Trash Stash: May 2017

This month was the month of finishing up a lot of facial skincare:

I finished both my day and night creams, plus a bunch of other essential face product. So weird how that happens.

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Trash Stash: April 2017

A couple of housecleaning items to kick off today’s post.  First: May the Fourth be with you! 😀 And second: I seem to be in spam hell once again. I’ve left a bunch of comments yesterday on various blogs and they all disappeared.  It’s so frustrating when that happens – can you please check your spam box? Click here to see where your spam is located. Thanks!

Onward to my April Trash Stash! This month turned out to be ok for empties – I thought I’d have only a few to show but I am on an ambitious plan to clear out my cabinets of items that just aren’t working for me.

It was fairly well balanced in terms of skincare, body, hair and makeup stuff, actually.

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Trash Stash: February 2017

It’s always a mad race at the end of the month to have all my trash presented nicely and the give their final photograph before they’re tossed out! XD
I’m a bit nervous about whether I hit my target of one per day quota… o_O

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Nuworld Everyday Zen: Jasmine Aroma Diffuser and Oil Blends

Last Christmas I received the Saje aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer as a present, which introduced me to the world of aroma diffusers. Using that device helped to provide a basis of comparison for the Jasmine Aroma Diffuser by Stadler Form (C$85), which was sent to me by Nuworld Botanicals.
Along with the diffuser, I received the Everyday Zen Diffuser Oil Blends Try Me Kit, which comes with 6 essential oil blends (6 x 7.4ml vials for C$44).

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Trash Stash: July 2016

It’s a holiday here today. It’s just called a Civic Holiday but the meaning varies depending where you live in Canada. In BC, it’s called British Columbia Day, in Alberta it’s called Heritage Day… very specifically, in the city of Toronto, it’s Simcoe Day. Simcoe Day is named after John Graves Simcoe, who founded the town of York, Upper Canada, which became Toronto. He was also the first lieutenant governor of the province. Now you know! 😉

Onward to the July Trash Stash:
I’d call this month a pretty average month in terms of using things up, except for ONE epic empty that I’ve been working away at for YEARS.

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Saje Sensitive Elixir Calming Skin Serum

This post is actually a combo 3-in-1 review featuring 3 products:
Saje Sensitive Elixir Calming Skin Serum – $19.95 CAD for 30ml
Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster – $48 USD for 20ml
Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk – $70 CAD for 30ml (mine is a 5ml sample that I received as part of a 500pt perk from Sephora – my little sample is worth $11.67!)
But, it’s mainly about the Saje Serum since I listed it in my recent favourites post.

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Favourites Lately: Early 2016

I’m baaaack. 🙂  Thanks for all the well wishes last week!  I’m about 50% better simply because it’s unavoidable for me to not be on the computer at work. I’m looking into an ergonomic assessment for my desk, and possibly doing some physio. I’ll be scaling back on my posting slightly but it’s challenging because I have so many backlogged posts! Here’s a post that I meant to post last week:

I waffle back and forth about doing monthly favourites but I think a quarterly list works for me. Here are the items that have been standouts for me lately:
All of these items would be rated 8 out of 10 or above in my Stash Worthiness! 🙂

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Trash Stash: March 2016

No makeup items this month, just lots of skincare, body and hair care again!
You guys must think I eat / drink my beauty products… I swear I don’t! 😛 Maybe I just slather the stuff on?

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Transitioning from Antiperspirant to Deodorant: Saje Peaceful Warrior Deodorant

This is the second part of a three part series, to follow my journey of transitioning from antiperspirants to deodorants.  My first attempt with deodorants was with Consonant Skincare Dealkalizing Deodorant, which wasn’t too successful.  I made the switched to the Saje Peaceful Warrior Deodorant and have been using it for the past month:
Saje is a Canadian wellness brand that I’ve recently discovered – I reviewed their aromaBreeze nebulizer not long ago – they have some great gems at very reasonable prices. This product is available at their stores or online, at $12.95 for 100ml.

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Saje aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer

I received this nebulizer from my SO for Christmas and a few of you were curious about it, so here are my thoughts:
Saje sells various models of nebulizers, ranging from $60 to $120. The aromaBreeze model retails for $74.95.

Feature images from

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