My First Miss A Haul (Shipping to Canada)

In my March accountability post, I hinted that I would likely haul from Miss A for the $1 blending sponges. And here it is!

I had never heard of Miss A until I was introduced to it by Asian Beauty Obsessed who told me about these sponges.

For those of you not familiar, Miss A touts itself as “the first and only $1 online beauty shop” – brands sold include Kleancolor, Amuse, Princessa, LA Colors, and their house brand AOA. There is also a sister site, called Off Duty, which sells slightly more expensive items including clothing and beauty (brands include LA. Girl, NYX and Milani) but prices are still low. It’s an American site but what I do like about Miss A is that they have the option to list the currency in Canadian dollars (CAD), so I can see exactly what I’ll be paying – $1 USD is displayed as $1.35 CAD.

First, I have to say that the parcel came wrapped incredibly well:

The items were not only wrapped in bubble wrap, but there was also a sheet of foam (the blue layer).

Here’s what I ordered:

AOA Wonder Blender sponges in Purple Teardrop and Sculpted, Pink Teardrop and Sculpted, and Black Teardrop and Sculpted for $1 USD / $1.35 CAD each.

There was no way I could just order ONE! 😛 They also offer a third shape which they call Beveled that is similar to the Real Techniques Miracle sponge. I’m not a fan of the flat surface of that sponge so I opted not to get it.  There are lots of rave reviews about these sponges – apparently they’re dupes for the Beauty Blender for only $1.

Right off the bat I can tell you that these are not consistent among themselves. The pink and purple Teardrop ones are the squishiest / softest. The purple Sculpted (which I personally call the gourd shape) is also soft like the other two. However, the pink Sculpted and both black sponges are quite firm.  It may have something to do with the dye?  If you’re thinking of trying these, I’d recommend sticking to either the purple or pink Teardrop ones. I have yet to test them with foundation to see how they perform but these are my initial thoughts based on my very scientific squeeze test! 😉  I’m looking forward to testing these out.

Since there is no free shipping option to Canada – the cost is $5.95 USD for $40 order – I ordered a few more items to “maximize” the cost of shipping (If I’d just ordered the 6 sponges, the cost of shipping would equal the order itself!)

I had heard their brushes aren’t bad, and for only $1.35 CAD each, I decided to get these 3 to try out:
• E123 Eyeliner Blending Brush
• E124 Precise Pencil Brush
• E118 Eye Smudge Brush

These feel quite nice and look well-made. I see that they’re stamped with “USA” on the handle – does this mean they’re made in the US? I’m doubtful. Not for that price.

12-Piece K-Beauty Sheet Mask Set for $13.50 CAD:

The masks came securely shrink wrapped.  This is a great value – each mask works out to be $1.13 CAD.

This set includes:

5 The Crème Shop masks. I’ve been quite curious about these masks since spotting them at Winners (TJMaxx) and the Asian Beauty forum on Reddit are positive about them. But I didn’t want to commit buying a whole box of one type, so this is a great way to sample a variety. Includes: Milk, Pink Lemonade, Blueberry, Green Tea and Collagen. These are made in Korea.
2 Naisture masks in Sweet Honey and Cooling Cucumber. Both also made in Korea.
5 Malibu Glitz masks. I had not heard of this brand and was miffed to see that these are made in China. This sheet mask bundle was marketed as “K-Beauty” so I assumed all masks would be made in Korea. I’ll still test these out. They include Snail, Q10 Pomegranate, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Pearl.

At this point my order total was at $19 USD and I wanted to boost my order to $20 USD so I could get the promoted free gift – so I ordered a Rose Oil Sheet Face Mask, also by The Crème Shop:

… and accidentally put 2 of them in my cart. 😳 I hope I like them. At least they’re made in Korea!

And this was my free gift!

A contour kit with a brush! 🙂
The brand is “Makeover Essentials” – quite a generic nondescript name but they have do have a website and this Contour Kit has a suggested retail of $39.99!

I was rather impressed by its metal casing – it’s nicer than some of those high-end branded palettes that are made of cardboard.

It was really fun and tempting to shop on the Miss A site since everything is so inexpensive! Here are some items that almost made it in my cart…

AOA Hand Mirror – $1.35 CAD

I don’t need this but it’s so cute! 😛

AOA F4 Round Kabuki Brush – $1.35 CAD

Sadly it’s sold out as were many of the face buffing style brushes. Who can blame them? It’s A DOLLAR. 😮 And I guess they’re really popular since Miss A limits 1 per sku per order. The only way to get this brush right now is if you purchase the 10 pc or 24 pc set ($13.50 and $27 CAD respectively) which are still great value but I don’t want all the brushes in the sets.

a2o Lab Colorboard Magnetic Palette – $6.75 CAD

How delightful is this? A customizable magnetized palette that fits single refill pans. Miss A also sells their own brand of refills including eye shadows ($3.37), blushes, highlighters, bronzers ($4.72).  Tempting but I resisted!

