Best of 2015 discoveries

I posted my list of beauty discoveries in 2014 when I started this blog so I thought I’d continue the tradition this year. I consider something a “discovery” if it’s new to me, not necessarily something that was launched that year. Since I was on a No-Buy all year, I was either using up items in my stash or opening up unopened products that I had hoarded. I decided on the Top 15 since I saw it on Classic Maggie’s blog (I suppose next year I’ll need to list 16 items?)  I’ll differentiate the Rediscoveries with (R) and New discoveries with (N) on my list.
Where available, I’ve linked to blog posts where I’ve either reviewed or mentioned the products. In no particular order:

Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution (N) – $23 for 300ml (MAC stores and online) [mentioned here]
A very effective micellar water that leaves my skin feeling super soft. I’ve already bought a replacement of this – over the holidays I found a double pack of this for the price of one!

Muji Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil (N) – $14.50 for 200ml (Muji stores) [mentioned here]
I think this might even beat out MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil! 😮  It’s highly effective and contains great ingredients (olive oil is the primary ingredient) yet it is very affordable.

Bourjois Express Eye-Makeup Remover (N) – $20 for 200ml (Shoppers Drug Mart) [mentioned here]
I wasn’t expecting much from this eye makeup remover but the more I use it, the more impressed I am. It’s very effective, yet gentle, and doesn’t leave a greasy film.
Shiseido Benefiance Instant Treatment Eye Mask (N) – $72 for 12 pairs (department stores) [reviewed here]
Found this at Winners (TJMaxx) and was a bit skeptical and then was blown away! It’s a retinol treatment that works quickly.  Believe the hype!  Based on the positive results I got from this eye mask, I’m going to try a retinol eye cream this year.

Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster (N) – $48 for 20ml (Paula’s Choice online) [mentioned here]
I had a learning curve / tolerance period with this serum but once my skin adapted to it, the results were fantastic! My skin GLOWS the morning after I apply this.

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer Volume Up (N) – $9 for 6ml (online) [reviewed here]
I just used this up in December – it is an amazing lash primer that helps to keep a curl and prevent mascaras from smudging or flaking. I just placed an order online for another 2 tubes. No more paying $25 for Shiseido’s lash primers for me!
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (R) – $30 for 4g (Sephora) [mentioned here]
It was once I finished up my jar (after 3 years of using it!) that I finally came to appreciate how fantastic this powder is for setting concealer and brightening up my under eye area.

MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Powder (N) – $37 for 10g  (MAC stores and online) [reviewed here]
I bought this without checking any reviews and when I got home I read some really poor reviews on it, which made me worry. But I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this looks on the skin. The trick with this densely packed pressed powder is to use a natural bristle brush in order to pick up sufficient amount of product.

Revlon PhotoReady concealer (R) – $13 for 3.2g  (drugstores)
This concealer hasn’t had the spotlight on the blog yet which is unfortunate, as I’m nearing the end of this tube. It’s really an unsung hero – since I prefer more sheer foundations, I’ve been using this concealer nearly daily to conceal areas that need extra coverage, such as my nose (redness) and chin (hyperpigmentation). Why I like this concealer so much is that it has just the right amount of pigment but is still creamy and looks very natural on the skin.
MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow (N) – $24 for 2.5g or 3 for $50 with palette (Sephora) [reviewed here]
I had some reservations about these eye shadows in the beginning because they weren’t as insanely pigmented as I thought they would be. There is also some blending challenges with them – however, they wear like iron and are offered in pretty much every colour you can imagine. I found myself reaching for these whenever I needed something dependable that will last all day and night.
Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks (R) – $30 for 4g (department stores) [reviewed here]
These just somehow got neglected in favour of newer, brighter playthings in my makeup stash – but I’m glad to have rediscovered them again!  I’ve been especially enjoying the shades Harmony RD750 and Pink Mesa PK303. If my Top 15 list inspires you to run out to the store to buy one thing, let it be a Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick!
Sonia Kashuk face brushes (N) – $17.99-$19.99 (Target) [mentioned here]
I bought these during Targetgate™ and I love them! They are honestly better than MAC face brushes. There, I said it! I haven’t had a chance to devote an entry to them but I plan to.  Shown here are Large Powder Brush #01, Blusher Brush #02, Domed Blusher Brush #29. All I can say is that they’re soft, well constructed and are very affordable for the quality.

