30 Day Masking Challenge

No one gave me this challenge but I just decided to do it out of curiosity. Would using a mask every single day truly help my skin?

I focused on using single-use sheet or clay masks for the whole month of June.  [warning: long post]

A couple points to note first: I have a large face / head. It’s not a self deprecating comment, it’s a fact! So sheet masks that I complain about being small, maybe in fact, be fine for regular-sized face folks. 😉

I used all of these masks at night only, after my routine skincare of cleansing oil, micellar water, and toner. I did not use any serum or other face treatments except for BHA for spots.  Here goes, masking every day for 30 days straight:

Date: June 1
Brand: Dermactin-TS
Mask: Skin Firming Facial Sheet Mask
Price: $3          Source: Sally Beauty Supply
Comments: Surprised it’s a 2 piece mask (top and bottom), medium thickness paper, serum is watery and mask doesn’t stick on well. Has a light floral scent. Interesting to see the 3rd ingredient is Arbutin. Got hives on cheeks and forehead after 15 mins. Skin looked slightly brightened in the morning.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 2
Brand: It’s Skin
Mask: High-Nutrition Avocado
Price: $2          Source: I don’t remember!
Comments: Shape is too wide and too short for my face. Smells like a fruit smoothie. The serum is milky and has a good amount (drips). Serum absorbed quickly – noticed the 2nd ingredient is glycerin while the 4th is alcohol. The next morning my skin was quite dehydrated and had scaly dry patches on forehead and cheeks.
Stash Worthiness: 3/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 3
Brand: Simply Aqua
Mask: Moisture Mask
Price: $1 USD      Source: Sasa.com
Comments: I’ve had this since 2014 – I know this because I bought this off Sasa.com and I haven’t placed an order from them since then! 😛 This is one of my all time favourite masks – it’s a thin mask that adheres and fits well on my face. It’s drenched in serum that smells like kiwis or some other tropical fruit. The mask comes on a plastic film backing which makes it easier to unfold. The first ingredient is Sodium Hyaluronate (aka Hyaluronic acid), and this thing is only $1 USD!
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 4
Brand: Life Brand
Mask: Anti-aging Facial Sheet Mask with Caviar & Pearl Powder
Price: $1.67       Source: Shoppers Drug Mart
Comments: These are good basic sheet masks that are readily available and quite inexpensive (3 for $5). The paper is on the thick side and the shape fits my face well. This one provides good hydration – glycerin is the 2nd ingredient. As for the caviar and pearl – they are indeed in the ingredient list, listed at #15 and #16 in a total of 31 ingredients.
Stash Worthiness: 8/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 5
Brand: Just Beyond Nature Garden
Mask: Firming by Lemon
Price: $2          Source: Sasa.com
Comments: The sheet is thinner so it molded to my face well. Like previous Beyond Nature masks, the mouth is too low for my face. I didn’t find there was sufficient amount of serum. It smells like synthetic lemons. Didn’t do much for the skin.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 6
Brand: Montagne Jeunesse
Mask: 2 Stage Rescue Mud Masque For Problem Prone Skin
Price: $1.50       Source: Saleevent.ca
Comments: This comes with 2 compartments: mask and moisturizer featuring tea tree and witch hazel. Initial application smelled very strong of mint but my skin didn’t burn or feel dried out. The pouch contained a lot of product – probably enough to do 2 full mask – next time I will use half and re-seal the pouch. I also really liked the post-mask face moisturizer that was included. Face was very smooth and the 2 blemishes I had were halted – the soreness had subsided and they weren’t as red. Very impressed this mask did what it claimed to do!
Stash Worthiness: 10/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 7
Brand: The Face Shop
Mask: Real Nature Rice
Price: $2       Source: The Face Shop store
Comments: Standard sheet mask. Thinner paper so it forms to face – openings aligns well to my face. Fourth ingredient is rice extract – mostly moisturizing – my skin was very smooth and soft the next day.
Stash Worthiness: 8/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 8
Brand: A’Pieu
Mask: Tangle Jelly Mask in Grape
Price: $4       Source: Jolse.com
Comments: Comes with a fabric mesh backing to help separate the mask (below). I was expecting this to be a hydrogel mask but it’s a thin cotton mask with a layer of cushy slimey serum coating on it. The serum is quite sticky so the face adheres extremely well to the face. I found the eye holes to be a bit low and small for my face.