Keep in mind that likely most – if not all – of the makeup on this site would be made in China. I’d personally not buy liquid makeup from there, especially lip products.

I placed the order on April 7th and it arrived in 16 days (Dallas to Toronto) which is as expected. As mentioned, there is not free shipping option to Canada so it cost me $5.95 USD if I kept the order under $40.  Here are the shipping details from Miss A:

International Shipping to Canada

Order Amount Cost Arrives in Country
(Excluding 3-5 Business Day Processing Time)
Orders $40 and under $5.95 USD 7 – 27 business days
Orders $40.01 to $70 $9.95 USD 7 – 27 business days
Orders $70.01 and up $19.95 USD 7 – 27 business days

Side note / rant: it always baffles me why there’s free shipping option for the US if they hit a certain amount (it’s $35 USD on Miss A) but for outside of US, the reverse holds true: the more I spend, the more it costs me to ship. Why shouldn’t I get free shipping if I spend more too?  I know it costs more to ship outside the US, so they can just set the amount higher, for instance, set it at $70 minimum spend for free shipping to Canada. I have no incentive to order more with this current model. Heck, it’s actually cheaper for me to place 2 separate orders of $39.99 instead of one order of $80 since it would just cost me $11.90 in shipping ($5.95 x 2) for 2 orders rather than $19.95 for a single large order.  Great, now that I’ve pointed this out, Miss A will increase their lower tier shipping rate. 🙄 Anyway! Aside from the bit about shipping, the site is fantastic and I would definitely order from them again. 🙂

Have you heard of Miss A?  What are your thoughts on inexpensive / dollar store makeup?  What’s your favourite non-Beauty Blender sponge?

88 thoughts on “My First Miss A Haul (Shipping to Canada)

  1. I hadn’t heard of Miss A, I was about to say that those purple Guard sponges look like the Quo ones, I take it they’re not the same?
    Those brushes look interesting actually especially for price, I’m tempted to go and have a look!
    Totally agree with you on shipping, there are companies that seem to play by good rules for the UK, Colour Pop (Free over $50 for international – and free over $30 this weekend!) Sephora free over $75 – that increase for the more you buy is ludicrous, it only gets cheaper for small parcels like this that aren’t that heavy once you’ve got the initial base cost out the way!

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    1. The purple gourd shaped is very similar to the Quo one – yes! I haven’t wet it yet so I don’t know if it’s as soft. It’d be good to find a cheap version since the Quo ones have shot up in price – they’re now $10 each when they used to be $5 only last year! 😮
      The brushes remind me a lot of the Sigma ones. Or even the Sephora Pro collection.
      Exactly as you say – they more than make back the cost of shipping when I order more. Ugh. The only reason I see why they do this is to deter international orders because they really don’t want to bother.


  2. LOL I read the title and thought you “missed” a haul.

    I’ve never heard of this site! I must keep away…though generally the $1 polishes don’t appeal that much to me once I’ve already tried them. KleanColors/L.A. Colors are pretty meh. Still, sometimes I get in the mood to haul cheaply 🙂

    Those brushes look cute! Hope they work well.

    Dollar stuff is so hit/miss, though usually miss, for me. But the fact that some are exceptionally good for $1 means I get really vexed at more expensive brands that don’t live up to the pricetags!

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    1. I thought about using quotation marks around “Miss A” but then it would just seem like I’m being sarcastic. XD

      Yeah, some days I just want to buy cheap crap for fun… I was pleasantly surprised by those brushes. Too bad I couldn’t try the face buffing ones – for A DOLLAR. True, I don’t judge too harshly when dollar store stuff fall short.


  3. I have heard of this brand and browsed their site a bit. I saw the blending sponges but not sure if it’s worth to try. I cant wait to hear your thoughts on this one. My favorite sponge ever is from StyleWurks and I love it more than RT sponges. I have yet to try the Loreal and Eco-tools too!

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    1. Where did you buy the StyleWurks sponge from? I’m always game to try new sponges! And yes, I’m curious about the L’Oreal one but it’s so expensive here. I haven’t seen the Ecotools one here yet.

