

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    1. I’ve seen that in other people’s bags! I can’t manage more than MAYBE 3 products in there before I need to declutter. Have you don’t a What’s in my bag post yet? If not, I’d be interested in seeing it!


    1. Oh I love the lip shimmers! I own a bunch of them. But yeah, in general I’ve not loved most Burt’s Bees products. I used that almond hand cream before and it is awful – greasy and it doesn’t SMELL like almonds once applied to the skin – so weird! I also don’t like the Burt’s Bees classic beeswax lipbalm – I find it really dry and difficult to apply from the tube to the lips. I’d say these lip shimmers are my favourite things from the brand, actually!


  5. Love these posts.
    Your bag is in such good condition despite being 6 years old! My hand bags tend to get tatty very quickly because I’m quite careless with them.
    For some reason I expected you to have more makeup stuff in your bag…but it’s sensible that you only have essentials.

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    1. I actually don’t touch up my makeup through the day. Mostly just a bit of blotting and of course the lips. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would need to lug blush or eye shadow around with them… once I apply them in the morning, that’s it!

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  6. I had an iphone for a few months and wasn’t impressed either :-/ I can’t imagine not having a car though! Or living somewhere that I could walk anywhere I want to go… it seems loud to me and overwhelming.

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  7. I love that you carry a USB in your purse filled with knitting patterns! I wish I could knit. I’m a crocheter, and although I don’t carry my patterns with me, I’m all about crocheting once the temperature dips

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    1. I was a crocheting fiend as a child but switched to knitting when I got older. Once, I went on vacation to Cuba and took knitting project with me (a pair of socks) so I could knit by the pool side at the resort. My SO thought I was weird until he spotted a few other ladies also with knitting projects lol!


  8. I love your bag!
    I agree, the bigger the wallet as you age. Lol! But my wallets are usually brown, brown and brown. So far, no trouble on finding it since it’s always heavy because of the coins.
    I also have an umbrella (because of our bipolar weather) a hand cream and a sanitizer. Pen and tissue paper is also present. And lots of candiesg. I ate it when I’m bored.
    Oh, I would love to do the same since I saw Joy’s. But I guess I have to start with the makeup pouch. It’s much more interesting, I think. 🙂

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    1. Yes, please do your makeup pouch! 🙂
      It seems a lot of people keep hand sanitizer in their purses, I think I should do the same!
      I hardly ever keep food in my purse but I have a TON of candies in my desk at work… I’m known among my coworkers for all of my sweets. 😛

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      1. Haha! I know you! Your this person that everyone in the office stops by leans on your table and asks, “do you have some candies?” 😀
        A hand sanitizer always comes on a rescue so I always keep it wherever I go.
        Yes! Makeup pouch will happend the soonest! 🙂

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  9. This is on my to do list of posts to do, I meant to do it in September…but never got around to it.
    I’m just like you, my wallets normally HAVE to be colourful, but the wallet I carry around now is a black Fossil one that I bought this summer. It hit me AFTER I bought it that it was just…black… T.T
    Also, I’m pretty convinced you’re actually a spy.

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    1. You can link back to my post when you finally get around to doing yours! 😛
      Why would you ever buy a black wallet from FOSSIL of all brands? They’re KNOWN for their colourful stuff – you so silly!
      I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations of espionage. 😉

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  10. I’m super impressed that you only have two lip products in your bag. Teach me your ways! I’ve been itching to find a good gray bag but so far I haven’t found one that I’m in love with.
    This is a really fun post!

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  11. I Saw the Styled with Joy post too and I was Hmmmmm, should I do a post of what’s in my bag? Then I thought …. OMG, I have the worst stuff ever in there. Here’s my 3 emergency tampons, here are all the receipts, traffic tickets, etc that I am hiding from my husband, here’s my to do list (note nothing is done), some mints rolling around the bottom in case of emergency. It would be so sad. Not a very glamorous collection of goodies in my bag. OLOLOL

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  12. I’ve been planning to do one of these posts for a while now! I’m loving your wallet, mine is boring black with some studs 🙂 I feel like my bag has lots of crap in it that I don’t need every day though… So you’re doing much better than me!

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  13. When I saw the two phones I instantly thought oh, she was also given a blackberry for work…but the iPhone is for work! That’s too funny. I used to love my blackberry back in the day, but I am now using the Sony Experia Z3 and I love it. I hate iPhones to be honest. My boyfriend got one for work as well, and we tested it out and I am just not a fan. I love my android phones. I think it’s really cool that you guys use the subway or walk. I have a transit pass for Vancouver but the Vancouver transit is nowhere near as good as Toronto or Montreal’s transit. I grew up without a vehicle though, so I am used to getting around by foot. I actually prefer it. I have recently learned to drive and I get made fun of by everyone for not doing it sooner, but truthfully, I just haven’t needed it!

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    1. I love the tactile keyboard! What other phones can you type without actually looking down? This is very handy to walk and text at the same time! But I will admit the Blackberry software is the pits. I can’t wait to upgrade to the Android OS once my plan expires.
      Driving is totally overrated! We do own a car and it’s really more for emergencies or when we go visit my SO’s parents who live about 3 hrs away. Honestly, we use the car about twice a month.


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