Smells only faintly of grape (I want super grapey!) After removing the mask, there was an abundance of serum left on my face that it took another 15 mins to soak in but doesn’t feel sticky. The next morning my skin was super plumped and it temporarily erased my laugh lines (the bane of my existence).
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 9
Brand: Beauty Friends
Mask: Tomato Essence Mask
Price: gwp (reg $2)       Source: Jolse.com
Comments: This is my first ever tomato sheet mask and it smells like V8 juice! I guess, what was I expecting? The sheet is on the thicker side and it fits my face fine. The serum is watery and tingles slightly. There wasn’t much serum left on my skin when I took the mask off. My skin felt a bit dehydrated but exfoliated in the morning.
Stash Worthiness: 7/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 10
Brand: Malibu Glitz
Mask: Aloe Vera Mask
Price: $1.13       Source: ShopMissA.com
Comments: This was one of the Chinese-made masks that came as my “K-Beauty” bundle from MissA which I was annoyed about. Also annoying that this mask has technically expired in early April even though I only received it in late April.

It has a blue non-woven backing (below) since the mask is very thin (0.21mm similar to the Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask that I love). Mask has almost no scent.

Forehead too short and eye holes too low. Stayed on skin very well. Serum stung my eyes a little as it evaporated. Skin felt a bit more hydrated the next morning.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 11
Brand: The Face Shop
Mask: Real Nature White Tea
Price: $2       Source: The Face Shop store
Comments: Good standard mask, fits my face well. Good amount of serum. My face looked glowy and smooth in the morning.
Stash Worthiness: 8/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 12
Brand: 7th Heaven
Mask: Moroccan Clay Gentle Exfoliating Masque
Price: $1.50      Source: Saleevent.ca
Comments: This mask might have gone off because it was slightly separated in the packette, and it smelled like sour dirt and a tinge of rotten fruit. I looked on the packette to see if there was an expiry date but I couldn’t find one. I still went ahead and slathered it to my face! 😮 My SO smelled it on me and said it “literally smelled like poop and was the worst beauty product ever smelled” (he requested that I quote him verbatim on the blog). This contains crushed apricot seeds and argan shells but I didn’t exfoliate with it – I just applied it like a clay mask and rinsed off. Skin was quite tight after rinsing off and had some pink splotches on cheeks and forehead. My skin didn’t feel any different the next morning – for better or worse.
Stash Worthiness: 3/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 13
Brand: The Creme Shop
Mask: Collagen Face Mask
Price: $1.13      Source: ShopMissA.com
Comments: A basic mask – the paper is similar to the Life Brand ones on the thicker side. I found the forehead to be too short and the cut-outs slightly squished toward the center. There was a good amount of serum. I didn’t notice much improvement with my skin.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 14
Brand: Mediheal
Mask: Platinum V-Life Essential Mask
Price: $1.30      Source: Winners
Comments: I’ve used this before since I have a box of 10 masks. Now I have 8 left! I really like this mask – the material is very fine and fits my face well. There is a lot of serum which remains even after I remove the mask. In warmer weather, I could see myself skipping moisturizer altogether. My face was soft and hydrated in the morning.
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 15
Brand: Etude House
Mask: 0.2mm Snail Smoothening & Firming
Price: $1.30      Source: IBuyBeauti.com
Comments: I bought a bunch of these after loving the Hyaluronic Acid version. Fits my face extremely well and the paper is super thin. Serum is a milky type and slightly slimy. Woke up with 2 blemishes but I’m not sure if they can be attributed to the mask or the fact that I’ve been eating and drinking crap lately. 😛 The rest of my skin felt smooth.
Stash Worthiness: 7/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 16
Brand: Life Brand
Mask: Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid & Konjac
Price: $1.67      Source: Shoppers Drug Mart
Comments: Good basic sheet mask with thicker paper – shape fits my face well. Face was hydrated and calm in the morning.
Stash Worthiness: 8/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 17
Brand: Montagne Jeunesse
Mask: 2 Stage T-Zone Peel Off Face Masque
Price: $1.50      Source: Saleevent.ca
Comments: My first peeling off mask in years and I probably should have paid attention to the ingredients – it contains peppermint oil which does irritate my skin. It was strongly fragranced with the peppermint oil and also of tea tree oil. It’s a gooey formula to apply and challenging to rinse off my hands after application. On the skin, it stung slightly both from the alcohol and the peppermint – my face was a bit pink but not bad. The best part was the peeling – the mask came off so perfectly in one sheet! And my skin wasn’t irritated afterward – no hives at all (I was expecting some). My skin felt very soft and smooth. The moisturizer included is the same as the Rescue Mud Masque – I wished they sold that individually – it’s a great moisturizer!
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 18
Brand: Purederm
Mask: Grape Essence Mask
Price: gwp      Source: Korean grocery store
Comments: A thicker mask that fits on the small side for my face. There’s not much serum so the mask doesn’t adhere too well. The main positive aspect about this mask is that it smells like grape soda! My skin didn’t feel any different after using this.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 19
Brand: The Face Shop
Mask: Real Nature Aloe
Price: $2      Source: The Face Shop store
Comments: I use these Face Shop ones all the time but this particular aloe mask seems better than the others. The sheet feels thinner and adheres to my face better. And there’s a good amount of serum inside. The scent of this mask is probably my favourite out of them – smells like a cool cucumber mixed with honey green tea – very refreshing. My skin was very calm and soft afterwards.
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 20
Brand: LoveMore
Mask: My Melody Oil-free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask
Price: $3      Source: Sasa.com
Comments: This used to be my favourite sheet mask because of how well it fit my face. There’s a seam down the center of the mask so it creates a 3D shape once unfolded. The paper of the mask is on the thicker side, but I find that now with the new hydrogels and ulta thin masks, the issue of masks conforming to the face shape isn’t as big of a problem anymore.  But how cute is the packaging?!

