Saje aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer

I received this nebulizer from my SO for Christmas and a few of you were curious about it, so here are my thoughts:
Saje sells various models of nebulizers, ranging from $60 to $120. The aromaBreeze model retails for $74.95.

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First of all, what the heck is a nebulizer?  According to Wikipedia:

In medicine, a nebulizer or nebuliser is a drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are commonly used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases.

Interesting! I honestly thought “nebulizer” was a word made up by Saje. 😛  Of course, this is not medical equipment, it’s just meant for general well-being.
The nebulizer doesn’t come with the fragrance oils, I got those separately.

From the product description:

Create a soothing atmosphere of purifying, supportive aromatherapy with the AromaBreeze ultrasonic nebulizer. With an optional soft LED light, the AromaBreeze creates a soothing atmosphere in any room. Also an air purifier and humidifier, it’s an easy-to-use, heat-free essential oil diffuser that preserves the integrity of your oils for optimal benefit. Silent and safe for use when resting or sleeping. Each nebulizer has a sensor inside and when the water in the reservoir reaches a certain level, the nebulizer turns off automatically.

I’d say most of what it claims is true, but I’d have to say that I do not agree it’s a humidifier. I have a humidifier in my bedroom and the reservoir holds at least 5x more water, and the mist is more powerful – it really pumps moisture into the air. This nebulizer, on the other hand, creates a very fine, almost invisible mist. It only holds 180ml of water (less than a cup) and I’d say it can operate for about 3 hrs with that amount of water before it’s all dissipated. I also would not call this unit silent as claimed in the description – it makes a noticeable humming and bubbling noise, very similar to how a humidifier sounds.
The primary use for the nebulizer for me is as a to infuse the room with fragrance and purify the air somewhat. But again, I do have a separate air purifier that has a filter and a fan to promotes air circulation – I do not agree that this nebulizer is anywhere as effective as my air purifier. As a device to disperse scents into the room, however, it is fantastic. I was quite surprised how far this little machine was able to spread the scent – I use this in the living room and I can smell the scent in our spare bedroom (our condo is about 1,100 sq ft).
What I really love about this little machine is that there is absolutely no heat or flames or melted wax to worry about. It’s super easy to use: plug into any power outlet, fill the base with tap water (using the cup included in the box), shake 10 drops of the fragrance oil into the water, and turn it on. There are little specks in the water in the above photo – that’s from the fragrance oil. Cleaning is easy too – just wipe the reservoir every week with bleach or vinegar.
It was really difficult to capture the mist on camera and this is the best I could do.  It automatically shuts off when the water is gone so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to. One thing to note, I wasn’t sure if I should use plain ol’ tap water or if I should use filtered water, so I asked the SA when I was at the Saje store. She advised that it should be tap water since it contains all the minerals that this machine requires to operate – she had some people complain about the unit not working because they were using filtered water.
My SO  gave me the Liquid Sunshine fragrance oil along with the unit, and I bought myself the Gratitude one. Liquid Sunshine consists of grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime, and mandarin essential oils – it smells so refreshing.  Gratitude contains orange, vanilla, coffee, spearmint, rosewood, sage, benzoin, and black pepper – it’s a more mellow scent. Since I only need 10 drops per use, these will last a very long time. I’ve not tried other fragrance oils but Saje recommends to use their oils because… they work better or something. 😛
There are also some claims on the box about ions and the immune system but I have no way to substantiate these claims.  I will say though, that I like the soft glow of the unit and it makes me feel more tranquil. 😉
• Easy to use
• Safe to use
• Effective to disperse fragrance
• Quiet (but not silent)
• Automatic shut off

• Initial cost is high
• Not great as a humidifier or air purifier

I’m not going to give a rating since this is a gift! 🙂

Besides Saje, I’ve seen nebulizers sold at Muji as well (they call them “ultrasonic aroma diffusers”).  Have you ever heard of a nebulizer or used one?

43 thoughts on “Saje aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer

      1. I actually saw one at Marshalls and it’s portable.. really cute I thought it would be good for my work desk but don’t know if it’ll work good. But this one is def. good! 🙂

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  1. This sounds totally awesome. I kind of want one but we should probably invest in an air purifier, first. Plus, got scented candles to use up. I love the name nebulizer – it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie.

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    1. I love my air purifier – I got it as a birthday gift from my SO (yes so romantic, isn’t it?) and I use it nightly. The filters are washable so there’s no expenses after the fact. There’s also a UV setting that kills bacteria.
      The name nebulizer totally sounds like a Star Trek weapon – “set nebulizer to stun!” 😛


  2. This sounds awesome! I thought ‘nebulizer’ was also a term that Saje came up with as well. Who knew! I’m thinking of getting one once we move into our new place. Do you think the scent of the essential oils help with stress relief and/or relaxation? That’s the main reason I’m looking into getting one. Having your house smell nice in general is also a plus, though! 😛

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    1. I’m not sure if it helps with de-stressing to be honest. It’s just overall a nice ambiance with the smell. I like to put it on at night after dinner when I’m blogging or knitting / watching tv so I’m already in a relaxed state. 😛

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  3. I have a diffuser from Melaleuca that is very similar to this, my mom bought it for us for Christmas. I really like it! I feel like the scent doesn’t linger once the diffuser is off but that may be more to do with the type of oil I’m using than the actual diffuser.
    I really want that air purifier though! Are there noticeable differences when you use it?

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  4. OMG! My sister works at Saje and got me one of these for Christmas! I’m excited to try it, but it’s still sitting in the box in my room. I’m so terrible! I got he “Goddess” fragrance for it, which smells wonderful.

    So, I was in TO and stopped by Saks! WOW. What a store! It’s gorgeous! Had a ball in the perfume section, but didn’t buy anything. Since when does perfume costs $250 a bottle?? GAWD!

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    1. Haha yeah I waited weeks before I busted open the box – it’s honestly SO quick and easy to use, just open it up already! 😛
      Yeah… that Saks store is something else. I know, how are perfumes THAT expensive? It’s crazy. But they’ve devoted a huge amount of space to perfumes – the mark up on that stuff must be HUGE!

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  5. Clearly! And yes – I will get to busting it out tonight. Funny – I remember trying to capture steam rising from my warm, mulled wine for that food post I did. Do you know that photographing steam is one of the most difficult things to capture photography-wise?? MAN! I read a ton on how to do it, but didn’t have $1500 for the fancy lens required. LOL!

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  6. Never really thought on getting one of these but after reading your review and the benefits and such I think I need one! I think I’ll have to save up for one lol seeing as they are quite pricey !

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