Trash Stash: April 2017

A couple of housecleaning items to kick off today’s post.  First: May the Fourth be with you! 😀 And second: I seem to be in spam hell once again. I’ve left a bunch of comments yesterday on various blogs and they all disappeared.  It’s so frustrating when that happens – can you please check your spam box? Click here to see where your spam is located. Thanks!

Onward to my April Trash Stash! This month turned out to be ok for empties – I thought I’d have only a few to show but I am on an ambitious plan to clear out my cabinets of items that just aren’t working for me.

It was fairly well balanced in terms of skincare, body, hair and makeup stuff, actually.


Consonant Skincare DHE Mask – $45 for 75ml
This is a very good clay mask – I’ve learned to only use this on my t-zone since it contains Eucalyptus oil which irritates the skin on my cheeks. I do find this helps to suck the gunk out of my skin and my skin looks clearer after using this.  I’d primarily recommend this for oilier skin types. The tube lasted me at least 4 months with weekly use.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

Avene Eluage Eye Contour Care – $48 for 15ml
I used this as an eye serum at night. I pump a small amount and apply a thin layer on my under eye area before I apply my night eye cream (Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream). It contains a tiny amount of retinoid in the from of retinal (aka retinaldehyde), which is milder and less irritating. I find this to be fairly effective in keeping my under eye area plumped up (it also contains hyaluronic acid) but I couldn’t use it alone as my eye cream since it’s not hydrating enough on its own.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Oslee Silk Revitalizing and Firming Sheet Mask
This is a fancy sheet mask because it came with a plastic backing – it’s not necessary but I do find it makes it easier to unfold the sheet mask with less risk of tearing it accidentally. The mask itself is actually a pale orange colour which I’ve never seen before. It fits my face extremely well – and instead of a cut-out for the mouth, it just has a slit there. They really do not want me to eat or talk while masking! 😛 Overall, I didn’t see a lot of results with this – no firming effects, just felt more hydrated.
Stash worthiness: 6/10     Repurchase: No

Mediheal Platinum V-Life Essential Mask – $1.30 ($12.99 for 10 masks)
I took a gamble on this mask when I bought a box of 10 at Winners last year. Turns out the masks are really good! The box describes the material as silk cellulose and I must say it’s quite similar to the Etude House ones I like, although not as thin. The best part about this mask is that it fits every feature of my face perfectly – like they used my face as the die-cut! XD As for results, I did find this helped to calm my skin as one of the key ingredients is witch hazel. You’ll be seeing more of this in future empties (9 more, to be specific! 😉 )
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Real Nature Acai Berry Sheet Mask – $3
These are basic sheet masks from The Face Shop which were my go-to masks since they’re readily available and relatively inexpensive (and they’re often on some sort of offer – buy 10 get 5 free type deals). They fit my face well and the material is a medium thickness. The amount of serum is adequate – everything is very middle of the road with these masks. The main benefit I get from them is hydration, and I do find they plump up my skin nicely temporarily. Seasonal allergies have been wrecking havoc with my skin so this was a nice soothing one.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution – $23 for 300ml
This is a repurchase for me – so you know that I like it (in fact, it made my 2015 best discoveries list). This is a fairly no-frills cleaning water – very effective and leaves my skin feeling soft and cleansed. The pump style bottle is very convenient – I’ll be reusing this for my Yves Rocher micaller waters. 😉 Reversa is a Canadian skincare brand that reminds me a bit of Bioderma.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – $35 for 200ml
I love this stuff! You can read my review here.  This bottle lasted me 3 months with daily use.  I’ll be keeping this bottle to refill it – I wished DHC sold refill bags like how Softymo does.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Rebels Refinery Capital Vices Skull Lip Balm (unscented) – $8
This is a great hydrating lip balm made in Toronto with good ingredients like coconut and sweet almond oils. I prefer the passion fruit version better though, so I’ll repurchase that one.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: No

