Trash Stash: November to December 2017

Here’s a combined Trash Stash post for the last 2 months of 2017:

I forgot to take a group shot and was too lazy to take the items out of the bag for recycling. 😛

I initially felt that my steam dwindled a bit toward the end of the year to finish up products but once I started to list them out, I found that I did finish quite a few items in the last 2 months.  I decided to do a big post instead of separating into 2 posts, so grab a cup of hot tea. ☕


Diadermine PH5 Hydratant Protecteur Soin de Jour – €4.10 for 50ml
I was sent this by Joyce and it is a fantastic daytime cream! I was at first worried it wouldn’t be hydrating enough for the cooler months but this worked so well. It wears perfectly under makeup and keeps dry patches at bay.  It’s that ideal balance of deep hydration while not turning my face into a grease ball.  My skin did not break out or react negatively to this cream at all.  There is a moderate perfume-y fragrance but it doesn’t linger. I also really like the compact tube – sanitary and good for travel.  I checked what the sunscreen ingredient is in this and it turns out to be a mineral sunscreen: titanium dioxide. ❤ There’s no indication of what SPF factor it is though. If you live in France or other countries that sells the brand Diadermine, please give this affordable drugstore brand a try!
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Kibio Ki-Crème – $37 for 50ml
I also managed to use up my nighttime cream in December.  This provides great hydration due to the shea butter content but it does leave a bit of a shiny look to the skin. I did attempt to use this during the day but it pills up under foundation. The whole Kibio line was discontinued, sadly.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: No (discontinued)

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream – $70 for 15ml
As I mentioned in my recent HG post, if Shiseido ever discontinues this or reformulate it, there would be hell to pay!  😡  I’m sure many thousands of other loyal customers would feel the same. This deeply hydrates my under eye area, doesn’t cause milia, and I feel, has helped with fine lines. Also, this little jar lasts me at least 9 months since so little is needed with each application. This product is the holiest of grails! ❤
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

Pure + Simple Lactic Acid Plus 10% – $60.45 for 50ml
I got this for half price during the Pure + Simple skincare trade-in event last year. It’s a good AHA chemical exfoliant but it can sting the skin quite sharply – products don’t have to be painful to “show” that it’s working. I also think it’s overpriced for what it is. This product claims to not dehydrate the skin but I found it to be drying. I usually have to pair this with another serum, and only use it once a week.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: No

Elizabeth Grant Supreme Cell Vitality 3-in-1 Cleanser – $30 for 240ml
This was a Christmas gift from 2 years ago and I finally got around to using it. The scent of this product is probably my favourite thing about it – like a soft citrus with a hint of vanilla. It foams up nicely and is gentle on the skin.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Mandom Barrier Repair Concentrate Serum – $16 for 60g
This fantastic product is discontinued (of course!) but I managed to score one in April. I did a full review of it a while back.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: No (discontinued)

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater – $9 for 118ml
This is a cult favourite and it was good, but not mind-blowingly good. I didn’t find it as hydrating as other facial mists I’ve tried like MUJI High Moisture Toner or Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner.  Observation: I accidentally tasted this product (spraying with my mouth partly open, doh) and it tastes slightly sweet.  😳 No, I didn’t drink this to use it up!
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Lise Watier Magnifix Make-Up Fixative With White Tea – $26 for 115ml
This used to be my favourite makeup fixing spray until I found the Avon one. The smell of this is the biggest draw for me – I love tea scents! This glycerin-base spray doesn’t so much as sets my makeup as it gets rid of the powdery appearance on the skin. It does help to prolong the wear of my makeup slightly but not as well as other setting sprays on the market.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

Tony Moly I’m Real Purifying Seaweed Mask – $1.67 (12 for $20 deal)
Something in this mask caused my cheeks to turn quite pink and a spot of a hive appear on my forehead after I removed this. I read through the ingredients and nothing jumped out at me except for apple extract – maybe it had an exfoliating effect?
Stash worthiness: 5/10     Repurchase: No

Tony Moly I’m Real Nutrition Avocado Mask – $1.67 (12 for $20 deal)
In general, the Tony Moly masks are too short for my face but the face openings align well. The serum of this one had a good slime factor so it adhered well to my skin. There’s a bit of tingle with this mask which I wasn’t expecting. My skin felt plump and hydrated after using this. I also love the scent of this – reminds me a bit of an artificial almond smell rather than avocado though. This is my favourite of the Tony Moly masks that I’ve tried so far.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

Naisture Sweet Honey Mask Pack – $1.13
Got this from the pack of masks off Miss A. The sheet was a medium thickness, and fit nicely on my face (tiny bit short on my forehead) and there was a good amount of serum. I especially liked the soft honey scent and how soothing it felt on my skin. The next morning my skin felt supple and hydrated – just as the mask promised.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask – $1.13
This smelled nice and that’s all I can really say about it. I’ve tried enough of these Creme Shop masks to know that I’m not a fan of them – the material feels cheap and I haven’t experienced any results with any of the masks.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Tony Moly I’m Real Radiance Tomato Mask – $1.67 (12 for $20 deal)
I was afraid I wouldn’t love this one after buying 3 of them, blindly. This mask is probably the most raved about of all of the TM I’m Real line… and I’m not really sure why. There’s nothing remarkable about it. I didn’t find my skin showed any benefits and I didn’t wake up with radiant skin in the morning. Fear not, it doesn’t actually smell like tomatoes, more like soapy wilted salad. :/
Stash worthiness: 6/10     Repurchase: No