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      1. I always get them at the Christmas Tree shop or Bed Bath & Beyond. You can also check them online. And yes the L’Oreal is pricey and I noticed its sold out everywhere now. I also heard the Ecotools sponge are good too. 😃

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        1. The L’Oreal sponge sells for $17 here! They’d have to be at least 50% off for me to even consider trying one… geez, what has drugstore makeup prices become?

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          1. I completely agree with you!! The Ecotools sponges retails for $9.99 and their tiny. But heard great things bout it though. Wish CVS pharmacy carries them since I get 25-30% off all the time.


  4. I’ve heard of this website, but I don’t know, I’m always so hesitant to buy stuff when it’s UNBELIEVABLY cheap, you know? It’s so funny, I guess it’s almost like a “too good to be true” kind of thing.
    The purple Sculpted sponge reminds me of the Quo one! The brushes look decent too. I’d be interested to hear what you think of them!
    Oooh, that’s a pretty nice GWP. Did you get to pick what it was?
    I hate paying for shipping. Even if it’s just $5, I hate it. Especially when us Canadians get snubbed like in this case! If a company offers free shipping if you purchase a certain amount, I always try to reach that threshold unless it’s an exorbitant amount of money haha.

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    1. I know, I am forever a skeptic! But curiosity got the better of me. I’d love more than anything to say the site is selling crap… but I’m impressed so far.
      Yes, I should have included in the post about the purple sponge – it IS really similar to the Quo one. I noticed that the Quo ones have shot up in price! Last time I saw they were $10 each and they were only $5 last year! Geez.
      I agree, I was reluctant to pay shipping. I even thought about spending the maximum for the $5.95 level (so, $40) but then who is winning? They are! 😉

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      1. That’s impressive that they can sell decent products at such a low price. At least with hauls like yours, skeptics will be more open to trying stuff from the site.
        WTF, they’re $10 now?! Last time I saw, they were also $5. That’s a huge increase…
        Hah, I would have tried to maximize my spending for the shipping level too, but you’re so right, they reap the benefits from that! I should think twice before buying more stuff to justify the shipping next time…

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        1. I was shocked to see the price jump on those Quo sponges, which kind of fueled my quest to find good sponges for $5 or less. I noticed even the no-name ones at Winners are selling for $6+ what the heck.

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  5. Aaw man Americans are so lucky they seem to get free shipping on loads of things! We get shafted like you. Always have to pay an arm and a leg for delivery especially from abroad. Can’t wait for you to review these especially all the face masks😂 and the beauty blender style sponge x

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  6. I’ve heard of them but they are not the “first” site to sell everything for $1. When ELF first got started, everything they sold on their site was $1. If anything *they* were probably the first.

    I’ve heard of Miss A but like others have said, I’m wary of the quality of things. I will say I’ve purchased sheet masks from The Creme Shop at TJ Max and really like them. The logo on the ones you got look different from the logo on the ones I have though. Hoping those you have aren’t counterfeit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe the ones at TJMaxx are counterfeit! 😛 It would be funny there’s be a counterfeit effort for something so inexpensive like sheet masks!
      You make a good point about Elf being the first. But I guess they never fancied themselves as a dollar store format, they just so happened to price everything for $1.


  7. I guess you can’t go wrong with $1.35 sponges and $1.13 masks!!

    Your rant though! OMG!!! I feel the same way!!! Is it bad that I almost refuse to buy from a company that doesn’t ship to Canada for free anymore? I’d rather have a higher minimum spend than have to pay a shipping fee.
    I guess for how cheap the actual products are Miss A might justify the shipping cost and at least you know the cost upfront and it’s standard. The times I’ve bought from colourpop I’ve been charged shipping based on weight which I think is worse.

    Looking forward to an update post with your thoughts on products!

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    1. No, you’re not alone. I do typically shy away from companies that don’t offer free shipping. I mean, I’m a TOTAL sucker for the free shipping offer and I will spend the minimum dollar amount to achieve it. But like you said, this site offers such cheap items, I can somewhat understand and I view it as saving on the product so I pay the shipping. :/
      Oh good to know about the ColourPop shipping policy – I had no idea it was based on weight! Geez.

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  8. $1!

    Gosh, I could do with some new sponges. I decided to finally get rid of my Real Techniques blending sponges lol. I’m using H&M right now, and I find them decent enough but not my absolute favourite.

