An Unexpected Gift from fivezero (we met up!)

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Chris of fivezero – she of the nail swatches that launched a thousand lemmings – she was also one of the winners from my giveaway.  When I sent her the notice to claim her prize – I tossed out a suggestion: perhaps we could meet up, since we live in the same city. And to my delight, she accepted – it was a date! 😀
This was the very first meet-up that either of us have ever done with a fellow blogger…

And it was fantastic! We met this past Tuesday over lunch and chatted a bit (mostly me yammering on) – her little boy Peanut was in tow so he was a source of amusement – then we walked around the new Saks store that’s connected to the Hudson’s Bay.  Of course, the key reason we met up was for me to give her the giveaway prize, but to my surprise, miss fivezero brought me a gift bag of goodies as well!  I was giddy as I opened the gift bag to reveal:
She really shouldn’t have, but I’m so grateful for this unexpected gift! Thank you! 🙂  Here are some closer shots:
Tracy by Ellen Tracy perfume, which she mentions as her Top 10 Unsniffed Perfume Buys. I’ve been keeping an eye out for this ever since I heard about it from her blog. Now I can stop looking! I’ve worn this and now I know what a “skin” type of scent is – it’s so creamy and mellow, it’s lovely!

Nail polishes (as if I need more, right?) L to R:
• Elizabeth Arden Nail Polishes in Fleet St. Plum and Painted Desert Paprika (these are discontinued polishes that I oogled over on her blog!)
Cuccio Colour in Gazing in Genoa
Essie in Go Overboard

Godiva Caramel Nut Brownie Dessert Truffles 😮  I’m sure you all know what a sweet tooth I have. Let’s just say that these are almost all gone…

Giant Toonie chocolate coin! 😀  For non-Canadians, the “Toonie” is our $2 coin. It got its name based on our $1 coin, which was affectionately named the “Loonie” because of the image of a loon on the back of the coin.  So people just switched the L with the T to represent two, for the $2 coin. Heh, we’re funny people.  I’ve placed a real Toonie beside the giant chocolate coin to show the scale! Read more about the Toonie here.

Thank you, Chris! 🙂  It was so good to put a face / voice / 3 dimensional personality to the hand behind the blog! (no, we did not take any selfies, we’re both camera shy)  I hope we’ll get a chance to hang out again in the future.  And Peanut is a sweet little boy whose primary concerns were his toy fire truck and his food, haha, what a life! 😉

I’ve asked her before, but one question I never did get a chance to ask in person was: just how many nail polishes she owns! Drats! 😛

Have you ever met a fellow blogger?

44 thoughts on “An Unexpected Gift from fivezero (we met up!)

    1. I know! I am not one to attend big blogger events but I don’t mind small group or one on one meetings. It’s great there’s a group of us Toronto-based bloggers. I’m planning on meeting up with Cat soon! 😀

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  1. Oh my gosh, how did you eat so much chocolate already?! 😉 LOL how did I know you were going to do a comp between the chocolate toonie and a real one?

    And, um, I don’t actually have an official nail polish tally yet (I stopped counting in like, 2009), but I’m gonna hazard a guess that by now, it’s over 1k. God, I hope my mom doesn’t read this. I’ll definitely be doing a proper count soon, as I get the database together. (It’s funny, on the way back home from our meetup, Peanut and I were stopped by a couple of Dior SAs and I swear they kept us there for five minutes while they cooed over him. I came ~this~ close to buying another nail polish just because they were right there on the counter, staring at me. XD I have a problem.)

    I’m thrilled that you like the Tracy perfume! Thank you so much for you more than generous giveaway prize, too! I’m going to try everything this weekend! (My post on this topic should be published by now.) The meetup was great and we should definitely go it again sometime 😀 ❤

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    1. I took a photo of the giant Toonie alone and it just didn’t do it any justice. 😛
      I’m terrible with sweets, I will forgo a proper nutritious meal to eat candies / baked goods… I always said when i was a child that when I grow up and have my own money, I’ll buy allllll the candies I want. Well the day has arrived, I guess lol.
      1k! 😮 I’m in awe… Although I think I’m inching toward the 600 mark myself. YIKES. I need to do another polish purge, methinks.
      Aww Peanut and the LADIES! You’ll have to watch him closely (well beyond what he currently demands lol) with the little girls when he goes to daycare haha. And sure sure, blame him for your polish temptations! 😉
      I’ve been wearing Tracy daily since opening it and I love the scent that linger on my scarf – it’s almost like a tissue scent, if that makes sense. Those packettes of tissue from the Asian shops with the cute little characters on them.
      Enjoy your goodies – I especially hope you like that Clarins mask!


  2. OMG what a sweet person! Meeting blogging friends is always scary cause you never know if they just SEEM normal on the internet… I’m glad you had fun! And what a sweetheart to bring you a gift! I’m drooling over those chocolates!

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    1. Yes she’s the sweetest! 🙂 It’s always a risk meeting new people. I’ve done my share of online dating and THOSE are fun stories! 😛 I have about 3 pieces of those chocolates left haha…


  3. It’s so nice to meet fellow bloggers! I’ve started a thing on my blog called «Bloggers Meet» because I find it so interesting to see the face behind the blog! The experience has been really wonderful so far, and I can only recommend it!

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