Mary Kay Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues – $8.50 for 75 sheets
This is one of my favourite blotting papers. They are effective in removing excess oil from my skin but don’t over strip it or disturb my makeup. They are also the largest blotting sheets I’ve come across, measuring at 10 x 7.6cm. I’m steadily whittling down my blotting paper stash, but I did also haul a whole bunch when I was in Japan so it seems never ending. 😛
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Etude House Dr. Lash Ampule and Serum Set – $20
I was prepared to write a separate review post on this set since some of you expressed interest when I hauled it (here). I even measured my eyelash length when I began the treatment (7mm, using the included ruler) – but, there’s not much to report because I didn’t see any difference when I used them. I must also admit to not using it consistently so that’s possibly why I didn’t notice huge improvements. :/

One of the reasons why I didn’t use this system regularly was that they stings my eyes sometimes if I over-apply. I just don’t understand why products that are meant to be applied near the eyes would remotely irritate the eyes, let alone, sting?  I also didn’t care for the wand, it was messy and didn’t apply the serum precisely to the lash line.
Stash worthiness: 4/10     Repurchase: No

Quo konjac sponge – $8
Bought this on a whim because it was on sale and ended up liking it. Not as spongey as The Face Shop one but it’s got a nice texture. Interestingly, it’s made in Korea rather than China like a lot of the sponges I see these days.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Yes

Body Care

Bath & Body Works Foaming Shower Gel in Tiki Mango Mai Tai
This foams up like shaving gel and lathers up like a shower gel – it’s very hydrating and smells incredible. This was on my favourites list recently. Sadly, this was limited edition. It lasted me about a month. And, while doing some tidying, I discovered another can of this in my closet – huzzah!
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Jergens BB Hand Cream – $7 for 90ml
Interesting concept but it pilled on my skin (rubbed off in little bits like eraser shavings). I do like that it contains SPF and provided a good barrier on my skin without any grease. I’d love to find more hand creams containing SPF.
Stash worthiness: 5/10     Repurchase: No

L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap in Milk – $8.50 for 100g (not shown)
This is my favourite bar soap from L’Occitane. The smell is so comforting and the soap leaves my skin soft. It’s spendy but a guilty pleasure of mine.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter – $4.99USD for 227g
This was on my favourites list as well. It smells like coconut ice cream and hydrates the skin amazingly well. It’s such a gem at a fantastic price. I’m still pouting that Trader Joe’s isn’t in Canada. C’mon already.
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

Here are 3 deodorants that I’m getting rid of because they just don’t work for me:

Consonant Dealkalizing Deodorant – $14 for 75g
Read my review of this here. I tried using it again and I just don’t like the texture (crumbly) and it did not prevent odour as well as the Lavanila.
Stash worthiness: 5/10     Repurchase: No

Saje Peaceful Warrier Deodorant – $12.95 for 100ml
I also reviewed this in my quest to switch from antiperspirant to deodorant. I do not love the scent of this, nor do I like using using a spray as much as a solid (it was leaky).
Stash worthiness: 6/10     Repurchase: No

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Ylang-Ylang & Calendula – $14.99 for 92g
This was recommended by Jodi of A Brash Attitude but it just didn’t work well for me. The solid is very firm and rough, so it is actually painful to apply this to my armpits! I also did not like the smell as much as I thought I would, and I didn’t find it neutralizes BO for me. Just goes to show how individual personal care and beauty items are!
Stash worthiness: 4/10     Repurchase: No

Hair Care

Head & Shoulder Shampoo in Green Apple – $8 for 400ml
This is a long time favourite of mine. I don’t get dandruff per se, but I do experience tight, itchy scalp especially during the winter months. This really helps to alleviate it – plus, it cleans my hair without stripping it and leaves my hair very bouncy. The green apple smell is really fresh and my favourite of the various types H&S sells.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

Kiehl’s Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate – $28 for 120ml
I’ve had this lingering in my cupboard for a couple of years. I showed this in my Winter Scalp Rescue post and I didn’t much care for it. I didn’t find this to be magical – it’s very greasy and doesn’t perform any better than if I’d just use plain olive oil (this contains rosemary, avocado and safflower oils). And it’s expensive for what it is. This isn’t completely finished but the oil has gone rancid.
Stash worthiness: 3/10     Repurchase: No