I noted that this mask is made in Taiwan.  This mask has a lot of serum so I wore it for 30 minutes and there was still an excess left on the sheet. My face was very plumped and radiant the next day. I actually had a compliment on how my skin glowed!
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 21
Brand: Life Brand
Mask: Anti-aging Ultra Firming Mask
Price: $2      Source: Shoppers Drug Mart
Comments: This is a cream, rather than a clay based mask so it didn’t form a hard crust, it just obsorbed slightly into my skin. It smells faintly of raw bread dough… But it’s a fairly old mask in my stash so I’m sure once upon a time it smelled nicer. My skin felt mattified after I rinsed the mask off and in the morning there was a slight temporary tightening feeling.  Interestingly, this mask is made in the UK.
Stash Worthiness: 7/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 22
Brand: Nature Republic
Mask: Given by Nature Charcoal Mask Sheet
Price: $2      Source: Korean grocery store
Comments: I was expecting this to be a black mask but it was a standard white sheet. The size of this mask is one of the largest I’ve used which covered my face really well. The serum was quite watery though so the edges of the mask tend to unstick from my skin. I didn’t notice any difference with my skin after using this mask.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 23
Brand: Fruits & Passion
Mask: Vitamin B Hydrogel Mask
Price: $5      Source: Sears
Comments: This is a 2 piece hydrogel mask with an upper and lower portion and the mask pieces comes sandwiched between 2 sheets of clear film. I found it challenging to peel the hydrogel off the film so I fumbled around with them for a bit. There is nearly no serum in the pouch and I found the mask had a tendency to pop off my skin so I had to keep smooth it back on. There was a bit of tingling on my skin. The mask is actually a woven material embedded in hydrogel – when I took the mask off after using it, I tried to rip the material but I could not. After I removed the mask, my skin was basically dry so I didn’t have to wait for the serum to absorb. But in the morning my skin didn’t look or feel better – in fact, I had some bumps on my forehead.
Stash Worthiness: 3/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 24
Brand: Montagne Jeunesse
Mask: Dead Sea Rescue Mud Masque for Men
Price: $1.50      Source: Saleevent.ca
Comments: This package says it’s for a MAN but I ain’t letting them tell me I can’t use this mask! 😛 But I had an UH-OH moment when I slathered this on my face because as soon as it hit my skin, it started to sting. There are actual bits of orange peel in this mask – I’m really unsure of the skin benefits of adding orange peel to this. It did smell nice though, for a mud mask – like oranges. I only left this on for the bare minimum of 10 minutes and then rinsed it off. The bits of orange peel were difficult to rinse off. My skin felt slightly dry but quite smooth afterward. In the morning, my skin did look clear but felt a bit dehydrated.
Stash Worthiness: 7/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 25
Brand: The Creme Shop
Mask: Pink Grapefruit
Price: $1.13      Source: ShopMissA.com
Comments: Basic mask with a thicker paper. This one smells citrusy like Lemon Pledge. Alcohol is the 4th ingredient so it didn’t feel hydrating. It also contains sugar cane and sugar maple extracts quite high on the ingredient list, not sure what their purpose is. My skin didn’t feel any different after using this.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 26
Brand: Etude House
Mask: Brightening Up Skin Note Hydrogel Mask
Price: $5      Source: eBay
Comments: Similar to the Fruits & Passion hydrogel masks, this mask came in 2 pieces that were sandwiched between 2 plastic films as well. The difference was that this contained lots of serum so it was very slippery to peel the mask from the film.