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Collagen Mask – $1.67 (12 for $20 deal)
The first noticeable thing about this mask is that it’s made of an unbleached material so it contains little speckles of dark particles (wood chips?) The fit was pretty good but the sheet itself is on the thicker side so it has a tendency to not stick completely to the skin. It contained a good amount of serum – there’s a soft floral scent to the serum which wasn’t offensive. My skin was smooth and plump in the morning.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Mediheal Platinum V-Life Essential Mask x5 – $12.99 for a box of 10
I took a risk buying a box of 10 at Winners and ended up loving this mask. It’s a shame that it’s impossible to find them again.  In my last Trash Stash, I vowed to finish up the box – I had 5 left and voila, I finished them all.  I reviewed this mask as part of my 30 Day Masking Challenge.
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Malibu Glitz Facial Mask in Pearl – $1.13
This is the fourth mask I’ve tried from this brand and while the others only scored 6/10, this one is better. Where the others irritated my eyes, this one didn’t. The material of this mask is really thin and the serum was soothing.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Hyaluronic Acid – $1.30 each
This mask is my favourite sheet mask that I’ve tried – it checks all the boxes for me: fit, amount of serum, and noticeable results. The more masks I try, the more they reinforce for me how much I love this one!
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

C.O. Bigelow Cinnamint Supreme 2X Lip Shine – $8 for 14g
This cinnamon flavour is too strong for my liking – I prefer the more mellow scent of Vanillamint. But the formula is stellar – see my rave review on all of the flavours here.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: No

H&M Overnight Lip Rescue – $10 for 8ml
If scented or flavoured lip treatment isn’t for you, this is a fantastic alternative to the C.O. Bigelow Supreme 2X Lip Shine. It has a thick formula that isn’t sticky and stays put through the night, and contains shea butter in the formula.  I should mention that both this and the C.O. Bigelow have a slanted applicator opening, which I find useful.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds – approx $1.60 for 100 count
A staple in my skincare routine. I like how these are lint-free and have a meshy exfoliating side.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

MUJI Cut Cotton White – $3.50 for a pack of 165 pcs
Detailed review here where I compare it to Shiseido’s crack cotton. It’s a dupe!
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

The Face Shop Konjac Cleaning Puff – $4
My favourite konjac sponge and still the best price. It’s got a soft squishy texture when wet that is super gentle on the skin. I use this in the mornings in the shower with a foaming face wash.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Body Care

Nova Scotia Fisherman Original Lotion – $10.95 for 100ml
I hauled this here and intended to use this as hand cream but I found it too lightweight for that purpose. I used it up as body lotion but 100ml doesn’t last very long.  I used up this tube in about 2 weeks. It’s a non-greasy and hydrating lotion that has a light shea scent.  Next time I need to get the larger size with the pump!
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

Dormer 211 Cream – $16 for 110ml
This is such a great no-frills moisturizer that I’ve bought on and off for years. I used to use this on my face but I found it to be a bit too thick so I ended up using it on my feet. I recommend this if you have super sensitive and dry skin. It’s fragrance-free and contains fairly basic ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid but it does contain mineral oil and petrolatum which some people don’t care for.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Soothing Lotion with Honey
I was skeptical about the claim that this provided lasting hydration. Now, I don’t know about 7 days since I shower daily, but, it does provide hydration all day.  Often, my skin feels itchy and tight by nighttime with other lotions so I have to reapply in the evenings but not with this one.  The honey scent is lovely too – soft and comforting. Sadly, I just learned that this is discontinued. Teach me to wait so long to use something!
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: No (can’t!)

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (Multi-Purpose Dry Oil) – $27 for 50ml
I love this stuff for my scalp during the cold, dry months. It’s not greasy at all but provides a great barrier to the winter air. But I use such a tiny amount each time that I was concerned my bottle would go rancid after having it for a few years so I decided to use this up on my body. It smells like a summer vacation so it has been great to counteract the nasty winter we’re having. o_O I always opt for the smaller bottle since I take so long to finish it, plus, I don’t like that the larger bottle has a spray nozzle – this one just has a hole to pour out the oil.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

The expiry has rubbed off but I think Sept 2018.

LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion – $9.95 for 90g
This is meant to bring a sense of calm as a nighttime routine but I used this up as my morning lotion! 😛  Normally lavender isn’t my favourite but the tonka adds a sweetness I like. This is a thicker consistency lotion so it does take some time for it to absorb into the skin. This small pot did not last me long – about 2 weeks only. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t eat my body lotion, I just like to apply a liberal amount, sometimes twice daily. 🙂
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Kiehl’s Richly Hydrating Hand Cream in Coriander – $20 for 75ml
I enjoy this hand cream mainly for its scent. The product itself can be slightly emollient so I can only use this at night. It’s expensive for what it is too. This tube lasted me about 3 months.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream – $10 for 30ml
I haven’t tried TBS hand creams before and was worried it would be a greasy mess but this actually has a whipped / sorbet like texture and feels quite lightweight. When massaging into the skin though, it becomes quite thin and feels like dry oil but doesn’t absorb well into the skin. I didn’t feel my hands were well moisturized when I used this. I ended up using this on my feet at night. The rose scent was lovely though – soft and authentic.
Stash worthiness: 5/10     Repurchase: No

Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap in Sunshine & Lemons (LE) and Peach Bellini – $6.50 for 259ml
Lemon and peach scents are our go-to for both hand soaps and Wallflowers.  😛 I guess we’re creatures of habit.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Bath & Body Works Wallflower in Vanilla Snowflake and Hot Cocoa & Cream Refills – $6.50 each
I don’t have the Hot Cocoa one to show because the SO hated it so much that it was sealed in a bag and tossed after only a week of usage. He really dislikes sweet baked type of fragrances like cookies or cakes.  I personally liked it.  😛  The Vanilla Snowflake is a seasonal scent that contains a lovely blend of vanilla, Fir, mint and coconut.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: No (both LE)

Hair Care

Garnier Fructis Style Hold & Flex Ultimate Control Spray – $9 for 281ml
Great hair spray for a natural hold. I wouldn’t say it’s “ultimate” since it doesn’t hold down my fly-aways (especially those pesky ones at the crown from new growth) as well as Tresemme does. I did really like how un-hair spray-like it looks in my hair and it does tame frizz.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo in Tokyo – $11 for 200ml
This is my favourite dry shampoo for its effectiveness in getting rid of both limp, greasy looking hair, and for not adding white cast to my dark hair.  The Tokyo scent is described as having an “oriental scent” which is to say it’s musky – I’m not too keen on it.  My favourite scent is the Rio which is the tropical scent in the teal colour can.  I think COLAB has revamped the line to remove the city names in favour of the scent descriptions ie exotic, fresh, fruity, tropical, etc.  I’m glad this brand is more readily available now!
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

LaCoupe Fragrance Free Gentle Shampoo – $6 for ml
I love this shampoo so much! I was set to not like it because it’s unscented which usually means it smells weird chemically but it turned out to smell like oatmeal. This cleans my hair so well but without striping it. Unfortunately, I hardly see LaCoupe products sold around here any more.  I actually bought this bottle a while back from Honest Ed’s, which is now sadly closed.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Nizoral Ketoconazole 2% Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – $18 for 120ml
This isn’t sexy but it’s an effective treatment for my dry, itchy scalp! It’s pricey but I only need about a tbsp each use as I concentrate it at my temples and crown. The smell is very medicinal so I always supplement with a nice smelling shampoo / conditioner.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Curl Keeper Original – $46 for 1L
It wouldn’t be a proper Trash Stash without the appearance of bottle of Curl Keeper!  😀 This is a giant bottle that I bought during a BOGO deal.  This stuff makes my wavy hair behave and look like I spent a lot of time styling it when in fact, I just apply about 2 tbsp of this on towel-dried hair, and blow dry my hair with a diffuser – that’s it.
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist – $24 for 151g
This is nice finishing spray to add a bit of shine but it doesn’t do much else. I like that it’s weightless and smells amazing! But it’s pricey for something that isn’t a must-have in my hair styling routine.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: Maybe


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – $30 for 8ml
This is a very hyped product so I had high expectations. But what a letdown! The formula is so dry that I can’t build up onto the lashes properly. Sometimes I have to layer 3 times to get the desired look. It also flakes throughout the day and smudges under my eyes. Definitely NOT better than sex! o_O
Stash worthiness: 4/10     Repurchase: No

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara – $15
This is the so-called Dupe to the above and I have to disagree – it’s WAY better than Better Than Sex! 😉 It’s a slightly wetter formula relative to the TF, so it’s able to build length and volume. There’s a tiny bit of flaking with this mascara but no smudging on me. I almost want to say that this is the closest L’Oreal mascara to the performance of the L’Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara (my long discontinued HG mascara), except that it doesn’t provide as much length as that mascara. The hype is real on this one – I highly recommend it!
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes


Yves Rocher Néo-Smoky Mascara – $20
This is a great mascara but with a stupid wand. There’s a little paddle at the tip of the bristles which is meant to get into the roots of the lashes and acts as an eyeliner. In theory, it’s a neat idea, but in reality, the tip gets mascara all over my face – on the bridge of my nose, my brow bone, my temple… I ended up snipping the tip off.