L’Oreal Tecni Art Spiral Splendour Curl 2 Cream – $25 for 150ml
I snagged this for $6.99 on clearance – I’d never pay full price for this! The cream is just ok. It provides some definition and anti-frizz but not enough hold. At least it doesn’t weigh down my hair. I picked up 2 other tubes of this due to the price, which I’ll use up but I wouldn’t seek it out to repurchase.
Stash worthiness: 6/10     Repurchase: No

L’Oreal Volume Collagen Body Boost Root Lifting Spray – $8 for 200ml
I didn’t care for this even though I used it all up. I honestly think this had the same effect as spraying extremely diluted hairspray on my hair. This is discontinued so I guess L’Oreal realized how crappy it was. I’m now in the market for another root lift product. I used to use the LaCoupe one exclusively but ever since they stopped selling at stores, I am SOL! 😦  Any recs?
Stash worthiness: 4/10     Repurchase: No


e.l.f. High Definition Powder in Sheer – $8 for 8g
I struggled to use this jar up for ages but ever since I started “baking” I’ve been using a lot more product (80% of which simply get dusted off and lands on the floor! 😛 ) While this does set everything and locks makeup into place I don’t love it since it gives a very matte finish that can look dry especially under the eye area.  If you like a matte finish that blurs lines and pores, this is a great powder.
Stash worthiness: 7/10     Repurchase: No

Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator in Light Medium – $35 for 2.2ml
I bought this under duress after a quickie makeover at the counter. 😛 It’s not a stand-alone concealing product which I knew when purchasing it. My main issue with this is that it’s not very illuminating, and the shade is too dark for me. Also, it has a bad habit of disturbing my concealer when I blend this on top. This item is discontinued and I’m not sad about that.
Stash worthiness: 5/10     Repurchase: No

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Ro(Cocoa) #48 – $31 for 0.5g
This is very close to being finished but it’s just dried out too much to continue using it. Also, the lead has shrunk or broken off the base so it falls out easily now. But, as a liner, this is aces. One of the longest wearing liners on my lower lash line. There’s also a built-in sharper which is super handy. I like that they released non-shimmery colours now. I might get the dark brown in that later this year.
Stash worthiness: 9/10     Repurchase: Yes

L’Oreal Bare Naturale Mascara
A moment of silence is needed because it is my FINAL tube of this discontinued gem!  This was my HG mascara. This particularly tube seemed to thicken faster than other ones I had – probably because it’s 4 years old! (sealed though)  I used this exactly for a month before it was too goopy to use. You can read my rave review of this mascara here.
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: 😥

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara – $10 for 13.1ml
And how timely that I used this one up now since this is my current favourite mascara – it’s not as lengthening as the L’Oreal one but it does provide outstanding volume. What I especially love about this mascara is how it does not smudge or run even with my watery eyes from allergies.  I used this tube for 3 months and it finally got too clumpy to continue using.
Stash worthiness: 10/10     Repurchase: Yes

Beauty Blender Sponge – $28 each
Typing out that price of this sponge makes me cringe!  That said, I have to admit this is an excellent sponge for blending out foundation flawlessly. And, this sponge has lasted me 3 years with regularly use (about twice a week – I rotate my sponges) and it’s now finally falling apart. It’s time to retire this and I’m unsure if I’d repurchase it due to price tag.  There’s absolutely no reason why the price of this continues to remain so high when there is an abundance of affordable alternatives. I personally prefer the Quo sponge (see my comparison of Beauty Blender type sponges here) and the H&M Precision Makeup Sponge over this. I’ll be testing out the $1 AOA Wonder Blender sponges that I recently purchased from Miss A online store.
Stash worthiness: 8/10     Repurchase: Maybe

Sample / Travel Size

Farmacy New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains – these were on my favourites list for last quarter (see it in action here). The only slight negative I’d say about this product is that it takes some extra rinsing to completely remove. But overall, this is so good that I’ve already purchased the full size as shown in my Sephora VIB Sale haul! And how great is the wooden cap?

Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel – this gave temporary cooling sensation to the eye area but didn’t help to depuff or have any lasting effects beyond 10 minutes.