The mask material has a milky white appearance. Applying onto the face was tricky too – imagine trying to handle cooked lasagna noodles without tearing them. This mask adhered very well to my skin like a second skin, making my face look almost android-like. Similar to the F&P one, embedded in the hydrogel is a mesh layer of woven fiber. After I took off the mask I tried to tear it and it did rip. Face felt soft in the morning.
Stash Worthiness: 7/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 27
Brand: Malibu Glitz
Mask: Chamomile
Price: $1.13      Source: ShopMissA.com
Comments: Another one of these made in China masks. Same as the Aloe one, the serum stung my eyes a little as it evaporated. Skin didn’t feel too different after using this. I’m still battling a bit of a rash on my forehead which isn’t from masking but allergies.
Stash Worthiness: 6/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 28
Brand: Skinlite
Mask: Relaxing and Calming Lavender Mask
Price: $1      Source: Sasa.com
Comments:  The packaging of this is so eye catching!  The mask itself fits nicely and the material is quite sheer and form fitting. There’s a slight smell of lavender but not too overpowering. There’s not a lot of serum in this and the mask dried out on my face rather quickly (less than 10 mins). Immediately after I removed the mask, I can see that I’ve developed a few hives on my temples and cheek area. The lavender extract (the 6th ingredient) in this mask didn’t agree with my skin.
Stash Worthiness: 2/10          Repurchase: No

Date: June 29
Brand: Stella Fiesta
Mask: Rose Oil Face Mask
Price: $1.30      Source: ShopMissA.com
Comments: This is a large mask that fits my face very well. The sheet is a medium thickness and contains a good amount of serum. The scent is a soft rose. My skin felt hydrated and calmed after using this. Surprised how much I liked this one – which is a good thing because I accidentally bought 2 of them.
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Date: June 30
Brand: Holika Holika
Mask: Gudetama Lazy & Easy All Kill Sheet
Price: $8      Source: Holika Holika store
Comments: I saved the fanciest for last! This is a 2 parter: face cleansing cloth + sheet mask. Of course the LE Gudetama design is super cute. The cleansing cloth is the most wet cleansing cloth I’ve ever tried. I used this in place of my normal oil cleansing and followed it up with micellar water and toner. It was effective in removing face and eye makeup but not good for waterproof liner / mascara – it also stung a bit when I got some in my eye (due to how wet it was).

The sheet mask is made of a thin material and soaked in gooey essence. The fit was superb for my face except a bit short on my fivehead. 😆 This 2 part set is pricey for what it is although it could be handy for travel.
Stash Worthiness: 9/10          Repurchase: Yes

Phew! That’s a lot of masks! Here are some general observations:

• Masking nightly is not cheap! I added up the cost of all of these masks: $65.75 in total and that’s including a couple that I got for free.

• Average rating was 6.93 out of 10, and I would repurchase 14 out of the 30 that I used.

• Although the masks didn’t prevent blemishes, I found they helped to heal my blemishes much faster. Also, I realized that it’s much more beneficial to keep my skin super hydrated when I have a breakout – I often have a tendency to dry out my skin in an attempt to dry out the blemishes.

• I never used to pay much attention to the ingredients in sheet masks but for this challenge I decided to read through them. Pretty much all the sheet masks have water and glycerin has the first 2 ingredients.

• Almost all of the sheet masks were made in Korea, save for the couple ones made in China, and one made in Taiwan; the clay / cream masks from Montagne Jeunesse / 7th Heaven were made in UK.

• Individual masks are quite excessive and wasteful. There is so much packaging and I’m still unsure why each mask contains essentially the equivalent of a full bottle of serum (25-30ml).

• After trying all of these masks, I’ve realized that I prefer thinner sheets containing gooey serum. 😀

• Since I did not exfoliate (chemical or physical) during this period, I noticed that my skin was starting to get congested. On July 1st, I did a gentle exfoliation on my skin and it felt so good!

I likely would not mask every night going forward (there were some nights I almost didn’t mask because I got home late or I was feeling super lazy) but I will try to mask more often than I used to. Instead of masking once a week, I will try to do it twice a week. 🙂

Have you tried any of the masks that I used? Are you a fan of face masks? How often do you mask?