The mascara itself is a great formula though – it holds a curl, doesn’t smudge or clump, and gives a defined look. It reminds me a bit of CoverGirl Clump Crusher in its performance. I grabbed this for $5 and would consider repurchasing if the price is right.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Avon Mega Effects Mascara – $12 for 9g
Ah, this super weird mascara! It breaks all the rules of what a traditional mascara wand looks like. And it actually has some benefits – the wand does catch all the lashes in one sweep and lifts them up.  I found the shape to be slightly too curved for my eye shape so I did end up with smudges on my lids.

The formula is quite good – keeps the lashes curled and doesn’t smudge or flake. It’s a more lengthening formula than volumizing. Where this mascara fails me is that some ingredient in it irritated my eyes and made my eyeballs sting – I managed to use this for a week but it was too painful to continue.
Stash worthiness: 6/10     Repurchase: No

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation in #02 Beige Clair – $69 for 30ml
This is the original version of the foundation before they reformulated / repackaged it (the new Lingerie de Peau is now “Natural Perfection Skin-Fusion” and in a round bottle). A natural looking, medium coverage foundation that’s more suited for normal to dry skin types – I reserve this for cooler months because it doesn’t have good oil control. The texture is fairly liquid but I liked applying this foundation with a brush rather than a sponge – the brush provided more coverage and helped it to look smoother on the skin. I liked how this looked on my skin – not at all mask-like, and wore evenly through the day.  The bottle is very luxurious – it is made of a thick-walled glass that feels weighty, and has as pump – but the tapered base meant that it had a tendency to tip over if I’m not paying attention when setting it down (often). There is a perfume-y fragrance to this foundation that’s entirely unnecessary.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Maybe (the new formula)

Donginbi Red Ginseng Radiance Cushion BB SPF 50 PA+++ in #23 Calm Beige – ~$22.50 for 1 cartridge replacement
I did a whole rant about cushion foundations featuring this product here. I never did provide an official rating for this so I will say that the foundation is high quality and provides good hydration. There’s absolutely no oil control though, and lasting power isn’t good.
Stash worthiness: 5/10     Repurchase: No

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in Light – $32 for 7ml
I did a review on this. In sum: it’s brightening but find it not to provide enough coverage and it doesn’t last well through the day.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: No

NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base – $33 for 7ml
I’ve tried pretty much all the eye primers on the market and I dare say this is top 3 in terms of how long it keeps my eye shadows crease-free. My main gripe is the tube and doe-foot applicator – I know that I’m not getting all the product out, and it’s not as sanitary as a squeeze tube. This tube lasted me around 9 months of daily use which isn’t bad.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer – $60 for 30ml
I love this stuff! The jelly texture is so fun but more importantly, it does exactly what it claims to do. It hydrates my skin very well and eliminates flakes and dry spots. The jelly texture forms somewhat of a tacky film on my skin’s surface so foundation adheres better – kind of like a sticky nail polish base coat. Also, the packaging is outstanding with the inner flip lid to seal the product, and the little spoon to scoop out the jelly.  This product is the epitome of form and function!
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

Holika Holika Magic Pole Eyeliner 2X in 02 Brown – $19.50 for 1g
I had such high hopes for this! Look at the holographic packaging!  The awesome name! But it was one of the biggest letdowns of the year.  The formula is so dry – it tugs and skips on the skin. The little ball tipped end does absolutely nothing.

And the brown colour isn’t the deep rich brown as shown on the box, but a nasty reddish orange brown that looks horrendous as eye liner. I tried to use this for a week and threw it into the Trash Stash bag in disgust.  Stay away from this! I didn’t give this a 1 out of 10 because of the awesome packaging and the name… they certainly lured me in! 😛
Stash worthiness: 2/10     Repurchase: No


Sephora Classic Sponge Tip Shadow Applicator #27 x3
These have been my go-to liner smudger for my lower lash line for years. What sets these sponge tipped smudgers apart from others on the market is that they’re not as rubbery so they don’t push the product around, but actually blend. The sponges do degrade over time so these have hardened and split. As with most things that I love, it is discontinued. I do have a few more unused ones that I’ve stashed away.
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: No (can’t!)

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge – ¥100 in Japan but C$6.50 from Ebay, for 80ml
The one and only sponge cleanser that thoroughly removes foundation from blending sponges. This is how I keep even my white makeup sponges looking white, wash after wash. A tiny bit is all you need too.
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

AOA Wonder Blender in Black Teardrop – $1.13
This sponge is too dense and lifts off foundation when I’m bouncing it on my face to blend.  I bought a bunch of these sponges in the different colours and the black one has the hardest texture of them all – not sure why the dye colour would make that much of a difference.
Stash worthiness: 6/10     Repurchase: No

ASP Fine Grit Yellow Finishing Block – $1.20
My go-to nail buffer that’s cheap as chips! I always have this in my stash (shown here).
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

Quo Nail Polish Remover Pump – $5.49 for 175ml
This was a recommendation from Nicole of Pretty Ruff Life and it’s a great nail polish remover! It was effective and wasn’t stinky like most nail polish removers are. I also found it to be not overly drying on the nails, and it was still very effective. The only downside of this is the price – I can get a massive 1L bottle from Sally Beauty for about $8.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

Sample / Travel Size

Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer – I was able to get 4 uses out of this foil pack and I quite liked how it primes my lids to prevent creasing and even out skin tone (it’s tinted).