Belief The True Cream – I tore this out of a magazine – I get so excited over free samples out of magazines! XD This is a nice lightweight cream that provides good hydration. I wouldn’t say it’s a rich cream as it describes itself but I’d consider buying the full size of this to use as a day time moisturizer.

Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Booster – this reminds me a lot of the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum, which is to say that it leaves my skin sticky. It doesn’t wear terribly well under makeup, as it tends to pill.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple items – these were limited edition from 2015 holidays collection that I scored during their clearance sales last January. I picked up 2 of those gift set tins which contained:
Scrub – this lasted me 2 uses and it was just ok. The texture of the scrub is kind of like silly sand and it doesn’t seem to want to adhere to my skin. It’s not exfoliating enough but I did like that it didn’t leave an oily film.
Shower Gel – love this smell so much! Like green apple candy – more sweet than tart. This lathered well and was my favourite item of the bunch.
Body Butter – the scent didn’t translate well into the body butter – smelled weak and a little “off”. The texture of the body butter was nice though, really melted into the skin and provided good hydration / protection. The set also contained a shimmer lotion which I’ve just started to use.

Avon Soft Pink Blanket Bubble Bath – I tried to use this as a shower gel but this smelled awful – like cheap public washroom hand soap mixed with carpet cleaner. I used this to soak my feet for pedicures but even my feet rejected the smell.

Consonant Skincare Intensive Therapy Organic Hand Cream – Unscented – I bought a pack of 5 of these travel size tubes for my purse. I love how this protects my hands without leaving them greasy. It’s unscented so it doesn’t offend people around me when I’m apply this in a public place.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths – of all the samples I tried this month, this one blew me away the most. I typically would not choose a cleansing cloth over cleansing oil or foaming face wash, but this cloth removed my makeup just as well as my cleansing oil. And, the cloth was extremely soft (pillowy and thick!) and felt so gentle on my skin. Plus, the size of the cloth was very generous. I would definitely consider buying a pack of these. Thankfully I have a $2 off coupon. (also, I received about 10 of these samples so you’ll see more of thm in the future)

NOT trash, but I just want to show two items that I’ve hit pan on last month!
Jemma Kidd Blushwear Creme Cheek Colour in #03 Pawpaw – generally, I’m not a huge fan of cream blushes but this one is the exception. It has a beautiful silky cream to powder consistency that dries down without any sticky residue. It also lasts all day on my cheeks. Sadly, this whole line of Jemma Kidd cosmetics is discontinued (but I still see them sold online). You can see this in action in this post where I talk about some makeup that I don’t need brushes to apply.

Urban Decay Naked eye shadow single – I don’t have any of the UD Naked palettes but I do own the Naked single! It’s one of my go-to transition shades. The formula is a bit powdery but it does make for easy blending. This is the older style packaging before UD changed them to pop out for their refill palette.

And drum roll, the tally is: 29 full sized items, and 10 samples for a total of 39 empties for April!  What have you finished in April? And have you hit pan on anything lately?

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  1. I checked my spam box, you aren’t in jail with me!
    That’s too bad that the Schmidt’s didn’t work for you, it worked so well for me, but I’ve recently had a baking soda sensitivity flare up with the Cedarwood version. I’m soon going to be trying their Baking Soda Free version to see how it works for me. I find that a lot of the BSF ones crap out quicker, but we shall see (or should I say, smell) how it does!

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    1. I noticed it was only at some blogs – so odd! Don’t know why this happens to me periodically.
      I didn’t know that you can have sensitivity to baking soda! Good to know. I hope the BSF one works for you and don’t crap out… esp with warmer weather coming (when that will be, it’s a mystery!)

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      1. Yeah, it can give you a burn of sorts – my skin is so sensitive sometimes.
        Me too, because the bsf ones I have at home now are not great, and I don’t want to be a smelly! 😂 I will blog about it though.