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      1. YOU IZ EPIC …..
        Blow my mindz
        remember last year we were recording you before your birthday at this time
        just remembered xxx
        ur birthday is GONNA BE ….
        love you crazy pants


    1. I had several lazy nights – getting back from a baseball game or back from the bar… did NOT want to put a mask on but I did for the sake of science! 😛


  1. I’m personally not a big fan of sheet masks. I prefer those clay masks in tubs/tubes because I find them more practical. And they actually work a hell of a lot better. Also, I don’t think I could ever do this — put a mask on every single night! I salute you for being able to do this!

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    1. I was using tube clay masks for a bit but my skin is combination with dry cheeks so the clay masks dried out my skin too much. I might have to try multi-masking one of these days. I find wearing a mask to be quite relaxing. 🙂


  2. I did a mask a day in May. I used a mix of all kinds of mask because I have so many!! I think that my skin actually looked worse after using a mask for 30 straight days. I had to battle breakouts. I typically mask 3x per week. In the winter I use mostly sheet masks. In warmer weather I like clay masks better. Good post.

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    1. Oh no, sorry to hear your experience with using a mask nightly for 30 days straight didn’t yield positive results. Maybe too many active ingredients? I tend to stick with fairly “safe” masks – most of them are for hydration. I’m similar as you, in the summer I tend to go for clay masks. But I think my skin is happiest with lots of moisture.

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  3. Looove this! I’ve tried so many masks that I’ve got to write up, I could do a 30 day challenge too😂😂 I’ve been using around 2 sheet masks a week. But I find ones that aren’t S. Korean or Asian, mess my skin up! Love the Jelly mask you used, I used two by a different brand and loved them!☺ Also like the look of My Melody mask cute, Stella Fiesta Rose Mask and Holika Holika one xx

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    1. I had you in mind when I was writing up this blog post since you’ve been getting so many masks lately! 😛 I’m definitely buying more of those jelly masks – I have another one in my stash that’s mango. I love how moist they are and stick to the skin almost like glue. I tend to think the Asian ones contain mostly moisture and my skin drinks it up!

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      1. I have! I’ve got so many to try still😊 I really like them too. Such a odd texture but quite cooling and soothing I find. They are good for moisture! I used the best one the other day, it helped minimize my pores, brighten and moisturise. X

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  4. Wow! I love this post and totally will be referring to it when I next need to buy masks! I love that you did it every night, I can hardly make myself remember once a week! Now I’m inspired to mask more often though! 🙂

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    1. I’ve accumulated so many masks so I decided to use them up! I really did feel that they made a difference to my skin – it felt so pampered. At the very least, I’ll mask twice a week instead of once a week.


  5. Great post! I was thinking about doing masks every day as I mask 4-5 days a week and I saw many challenges (sheet mask a day), but always decided against it😊 and there are days when I feel so busy and tired that I realised only in bed I didn’t mask on my mask day😋 I usually use clay mask followed by hydrating mask (cream or gel version) 2x a week, 1 brightening mask and 1-2 sheet mask a week. I once tried using different wash off/peel off/clay masks every day for over a week but my skin got overstipped and more sensitive although it was very smooth I knew I needed some days off☺️

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    1. Yes, there were several of those days where I didn’t want to mask – it became a bit of a chore!
      I do tend to alternate but I just go by how my skin looks / feels that day so I didn’t have a strict schedule. Sometimes depending on what I’ve been eating or if I haven’t been sleeping well, my skin suffers!

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  6. I try to use a mask once a week, but I’ve been slagging off lately. With mud/clay masks, applying them with a flat foundation brush eliminates getting it all over your hands and rinsing the brush out after application is easy. Since I have oily/combo skin, I gravitate toward the masks that promise mattifying/anti-blemish results. I love the Sephora green tea sheet mask but it’s spendy at $6 a pop. It works though. I have one mask left in a 5 pack from The Creme Shop of their limited edition peppermint cocoa masks. I like those a lot. But they were limited edition for the holidays. And the classic Queen Helene Mint Julep mask also works great for me. I’ll even use it as a spot treatment on blemishes.