MAC 137 Long Blending Brush (N) – $50.50 (MAC stores and online) [mentioned here and here, and reviewed here]
I lemmed this HARD when it was first launched and finally succumbed to it – and I’m SO glad that I did! This is hands down the best brush for highly pigmented blushes. And huzzah, this brush is permanent – I think I need a back up of it!
Bioderma Cicabio Crème (N) – $15.95 for 40ml (Shoppers Drug Mart) [reviewed here]
This cream is honestly magic in a tube! It saved me numerous times when I developed hives, when I cut myself, when my skin randomly itches and can’t be soothed with anything else. I’ll never be without this! (The photo above shows this product at Shoppers Drug Mart – it’s located with the rest of the Bioderma skincare)
Bath & Body Works Waikiki Beach Coconut collection (N) – (Bath & Body Works stores) [mentioned here]
I’m sorry to include something that was limited edition but my hope is that BBW will bring it back. The key notes are coconut, sea notes and bamboo (and apparently a Creed Virgin Island Water dupe) – every time I spray it on, it brings a smile to my face – I don’t care that it’s not summer anymore, I still wear this. If you ever come across this at a BBW clearance / outlet, scoop it up!

It goes without saying that I highly recommend every single one of these products! 😀
There you have it – the most exclamation marks I’ve used in a single post!!! 😛
What were your Top 15 beauty products for 2015?

49 thoughts on “Best of 2015 discoveries

  1. Thanks for sharing your picks! I think I am going to have to make a note of that concealer. Right now, I’m using Nars concealer and I love it but it’s pretty expensive so whenever I can cut back and still get a great product, I’m down. Have you tried the Nars one? If so, is your recommendation pretty close to theirs?

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    1. I haven’t tried the Nars one but I plan to! I’ve heard the Nars one is similar to the Maybelline Fit Me, which I have used. It’s not as high coverage compared to the Revlon one that I’ve listed. Keep in mind I don’t use the Revlon under my eyes (it’s a tad drying there). I use the Maybelline Age Rewind one for under my eyes and I love it.

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  2. Oh hot dang, the other day I saw the Waikiki Beach collection as part of the semi-annual clearance sale, and I wanted it, because it smelled delicious AND because of the significance of Waikiki to me…but I was with my mom and she stopped me from buying it because I “own too many lotions already”. Now I wish I picked it up! 😦 I may or may not sneak back to get it if the sale is still on…

    Ahh, I must try the Laura Mercier powder and the Shiseido lipsticks this year!! Those are two of the top items that I have been dying to get since following your blog.

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  3. Ooooh! Those Sonia Kashuk brushes look lovely. Boy – I miss Target! And that 137 MAC brush has been on my must buy list forever now. I have this clown red blush that I’m dying to wear, but my regular blush brushes apply it like a racing stripe. Thanks for the great list!

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  4. Wow! I want to run out and buy so many of the products you listed lol! I have seen and heard great things about the Laura Mercier powder. I only have one Shiseido lip product and don’t really use it much, but the one you mentioned in your favorites looks beautiful!! Thanks so much for this post!!! Xoxo

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    1. The Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks ALMOST make me not want to buy any other lipsticks… almost!
      The Laura Mercier powder is so subtle but that’s what makes it so good – it’s difficult to do subtle. Give it a test at Sephora next time you’re there!


  5. I had the B&BW hand soap in Waikiki and I wanted to eat it, it smelled so good. I hope they bring it back too!

    Going to add that Revlon concealer to my list – I’ve been looking for a new concealer and if it can come from the drugstore that’s even better.

    I love the shades you own in the MUFE shadows. My mom wears them and swears by them and I’d like to give them a try too. Not sure I can justify more eyeshadow right now though.

    Great picks! Also thanks for linking me in your post! 🙂

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    1. If you live near a BBW, they’re doing their clearance sale and I heard Waikiki is available for 75% off!
      Yeah… as much as I want more MUFE eye shadows, I’m happy with what I’ve got so far. They wear SO well though… makes me want to replace all my eye shadows with those!

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  6. So many great favs on your list! I am in love with the MUFE shadows too. They are excellent. I only have 2 but would like to get more. Two things are now on my wish list – the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (I just got her translucent setting powder and totally love it) and the Shiseido lippies. I have got to try their lipsticks! Awesome post 🙂

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    1. Oh you will love the Laura Mercier Secret powder – it gives such an awake look! And since you’re a lippy connoisseur, I hope the Shiseido ones will live up to your standards! 🙂


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