  2. You’re out of spam hell! I just unspammed your comment😊 Oh don’t! You have me and my partner in love with the Mango Mai Tai scent😍 Shame the foaming wash was limited edition as it sounds great. I agree with you on the TBS Glazed Apple. I only got the shower gel the other products didn’t smell the same. I wish I had a backup supply of blotting papers. I only like the ones I order from a Korean site and they take weeks to arrive. Xx

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    1. Yay! I’m out of your spam! It’s so frustrating when I know I made a comment and it disappears. Not sure why that happens.
      Bath & Body Works re-released some of the Tiki Mango Mai Tai items this year but the packaging is different and instead of “Tiki” it’s called “Maui Mango Mai Tai”:

      I don’t like it as much. But it smells the same. No lip gloss though!
      You should stock up on a bunch when you buy the blotting papers so you never run out. That’s my rationale when I shop from Korean sites – they take at least a month to arrive for me.

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      1. It happened to me the other day. I noticed my comments weren’t showing up. So annoying. Oh what??! Me and partner do a little Tiki Mango Mai Tai Song🙈😂 Aaw that’s a shame. The lip gloss is so nice. I did stock up last time as it takes ages to get here but I need to get a move on. I’m running dangerously low xx

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        1. Dammit, I just responded to your comment and it went into spam AGAIN! I’ll have to contact WP people. This is getting silly.
          Ok, I need to know your Tiki Mango Mai Tai Song LMAO. XD

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  3. THIS IS an especially GOOD STASH TRASH
    i love the super colourfulnessss
    collage ?
    ur never in my spammmmmmmmmmmm
    what have i finished
    hmmm so much but i have just finished with the closet organization…..
    u know me and THE CLOSET
    love !!!!!

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    1. First YOU were in spam hell, now me. What’s going on? I need to contact WP peeps to help me since it’s still happening. I hate it because it’s like someone is trying to SILENCE ME! 😛
      YAY on closet organization!!! So big! Congrats! And now I go back into a clean closet – woohoo!

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  4. Trash stashes are my favorite to read from you!! So sad that the mascaras has finally reached its end, always breaks my heart when a good product gets discontinued! I have been a maybelline girl for quite some time now in terms of mascara but have been considering going back to covergirl after this post!

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    1. I never got on with Maybelline mascaras until last year when I tried the Maybelline Lash Sensation – I was blown away! What’s your favourite Maybelline mascara?

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  5. Wow! You finished so many products in April. It’s cool to see your Beauty Blender here right after I read your post about Beauty Blenders and dupes, haha. I tried my first Mediheal mask in April too! I used two of the same time. I’ll hopefully be able to finish my Empties post tonight.

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  6. 🤣9 more empties haha

    Hey, how come you use hair volume stuff? You have curly hair, no? 🤔 well, that L’oreal one is crappy and probably didn’t do anything, but still. Why do you need volume? (I’m imagining raging hair 😂)

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    1. Have you found lash serums that work? Right now I’m using the Indeed Labs Peptalash which I’ve had before. It’s good but not really sure if my lashes are benefiting?


  7. It’s such a shame the Dr Lash didn’t work! I’m always sceptical of those kinds of things because it seems too good to be true but there’s a little part inside me that just hopes one day someone will come up with some magic formula that will make your lashes grow into amazing, fluttery masterpieces. I have tried castor oil in the past and i think it worked a little bit but it was really gluggy and not nice to sleep in! Still, that was a really fun read! Keep up the great work xx

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    1. Thanks! I keep hearing amazing things about Latisse but it’s so pricey. I have heard good things about both castor oil and coconut oil for lashes – but they seem messy! And any time I think about putting oils near my eyes, I think about my vision going blurry…

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      1. Bahahaha yeah it can get like that! Really sticky too… not a fun time imo 😜 maybe when i finally have tonnes of cash I can check out Latisse hahaha

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  8. Wow – so many empties! Great job! I always get curious as to your stash in your house… I see you finish so many things you’ve had around for a while, so I imagine a treasure trove of beauty items! 😂

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    1. I live in a condo so it’s even more amazing how I manage to cram everything in there. The majority of items are in my closets inside bins. 😛 I am working my way through a lot of the skincare / body items which is really satisfying. I’m also in the midst of doing decluttering on my makeup – it’s taking longer than I planned originally but I am too attached to certain things like eye shadows and blushes! 😛

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      1. That is amazing! My apartment has no built in storage at all, not even one cupboard 😢 oh I hope you do a post about your decluttering! I love seeing other people’s declutter processes 😂

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    1. They definitely come in waves! I think it’s a cycle – if I finish up all my skincare around the same time, I end up opening new ones all at the same time and they all seem to last around the same time… and there goes the cycle again! Looking forward to seeing yours!