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    1. Oh and I have a mask I got at the Japan pavilion at Epcot that’s supposed to look like a cat face when you wear it. Haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. I’m going back to Epcot in a couple weeks so I might grab a couple more of those kooky things. They also had ones that look like a werewolf, vampire, dog, mummy… 😂

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    2. Actually, I did buy one of those flat masking brushes but I thought it wasted product?
      I got that Sephora Green Tea mask during the last VIB sale – I will have to test it out. That sucks The Creme shop has limited edition masks. Oooh yes Queen Helene mask is a classic! It’s too strong for me now – I used it when I was younger.

      By the way, I’m going to FINALLY order some MUG stuff and I’ll use your code! 😀

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  7. Wow, the amount of masks out there is pretty astounding. I think they have the ones from Montagne Jeunesse at my local Ulta, so I’ll have to try those. I remember receiving the caviar and pearl one from your giveaway (loved it!). And YES on saving the Gudetama one for last. I love everything from that Holika Holika line!

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    1. Definitely give those Montagne Jeunesse ones a try. I’m going to get more of them!
      I’m glad you liked the mask I sent! 😀 They’re my staples.
      I also got a Gudetama foaming cleaning oil – I will be trying that one SOON.


  8. Good write up! I am going to have to look for some of these as I use sheet masks multiple times per week and love new ones. One thing I want to point out is with some of the order of ingredients you cite. The rules regarding order of ingredients on Korean labels is NOT the same as US ingredient (and other Western) labels. If something is listed as the third ingredient on a Korean label, it does not mean the same thing as if it is listed as number three on the US label. US labels mean that it is the third largest component of the product. In Korea, being listed third could mean that you are a very small component of the largest ingredient. A K-Beauty blogger at Fanserviced-B researched this thoroughly and explains it much more thoroughly than I do! Her examples are super helpful in understanding it, too. http://www.fanserviced-b.com/south-korean-vs-u-s-cosmetic-ingredient-list-order-differences/

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    1. Thank you so much for advising about the listing order of K-beauty products! Very interesting read. I do wonder though, if regulations for items being sold in North American would compel them to adhere to local regulations? A lot of the masks I bought directly from Korea, which is fine to have the Korean way of labeling, but some of the “made in Korea” masks for branded for and only sold in the local market. For me, I’m less prone to get excited when the ingredients are so low on the list especially when the ingredient list is 20+ items long. I really only pay attention to the first 5 ingredients or so – unless it includes things that I know I react to! Thanks again! 🙂


  9. Wow, great challenge! I can’t believe you had the discipline to do a mask every day of the month – so dedicated!
    Can I clarify something? Other than your cleansing routine and BHA, you didn’t apply moisturizer or anything like that after using these sheet masks, right? Maybe that’s why I never detect much of a difference in regards to my skin regardless of what sheet mask I use – I apply my regular moisturizer after using the mask, so maybe that masks (no pun intended) the effects of the sheet mask. Honestly I’ve never used a mask with not enough serum before! The ones I’ve used are always DRENCHED in serum – it always seems rather excessive!
    Funny that I have the opposite problem from you – the sheet masks are often too big for my face! They need to start making child-sized masks, hehe.

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    1. Yes, I only used the serum in the mask as my moisturizer – that’s kind of why I waited until the warmer months to do this. I doubt in the winter time I could get away with this level of moisture. Maybe for your skin type, you will still need a light moisturizer. When I was using those 2 stage ones that had the moisturizer, I used that afterwards.
      Well everything about you is petite! 🙂 And hey, you may be onto something with child-sized masks! I remember seeing child-sized thongs and was aghast!

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      1. You’re right, the best time to test it is definitely during the summer! Also the second you apply the face mask on, the serum is so cooling…haha.
        It’s funny that you say the masks don’t always fit your face, because looking at you, you would never think that you have a big face or anything like that. Very strange! Child-sized THONGS? Umm, WHAT. In what situation would that ever be necessary? Ugh.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I carry my big head well. 😆
          I think someone at the corporate HQ at some apparel shop thought that perhaps daughters like to copy their moms, so why not the thong too? Just ridiculous!


  10. This is crazy!!! But woohhh.. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 I don’t know what my face would say if I mask everyday.. haha great job girl!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  11. WOW, you are awesome! I don’t think I would have been able to keep it up for 30 days :O

    I agree with you about the packaging. I like that there are individually packaged masks for trial and travel purposes, but it annoys me when there is not also a full-size or multi-pack available.

    I’m really intrigued by all the Montagne Jeunesse masks you tried, they sound perfect for my skin type (super duper oily). I mask just once a week, but I try to use the same mask for 1-2 months at a time to see if it makes a long term difference in my skin (unless, of course, it immediately makes my skin worse).