L’Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Mask – another of the samples I found in a magazine – this is the black one and it was a fairly standard clay type mask that dried to a hard crust. It had a perfume-y smell that didn’t match the “purifying” angle they were marketing this as.

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil EX – was nice and thick, has a slight herbal scent and cleaned my skin well – although it wasn’t stellar at removing eye makeup. I prefer MUJI’s and DHC’s cleansing oils over this.

Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel – I didn’t find this powder exfoliator to be as effective as the Farmacy New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains. The full size of the AmorePacific is $66 for 70g which is also more expensive than Farmacy’s ($40 for 100g). This sample was only good for 2 uses so I can’t say definitely what the long term effects would be.

Consonant Skincare HydrExtreme Serum – I love this lightweight hydrating serum – I have the full-sized bottle of this.

Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream – I used up a full size bottle of this recently. This little sample was good for an overnight away.

Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin – what a gimmicky product! I used it as per direction: before toweling off my skin after a shower, apply onto damp skin, then pat skin dry with towel. It felt weird to be putting lotion onto wet skin, and when I’m toweling dry, I’m basically wiping the moisturizer off? My skin wasn’t any more hydrated that regular body lotion. I also tried it on dry skin and it was the same result: left a slightly greasy film on the skin.

Consonant Skincare Intensive Therapy Hand Cream – my HG hand cream. I like keeping these travel sized tubes in my purse at all times. It’s unscented so I never feel like I’m offending anyone when I’m applying my hand cream on the subway.

Marcelle BB cream in Light / Medium – gives a light coverage that dries down to a silicone-y and fairly matte finish. It doesn’t smell great though – like a cheap waxy crayon.

Avene Cold Cream Body Lotion – Huh, I just realized this is a body lotion? I’d been using it on my SO’s face. 😳 It has an odd runny texture but does provide good hydration.

Thann Aromatic Woods Shower Gel – smells like lemongrass and musk – not terrible but not my favourite.

Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vial – this provides a temporary tightening effect on the skin while adding some radiance in the form of mica powder. It pills up badly under foundation though.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer – I liked this a lot. It helped to keep my skin hydrated and my foundation looking fresh. There is a slight coconut scent to this but it doesn’t linger. I would consider buying the full size of this.

REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate – doesn’t sting the skin much and works fine. I still prefer the Paula’s Choice 10% AHA though.

REN Micro Polish Cleanser – the granules are a bit large and somewhat sparse in this scrub – I prefer finer, more abundant granules.

Chantecaille Magnolia, Jasmine and Lily Healing Emulsion – I had another tube of this. It’s useless and smells awful, like inky mushrooms.

Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial – I got this in a set during last Sephora VIB sale. While this provided a nice addition of moisture on the skin, the strong perfume-y rose scent was overpowering. I wouldn’t purchase the full size of this.

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner – meh, these left a waxy feel on my hair.

Vichy Dercos Shampoo Frequent and Mineral Soft– these surprised me – they made my hair so soft and fluffy.  I didn’t even know that Vichy made shampoos – I would consider buying in a full size.

History of Whoo Whitening Lotion, Balancer, and Moisture Cream – I’m slowly becoming THAT person who applies 5 layers or lotion, essence, serum before I even apply my face moisturizer. 😆 But my skin seems to be happier for it!  I own the full size of both the Lotion and Balancer and I can’t wait to see the long term benefits from these Korean luxury products!

You made it to the end! ⭐ Since this is 2 months combined, my target of one empty per day should yield 61 items.  I ended up with 58 full-sized and 24 sample sized empties, for a total of 82, which is way more than I expected!  🙂 Have you tried any of the items I used up?  What have you used up lately?

I’ll be tallying all of my empties for 2017 soon to see if I’ve achieved my full year goal! 😀

57 thoughts on “Trash Stash: November to December 2017

  1. Ooh, wow, so many well-rated products in this massive Trash Stash!

    I had all these little comments to make but now that I finished reading, I can’t remember most of them.

    I used to buy that Dormer moisturizer, too! It was definitely a nice, no-frills moisturizer. I have certainly found better for my skin, but I feel like if you have a bit of eczema on the face, this one would help a lot.

    Thanks for reminding me to use up my Nuxe body oil…I redeemed SDM points for it a long time ago and for some dumb reason I’m trying to use up my Neutrogena sesame body oil, first.

    Awesome job using stuff up! You are the master!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I often forget my comments when reading a post, that’s why I open up Notepad on my laptop to write a running commentary as I read. Or else, my goldfish brain would forget! 😛

      I think the Nuxe oil lasts a while before it goes bad. I’ve had my bottle for at least 3 years and it was fresh like the first day I opened it. I don’t think Nuxe really markets it as all natural so it’s got to have some preservatives. Now you got me intrigued by that Neutrogena sesame body oil!