    ‘I don’t need this but it’s so cute!’ –> I think we can all relate to this statement. 😛

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    1. I really like the H&M one (the white one, right?) but I do find it’s a little too squishy and small. And time will tell if they last.
      Cute stuff always tempt me… I’m such a sucker! XD

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      1. Tbh when I do my makeup I don’t pay THAT close attention to the blending. I mean…I do and I don’t. I think because I’m so used to the RT sponge, the H&M sponge feels slightly stiffer but otherwise, don’t get as damaged easily as the RT ones (fingernail marks on my RT ones lol).

        Oh don’t even start, I’m in the midst of online shopping skincare and I’m really going for it!!

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  9. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the sponges once you’ve tried them with foundation and if your thoughts are any different. The eye brushes look nice as does the contour kit 🙂

    I can see why you nearly purchased the mirror, so cute!

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  10. OH MY GOD! Please give me a virtual high five for not liking the flat surface on the RT sponges!!!! The edges leave stamping marks!!! The rounded seamless edge makes for seamless blending! And it’s funny when people choose to list that as an advantage!

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    1. I’m not sure if people comprehend how the rounded edges give a more seamless blend versus a hard flat edge?
      You just wait, I have a scathing review of that sponge coming up. I swore I’d not repurchase it but everyone encouraged me to give it another try. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… shame on ME! 😛

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  11. Wow this is incredibly cheap – never seen a beauty store this cheap! Sounds like the dream for my student-self just a year back. I’ll be honest sometimes I’m sceptical when it comes to buying things that are incredibly cheap for fear the quality – but I’m glad you’re impressed with it so far!

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    1. I know, I wished stores like this existed when I was a poor student too! I really only decided to take the plunge into this store based on word of mouth recommendations. So far so good!


  12. Your blog is the first place I’ve heard of Miss A! (At first when I saw that name, I thought of the kpop group Miss A hahaha. And AOA is also the name of my favorite kpop girl group.) I try to avoid any makeup or skincare product that’s made in China. I also doubt that the brushes are made in the USA if they’re that cheap. Although brushes should be fine even if they are made in China! All the makeup brushes I use are made in China, and I haven’t had a problem. I’ve actually never used a beautyblender or similar sponge before… I’m curious though! Those are washable right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I have heard of that K-Pop group! So funny. 😛
      Yes I do try to avoid made in China makeup especially liquid types. It’s becoming more common now though. I don’t mind brushes or sponges made in China. But my favourite brushes are made in Japan! They’re so well crafted and soft. 🙂
      Yes the Beauty Blender type sponges are washable! I usually use either Dawn dish detergent or the Daiso Puff and Sponge Detergent. I go more in depth here in my Beauty Blender Battle:


      1. I’d love to try brushes Made in Japan someday! When my friend went to Japan, she got me some Hello Kitty makeup brushes as a souvenir, but I’m pretty sure those were made in China (haven’t tried them yet haha).
        Thanks for the link!! I’ll check out that post. 😀

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          1. Thanks for linking! Don’t worry about it; I appreciate the links because I love reading blog posts~ I’ll try to read it when I get back tomorrow night!


  13. Heya. Just received my order off the same site. Came across your page. Lovely review thank you. Just wondering did your pink or purple tear drop sponges bleed dye? My pink one did and I’m real disappointed with it. The feel of dye leaking out is awful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there, I didn’t notice any significant dye leaking from either the pink or the purple one. I’ve since ordered more and both batches are fine. I wonder if you could soak them overnight in some warm water and a bit of vinegar, maybe that would help to leach everything out? This is usually that recommendation to stop dark denim from running.


      1. Hey thanks for the suggestion.
        Thing is ive washed more thsn 10 times now yet it leaks. And ive got horrible itching and rashes to my face from their sponges and their face brushes! Goodness!
        Just learnt my lessom the hard way, not to sit and try cheaply sold face products.
        Ive frantic to use their powders or even the eyebrow pencil. Never buying from them. Their customer service is horrid. Just arguing back regarding the leaking dyes even after i have told them that i do not want any refund or replacement which eitherways they didnt bother to offer. And all they want is proof !

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m so sorry this happened to you! How terrible and disappointing.
          Thank you for sharing your experience – I hope it can help someone out there.
          I hope your face heals quickly!


          1. Its a horrible feeling. Not sure why possibly I was wanting to try a low priced product.

            I guess its safer spending more money and buying something worthwhile and reaction free!

            I hope anyone witb sensitive skin or even normal skin should stay away from such cheaply made and sold products!

            Im actually going to chuck away the whole lot of 29 products after the reaction cos ots not worth it honestly!


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