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  9. That is the weirdest applicator for lash serum that I’ve ever seen. It’s just a doe-foot applicator? All of the ones I’ve used have been mascara wands, which make so much more sense. TBH, I can’t tell if those lash serums work. The last time I used one, I thought it did…but it could just be a placebo effect, haha!

    Good idea keeping the packaging of the DHC oil – it’s too cute to throw away!

    Yeeeeah you hit pan on some items! Naked is so fantastic. I keep rationing it in my Naked palette because I don’t want to hit pan on just that one shadow in the palette. You should try finishing it up this year!!

    Good to know you loved the Marc Jacobs eyeliner! I’ve been eyeing those babies for when I finish up my stash of eyeliners (aka 4 years from now). They get such rave reviews but I couldn’t tell if it’s because of the brand or because they’re actually good 😛

    BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster award here:

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    1. Yes that lash serum applicator is a doe-foot but a bit firmer. It’s way too clunky to apply along the lash line so I just end up using too much usually. I tried applying with a Q-Tip but it was a annoying to do that and wasteful. I know, I’m not entirely sure if any lash serums work. Although, I have hear Latisse really works! I’m so tempted to shell out $$$ for it.

      I think I could manage to finish up Naked – ok, now that you’ve said it, I will make it my MISSION. 😉

      I was skeptical about the Marc Jacobs but the liner is really solid – it stays on so well and glides on easily, no tugging. The liner stayed fresh for about 3 years which I think is decent?

      Whee! Thanks for nominating me! Off to read.

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      1. Yes, I’ve heard Latisse works too. I THINK it used to require a doctor’s note, but don’t know if that’s true or if I just made it up, and I’m not sure if it’s true these days. The money would be worth it if it was effective, I think!
        Hah, best of luck finishing Naked!!
        Oooh, putting Marc Jacobs eyeliner on my wishlist – gotta finish at least some of the ones I own first, though 😛


  10. that’s an amazing number of empties, congrats! funfact: my non-blogging friends don’t even understand why I’m happy to finish up a product. XD
    about the spam comment thing: do you put links in those comments? that’s what sets my spam filter on fire.
    and a question about baking: does it really make a difference? do you use it in normal day makeup?

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    1. Haha, yes, I can imagine non-blogging / beauty addicts would be SAD to finish a product, unlike us! 😛

      No, the spam comments had nothing to do with me inserting links! It’s baffling. It’s happened to me 3 times that I can remember since I started blogging. They eventually unflag my name

      Re: baking. I used to just brush on setting powder with a fluffy brush and it was nice BUT the baking brought it a whole new level. It sets the concealer and stays put ALL DAY. It looks almost air brushed – no creasing and less fading (I mean, it still does depend on how good the concealer is underneath). I wouldn’t say I bake in the traditional sense – it’s moreso pressing the loose powder with a sponge – it fills in the crevices or something… give it a try!

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  11. I’ve been wondering about the Mango Mai Tai scent because it sounds so delicious, but I have to be so careful with Bath and Body Works because most of their scents give me headaches!

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  12. I am so sorry to hear the last L’Oreal Holy Grail mascara is gone. But it shall never be forgotten!
    Those masks sound great! And how amazing is it that there’s one that fits your face perfectly?! Wow!

    That lash serum sounds dreadful. Why would a company even release an eye product that’s clearly not suitable for frequent use around the eyes…

    Ahhh, this is THE TBS body butter… again, I’m not surprised, but it’s great that the shower gel was nice. 🙂

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    1. I think I’ve made my peace with the L’Oreal Holy Grail mascara. I had my time to say proper goodbye and appreciate it. 🙂 Time to move on!