    Liked by 1 person

  12. You deserve a standing ovation for this!
    The Montagne Jeunesse Resque Mud sounds reaLLy good.. but the packaging creeps me out
    And I agree with you, individuaL masks are wastefuL! But I stiLL can’t resist those My Melody and Gudetama masks..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet your skin would do really well with those mud masks from Montagne Jeunesse – see if you can get them there! (maybe online?)
      Cute packaging gets me every time with masks – I’m just glad some of them are GOOD masks inside too!


  13. Great post lovely! I’ve got some inspiration for new masks to buy 😉 ! Personally, I think my skin would break out if I did masks this often (it’s crazy sensitive) but increasing my routine to two or three a week is a great idea!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have sensitive skin too but I mostly buy masks that focus more on moisture and don’t contain crazy ingredients. I think most people’s skin would benefit from more moisture! 🙂


  14. I’m going to have to hunt out those two step Montagne Juenesse ones – I don’t think I’ve seen them here, but given they’re made here, I should be able to find them… surely!
    That one from Sasa sounds great, I’m planning on making a sasa order in future so I’ll be making a note of that in my brain to pick up to try!
    I don’t think I could manage 30 days, I mask once-twice a week on average I’d say!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. A person with super sensitive skin probably wouldn’t have coped with a challenge like this, it would be hard to pinpoint the mask/ingredients causing the breakout or sensitivity 😛 Seeing the snail mask reminded me that I haven’t used any of the masks you sent me yet… oops! I really must do that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have sensitive skin and I was REALLY hesitant to try so many masks! I reacted only a few times and the effects were temporary. I try not to get masks with crazy ingredients – typically they’re more for moisture.
      I hope you enjoy those masks – I really like how thin they are!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I have tried a couple of samples of sleeping masks but I just feel like they’re just night moisturizers? I don’t understand why they’re called masks… to me, masks get rinsed off.


  16. I feel exhausted seeing all that masks *LOL* Well done on your unwavering commitment. The glycerin gives instant sensation of “extra smoothness”, it isn’t a surprising first 2 ingredients. I am just way too lazy to do mask daily.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Wow this post required so much effort!! When I was in Taiwan I sheetmasked every night, but I definitely didn’t write about every single one. Congratulations!! 🎊
    I have found that for me, masking every night reaaaaally helps my skin. But I’ve stopped due to time limitations during school these days and general laziness. I agree with your thought that the packaging is very wasteful, too. I’ve seriously considered not using anymore sheet masks and just use really good sleeping packs and essences. We shall see! I still use sheet masks occasionally these days but not nearly as often as I’d like. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You did a lot of in-depth sheet mask posts when you were in Taiwan, I was always in awe of your efforts! 😀
      I did buy a pack of LuLuLun masks that contain 7 sheet masks in one pouch that is resealable – it’d be good if more brands do that to reduce the packaging.
      There are also those DIY sheet masks where you soak in essence which might be a good option too! I’ve done those, but still… I find the prepacked sheet masks to be so convenient and effective! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess I did go a little crazy in Taiwan, haha. I loved those 7-packs!! Wish I’d brought back more. I agree, I think they’re still pretty effective for giving my skin a boost so I haven’t quit them just yet… 😆

        Liked by 1 person

  18. First of all…. OMG!

    I’m sorry to hear about the poop mask… yikes!

    I think it’s awesome that you have access to so many cheap face masks. Over here we’ve got Montagne Jeunesse (=7th Heaven) and a few relatively cheap drugstore own brands. But that’s about it. Yes, there are more expensive brands, but I wouldn’t pay £6 for a single use mask…

    I wish Montagne Jeunesse did mask+moisturiser packs over here too. We ‘only’ get the masks. And I’m really curious about that moisturiser!

    I agree that sheet masks are so wasteful. All that serum… Every time I use a sheet mask, I reseal the sachet and I use the leftover serum instead of my regular night cream for a few days… Why can’t they just sell the serum???

    My skin has trouble with certain natural ingredients as well. Peppermint = burning sensation + rash. I know there are many people who love the Original Source peppermint shower gel, but I’m scared just thinking of it! Anyway, I’m glad that your skin agreed with the MJ peel off mask.