  2. You did good for 2 months! I think I used 70 total over the last three!

    I’m glad someone else finds the Tony Moly I’m Real line a bit underwhelming – half of them I have to wonder how they were different from the last!

    I’m pretty sure that’s the Mario Badescu facial mist I have in my cupboard, I’m yet to try, I just can’t get into that type of product!

    I hated Air Patrol from Benefit – I still have a deluxe sample of it to use up, it’s very cakey feeling IMO!

    That Holika Holika liner would have hooked me on packaging too, that colour is completely grim though, yuck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was surprised I like that Air Patrol primer – I use just the teeniest tiny bit, that’s why I was able get so many uses out of that foil. I think it was meant for single use. 😛

      I’ll likely not buy Tony Moly I’m Real masks again. It puzzles me why so many people love them.

      I didn’t used to use facial mists but I saw a beauty guru online explain that it’s helpful to have a moist face before applying serum in the mornings – especially serums with hyaluronic acid so that it gives the serum some moisture to grab onto. I tried it and the rest is history!

      The Holika Holika liner made me mad! What utter crap of a liner that was.


      1. It’s probably because skincare is so individualized, much like foundation. Everybody reacts differently so you can’t really depend on someone else’s recommendations completely. For example, the tomato mask you disliked in your post here worked wonders for me overnight! Gave me clear, glowy skin the next morning! One person’s “fail” is another person’s “Holy Grail” 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. So true! I do feel bad when I either rave about a product or slay it and then someone says it’s their HG or Fail. But you’re right, everyone’s skin is individual! 🙂


  3. Oh, it looks like wait for Stashy to like it for it to be discontinued 😐 Well done on finishing so many mascaras at once, it takes me ages to finish make up items. I really have to try Nars eye base when I run out of what I have as it sounds promising.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it’s the story of my life – all my favourites get discontinued.
      I don’t like keeping mascaras around too long. I find the optimal point for a mascara is about a month after I’ve opened it, then it’s all downhill from there.
      The Nars eye primer is really good – I just wished it was a in a squeeze tube instead!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You finished up so much over two months! Wowie!
    I laughed at your comment about the taste of the facial spray. That sort of thing has happened to me as well – most recently with the Argireline serum, it is runny and it ran into my mouth. Yuck, it is not a nice taste, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, glad I wasn’t the only one spraying stuff onto my face with my mouth open – dur! 😮 I was surprised it tasted nice – most of them taste soapy or even salty! (can you tell it’s not the first time that’s happened?)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Whooaaa so many empties! Are you SURE you don’t eat any of these? Hehe.

    I 100% agree with your thoughts on the TBS hand lotions – the formula is thin and not hydrating at all. To be honest, I find that scentless lotions tend to be the most moisturizing…but they’re scentless and boring 😦 haha

    The Tony Moly tomato mask seems to be the most popular mask in their line, yet I haven’t heard great reviews about it! The Sweet Honey mask sounds so nice, though. I am so bad at remembering to use face masks!

    What the heck is that Yves Rocher mascara wand?! It looks like it has men’s quiff hairstyle!

    Yes, the TF Better than Sex is so flaky and smudgy! I didn’t find it too dry to work with, but the Lash Paradise is definitely a good replacement for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought I got an old TBS hand cream or something – good to know it’s not just my tube. I just cracked open TBS Hemp hand cream because it’s always so highly rated – that stuff smells NASTY!

      I’m similar with unscented hair products – I like something (nicely) scented for both hair and body! Otherwise they are boring….zzzz

      LOL that Yves Rocher mascara is like a little paddle with a point – felt like silicone rubber. SO useless!

      Your comparison of the TF BTS and L’Oreal LP mascaras is spot on!


    1. Even before I got into blogging, empties were my favourite (along with hauls, of course!) because I think only after you’ve finished the whole thing, can you form a really good opinion about a product. I tend to skip those first impressions types of reviews…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. You used up so much! I’m impressed you use a body lotion twice a day. I have so many in my collection I’m forcing myself to moisturise twice a week, as I can leave it weeks🙈 The Tony Moly Avocado mask sounds good☺ Your SO doesn’t love Bath & Body Works Cocoa and Cream scent! I bought myself a candle in that scent and gifted my family candles in that scent too I love it😊 I agree about The Better Than Sex mascara it sucks. My lashes were such a clumpy mess I binned the mascara. I have to say the Yves Rocher mascara looks much better once you snipped the end off😂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well you use up shower gel WAY faster than any human I know! I tried the last couple of weeks to use a LOT of shower gel but I still can’t manage to finish it! I don’t know how you do it. 😛

      I was very sad that my SO did not care for the Hot Cocoa & Cream scent! I thought it was so warm and inviting and not too strongly scented.