      Yes, no Stewie masks for me! 😆

      Sometimes I think companies don’t actually test products on a variety of people. They do “trials” on 10 people and call it a day. Or they base it on ingredient list and think they won’t irritate people and think it’s enough. Ugh.

      You know, I was thinking about your comment about TBS BB and I was using that, and I thought, “she is right! She don’t smell as good as the rest!” So weird they can’t get the BB right.

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  13. Somehow I missed this post and it didn’t show up in my feed so I went searching! I always enjoy these posts of yours and how you give each one a rating. What’s your rating system and how do you decide which rating each product gets? Seems like there were some reliable and standout products and a few mediocre ones.

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  14. Got you out of my spam! I also found other bloggers who shouldn’t be in there so thank you for that info!

    I love reading your trash stash because I always discover something new! I need to try the reversa micellar water – where do you find it?

    I also need to stop by Consonant – there is actually a store in the underground close to me at work and everytime I pass by I tell myself I need to go in there! Maybe I’ll give myself a little time to use up what I got from Sephora but the next time I need skincare items I’m heading over.

    I’ve used the Latisse eye lash serum – I luckily once worked at spa that had a surgeon over looking the percedures prescribe it to me (they mostly did mild cosmetic procedures) anyways I used it for a month and truly saw a difference. I think part of it is you really need to be consistent with application especially in the beginning. I see so many growth serums in the drugstore and I’m always curious how well they’d work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I’m otta your spam! So weird how that happens.

      I got the Reversa micellar water from Shoppers! Around holiday time, they sell these double packs so you get 2 for 1.

      Did you know that Sephora now stocks Consonant?!

      Oh man, I really want Latisse… just trying to justify it. 😛 Right now I’m using the Indeed Lab Peptalash which I’ve used before. I’d say it doesn’t promote grow beyond what my lashes are naturally capable – but I experienced some lash fall out lately so I figured something is better than nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I’ll have to stop by shoppers now and pick it up!

        Oh it’s at Sephora! Cool! I’ll still stop by the store only cause it’s close but good to know if Im at Sephora too.

        Latisse is amazing, I got visible results by using it. I haven’t tried anything else but I’m willing to if it’ll help thicken my lashes.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Wow great job you’ve used up so much this month! I really wish Jemma Kidd hadn’t been discontinued there’s so many cult products that I never got to try but I imagine that those online are all expired or close to their dates 😦 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have 2 recommendations to maintain it:
      1) always wash it right after using it – don’t allow foundation to dry in the sponge.
      2) wear dish washing gloves when washing it so you don’t risk digging into it with nails
      … and use the Daiso sponge detergent! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, I do remember the not digging into it with your nails tip! But my nails are always short and buffed so I don’t think that risk is there. Will be sure to always keep it clean!

        Liked by 1 person

  16. I’ve been eyeing that Avene Eluage for months but can;t seem to find anyone who have actually used it ^^
    The Mediheal mask sounds good for my skin, too!


    1. I also have the Avene Eluage cream which I like much better. I might try that for my under eye area (I was using it on my laugh lines 😛 )


  17. The amount of empties you go through in a month blows my mind! In addition to the fact that you have very few repeats – unlike myself. I’m such a creature of habit tho…

    I had no idea they made that Jergens had a hand cream in their BB Cream line. I used to love their Body BB Cream but I can no longer find it here – not sure if they discontinued it or what.

    I can’t believe you’ve had that Beauty Blender for 3 years!! Although I’ve had mine for over a year now and it’s still going strong. Out of all of the beauty sponges I’ve tried, it’s still my favourite.

    I love Naked as a transition shade too – when I run out of it from my Naked palette I might just pick up the single.

    Great job on the empties!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d say my beauty mixture is 80/20 new vs repeats. I do have my core things I like to stick to but I am just so curious about new things to try!

      I suspect the Jergens BB might be discontinuing – I’ve seen them on clearance at Shoppers. I wasn’t sure if they were making room for something else or what.

      The trick with the Beauty Blender is to wash that sucker as soon as you’re done using it so foundation doesn’t dry in it. That’s really what made it last so long. It’s good but eh, couldn’t they drop the price a bit?


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