    Oh, and I also have a fivehead!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. £6 per mask is outrageous! I picked up a couple of the Sephora single masks which are $8 – I think that’s too much for a regular mask (not hydro gel or some other fancy fibre).
      I’m not entirely sure if those 2 stage masks with the moisturizers are still available regularly! I might stock up more from that discount site since I had such success with them!
      Peppermint is usually a trigger for me, but I suppose a mask that I keep on for less than 15 mins isn’t as bad as something that stays on the skin. It’s honestly a gamble! I normally just get hives, not break outs.
      I keep hearing that large foreheads looks more youthful… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Great post! Super informative. I’ve been getting into masking lately so I’ll definitely have to stop by Shopper’s to check out the Life Brand stuff. I’ve also been browsing the Face Shop online so this gives me somewhere to start!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Life Brand stuff are solid – plus, they’re inexpensive and easily accessible. They came out some premium sheet masks recently – I’m going to get some to test out. Too bad you don’t have a Face Shop store there… yet! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  20. This is amazing! I have been trying to mask more often, but I don’t know how often I actually mask… I definitely try to mask at least once a week. But this month, I’ve only used one mask so far (and it’s July 16 now…). I’d love to try this challenge, but I feel like I’d get lazy after work and forget to mask. Unless a sleeping pack counts as masking? Then I might be able to do this haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should try this challenge. Masking is a relaxing activity and it forced me daily to have a nice zen moment for myself. 🙂
      I think sleeping masks are different in the experience since you apply it just like a night cream, there’s no relaxing…

      Liked by 1 person

  21. This was such an amazing post! How on earth you managed to cover all of those as well as you did, and so concisely too, is beyond me haha I definitely want to try a few of your highest scorers out though! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had a spreadsheet (are you surprised?) that I tracked on a daily basis – I noted down my thoughts right after I applied the mask (the fit and initial feel) and then after I removed the mask, and then the next day to note how my skin felt / looked! 😛
      Do you have any recommendations for sheet masks for me?


    1. My skin felt very pampered at the end of the month, for sure! I still had some blemishes but they healed much faster. I recommend giving this challenge a try. 🙂


  22. This was so intriguing to read! Well done for completing the challenge! I wouldn’t even be able to do this challenge because I don’t even own that many masks! 😂

    “I realized that it’s much more beneficial to keep my skin super hydrated when I have a breakout” -> I agree with this statement! I’m currently dealing with one of the worse breakouts in my adult life thanks to me having a super lazy skincare week last week (I think that’s what it is anyways) so I’m trying my best to recover my skin, hydrate it, mask..and it’s slowly getting better. *sigh*

    I haven’t tried any of the masks you have mentioned/tried here but the Face Shop ones stick out the most to me, so I’ll look out for those next time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry to hear about your breakout! Has your skin improved? I always assumed that I needed to dry out the blemishes but it seems to aggravate the skin even further. I think as long as the hydration aren’t oily or comedogenic, then the break out should be ok.
      The Face Shop ones are some of the first masks I had ever tried and they continue to be a staple in my stash – very inexpensive and feels great on the skin. 🙂


      1. It’s a lot better now considering how bad it was! It was really bumpy, red and congested…a lot of under-the-skin type blemish if you know what I mean? But since then, it’s actually calmed down. Only took 2 weeks to look decent again… 😂I was the happiest when it finally flattened down! Now I’m just dealing with the marks, but they’re quite faint and will eventually fade I think. 🙌🏼


  23. Oh my goodness. A poo mask? That sounds horrible haha! Totally something my husband would have said too. I actually haven’t tried any of these masks! I do mask regularly though. I prefer the charcoal/volcanic ash/clay/mud types though. My skin doesn’t get along with too many face masks. I believe I’ve tried like 1 or 2 that didn’t leave my face red and splotchy. It’s too bad because they look like fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That poopy smelling mask was awful and I feel terrible for exposing my SO to that…
      Too bad your skin doesn’t like sheet masks – I guess they’re not for everyone!
      I have a jar of volcanic ash mask from The Face Shop that I plan to open up soon. I hope my skin will like it.


  24. You have been on a masking mission!
    I have recently been using the l’oreal clay masks and switching up which one I use and I’ve found it works well at keeping my skin realtively clear!
    I love the idea of individual masks but like you say, it can be so wasteful!

    Excellent post, so indepth as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just received samples of the L’Oreal masks and I can’t wait to try them all! I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.
      I’m torn about long term use of the sheet masks but for now, I’m enjoying the convenience and results! 🙂


  25. definitely need to try that rose oil face mask, i stopped using face masks for a while but my skin is getting really bad again. need to try some of these!

    Liked by 1 person

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