      At first I was going to toss the Yves Rocher mascara but I quite liked the formula – nothing a pair of cuticle scissors can’t fix! 😉


      1. 😂😂 I do! It’s a family thing as my mum uses at least two a week haha. It is a lovely scent but then not everyone likes baked good kinda scents. My grandad hates me using candles/shower gels etc that smell of chocolare😂 Well it looked much better! I can see how that end bit would just get mascara on your eye lids etc x


  7. You should try the other Mario Badescu face sprays. The green aloe one is nice and they just cane out with the purple lavender & chamomile one (I got one recently but only used it a couple times so far… love the smell though).

    I’ve gone through 2 full size tubes of the Too Faced Hangover Primer. So yeah I like it pretty well. I want to get a new once I deplete some of my current primer stash.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the other Mario Badescu sprays – I’ll check them out since they’re so affordable.

      I was surprised how much I liked that Too Faced Hangover Primer – I was worried it would make my face an oil slick.


  8. I haven’t used the Hyaluronic Acid mask you sent me yet, your 10/10 rating has made me excited for when I do!
    The H&M lip rescue sounds good 🙂
    The Kiehl’s Coriander scent sounds unusual. How would you describe it? I don’t think I’ve seen that Wild Rose hand cream from TBS before and I’m surprised since I try to keep up to date with their products and ranges 😛
    Better Than Sex seems to divide bloggers. If I saw a sample size mascara for a reasonable price I’d try it but the negative reviews seem as common as the positive. I do want to try the L’oreal ‘dupe’ though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you’ll like the mask! Have you tried sheet masks before? If not, this would be a lovely way to try them out for the first time!

      I would describe the Coriander scent to be grass-y with a touch of citrus. I wouldn’t call it a literal translation of the herb coriander.

      The Wild Rose hand cream might have been a limited edition. I see on their site now they only have the British Rose – not sure if they’re similar.

      I bought that Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara as part of a kit which included a lip gloss and it was on clearance – otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it full price. I don’t like to spend too much on mascaras! Definitely try the L’Oreal – it is really worth the money.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve tried one of the snail ones from the same brand.

        The Coriander scent sounds nice 🙂

        I haven’t tried anything with a rose scent from TBS but if the products smell like real roses I think I’d like it, the scent at least 😛

        I don’t even think the L’Oreal mascara is out here yet. Maybe we won’t get it?!

        Liked by 1 person

  9. I think I may have seen Diadermine products somewhere… now I’m trying to remember whether I’ve seen them at a local bargain store or somewhere abroad…

    That Shiseido eye cream sounds wonderful!

    Good to hear the Mario Badescu face mist tastes sweet! 😀 I sprayed some of my hyaluronic acid face mist into my mouth (yes, by accident) – it tasted like Play-Doh…

    Sorry to hear about the discontinued Garnier honey body lotion. Those morons at Garnier… seriously… what are they thinking?! Sorry to hear about the discontinued spongey applicators. And the barrier serum…

    The Mediheal masks sound awesome!

    I’ve retired a cellulose sponge yesterday, and I decided to use a konjac sponge again. This morning I tried one of the Primark sponges – and it was awesome. I need to stock up on those Primark sponges (they’re £1.50).

    I didn’t know Mr Stashy disliked sweet bakery scents! That’s a shocker! I mean… why… how… why?

    I like that Yves Rocher and Avon came up with new ideas for mascaras. But too bad they’re not working for everyone.

    That Holika Holika eyeliner looks plain awful. Who thought it would be a good idea to sell this cr@p?

    The Chantecaille healing emulsion sounds disgusting AND like a new idea for a Comme des Garcons fragrance! 😀

    And one more thing… congratulations! You finished an incredible number of products – again! I. Am. In. Awe. You’re my hero!

    So far in 2018 I’ve finished 6 products: 1 shower gel, 1 face wash, 1 hyaluronic acid face mist, 1 fragrance, 1 face mask and 1 lip balm. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, what a thorough comment! 😀

      Yes if you’ve seen Diadermine products – do give them a try. I only tried this product so far and I also received a night cream which is unused for now.

      I was all set to repurchase that Garnier body lotion and the first site I came across stated “discontinued” in big grey letters. 😦

      What a great find at Primark – you know that konjac sponges have become mainstream when even they’re started carrying it! 😉

      Hahaha “Comme des Garcons introduces Les champignons à encre, a unisex scent for those who prefer to remain single” 😆

      I’m in the midst of tallying my annual count and doing some comparisons with my 2 previous years – some interesting stats!

      Awesome job on finishing so many things already and we’re only on the 10th day! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I think this is the Trash Stash that I have enjoyed most out of the ones that I have read 😛 A really good mix of products and as always, you did really well!

    That Holika Holika eyeliner really does look horrendous. The colour looks so dodgy lol I remember I once bought an eyeliner in Hong Kong (I can’t even remember the brand name but it was a Japanese brand) and it was absolutely useless. No staying power and colour pay-off was weak. Needless to say, I chucked it in the bin after like a week. 😁

    Ha, the TF Better Than Sex mascara seems like a love it/hate it type of product. I don’t think I’ll ever get round to buying it just cos I don’t believe in spending $$$ for mascaras. I am interested in getting its ‘dupe’ though – not sure when as I have 3 new, unopened mascaras queued. I DO want to try their hydrating primer though which I think is more realistic, seeing as I am finishing up 2 primers at the moment. 🙂

    Hmm, the Tonymoly I’m Real masks seem to be a mixed bag too – either really average or quite good. I have tried their Broccoli one only so far and thought it was really average, and no real effects the next day! I have one more to try and hopefully it fares better (forgotten which one it is).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was surprised how many products there were and many of them scored pretty well.

      I was so bummed about that Holika Holika liner and it wasn’t cheap either!

      Normally I don’t like spending more than $10 for mascara but I have been curious about that TF BTS for ages. I say stick to your less expensive ones!

      I don’t think I’ll be getting any more of those Tony Moly masks – I’ll give their other lines a try possibly if there’s a deal. I heard Innisfree masks are good – have you tried them?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely give their other lines a try! Tonymoly’s Snail Essence Hydrogel Mask Line (I think this is the name) is awesome and probably one of my all-time-favourites albeit pricey. The mask is split into two halves which is quite nice too.

        I haven’t tried the Innisfree masks. Those are next! I have only tried Innisfree’s capsule masks which are masks inside a little pot that have a gel-like form but they seem to be not talked about. I thought they were alright, nothing to write home about.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Can’t wait to see the new scents for the Bath and Body Works soap! Peach Bellini is one I always grab. Is the Daiso sponge cleaner liquid in consistency? I purchased one (different packaging and possibly different formulation) and had to use quite a bit to thoroughly clean one sponge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Daiso sponge cleaner isn’t too liquidy – I would say similar consistency to Dawn liquid dish detergent. You’d mentioned that they repackaged the Daiso cleanser? Not sure if they reformulated it… ugh, why would they mess with a good thing! I honestly use a few drops and my whole blending sponge is clean!


  12. I knew I’d need a coffee and snack while reading this post! Haha! So many empties! Great job!

    I just got on the WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream and I LOVE IT!!! I literally was thinking “what the hell was I doing before”! It’s really great! Please Please Shiseido, never change this formula!

    Also, who knew H&M would have a good beauty product! Most reviews of their makeup is pretty negative but the lip rescue sounds so good! Currently I’m using a Nova Scotia Fisherman extreme lip care which works for me but I love lip balms for winter rescue.

    There are some weird mascaras in the empties collection too! The Yves Rocher one probably wouldn’t work for me, my eyes are really round so I can imagine that paddle poking me somehow. The Avon Mascara is equally strange but I’m surprised that you found it worked! I guess it is good technology, just too bad the ingredients irritated you.

    I’m excited to see what the final tally is for 2017!

    Also, I think this was in an empties post you had a while ago, but I picked up the Physicians Formula Brush liner – The 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum. Wow! So good! I like it better than the Kat Von D Tattoo liners (and I love those). The formula on the Physicians Formula is way better and also it’s so much cheaper! So thank you for introducing it to me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad that you’re now part of the Shiseido WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream Club! ❤ It is perfection in an eye cream! I've been using it for around 7 years now and I seriously attribute it to keeping my under eye area smooth.

      Yes those mascaras are odd but I'm always game to test something new – I mean, innovation has to start somewhere, right? 😛

      And yay, another product that you ended up liking! (We must have similar tastes) The Physicians Formula pen liner is such a great drugstore gem. I always wait for those 40-50% off Physicians Formula sales to stock up.


  13. That’s a lot of product over two months – good job!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Quo polish remover! I do wish it wasn’t so expensive but I try to pick it up on sale and then get the bigger bottle and refill the pump bottle with that. I don’t go through a ton of polish remover though.

    I’m going to have to give that Tony Moly Avocodo mask a try; I recently tried Sephora’s Avocado Sheet Mask (I love their avocado sleeping mask) and I absolutely loved it, it totally transformed my skin.

    OMG I’d get in so much trouble with that Avon mascara, I could totally see me taking an eye out with that thing (I almost do so with regular mascara wands). That looks like a paint scraper or something!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I didn’t know the Quo polish remover comes in a larger non-pump bottle – I’ll have to check it out!

      I’m going to have to remember to try other skincare with avocado – that must be some magical ingredient!

      Haha yes that Avon mascara can be used as a weapon. 😆


  14. That was one massive trash stash *handcLap emoji*

    Two years ago I forgot to bring any makeup remover whiLe traveLing, and after Lots of body gestures and a GoogLe TransLate session at the nearest drugstore, a SA handed me a pack of Diadermine makeup remover wipes and ushered me to the cashier ^^; I wish I had bought two more packs to bring home.

    And the Last time I went to Japan, Barrier Repair has been rebranding and use ‘rice milk’ as their star ingredient. I think I bought a pack of their sheet masks…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish the brand Diadermine was available here. Let’s hope that we can spread the word and it will become massively popular! 😆

      I’ll have to check out the Mandom Barrier Repair masks!


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