Mediterranean Cruise Makeup Haul

You know, I really didn’t set out to haul makeup during my cruise trip but then Ms Polished and Inspired reminded me that makeup purchases made while on vacation do not count toward my Low-Buy, so thoughts of makeup seeped into brain while I was vacationing in the Mediterranean. I blame her. Here’s the damage:
Honestly, not too bad. 😛

Dubrovnik, Croatia


I went to Dubrovnik to see the Walled City (which I did, and loved!) but I walked away with some makeup gems! I was so stoked to spot a DM store right near where the tour bus dropped us off. I’m familiar with DM stores having visited their stores in Germany – it’s essentially a German drugstore chain in the same vein as Canadian Shoppers Drug Mart, British Boots, or American Walgreens.  Once we were finished our walk around the sights, I demanded that we visited the DM store before we headed back to the ship. 😀  The SO only agreed to it so that he could buy a bottle of water.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 960 Choc’Late Night Show Kn22,90 (Croatian Kuna) (~C$4.50)
My first Catrice item! I could not decide what to choose – I stood in front of that display for way too long – so I went with what I know best: eye shadow. I can’t wait to try this. I’m also now kicking myself for not picking up a matte one as well – I just remembered that they’re supposed to be amazing.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in 54 Rose Frisson Kn79,90 (~C$15.70)
I’ve had this particular shade on my wish list for ages – ever since I heard about it from Lisa Eldridge. Unfortunately, this shade is not sold in North America. So when I saw this at DM, I had to have it! I own a few of these Bourjois blushes and my favourites are the ones that are matte, like this one. 🙂

Bourjois Express Eye-Makeup Remover Kn39,90 (~C$8)
I had to double check the currency conversion when I was at the store, because this is less than half price compared to how much it costs in Canada (C$20). I was tempted to buy several bottles but I limited myself to one. I love this product – it made it to my top 15 of 2015 list!

Alverde Lid-Schatten.Basis Kn14,90 (~C$3)
I bought this purely on a whim, and I wasn’t 100% sure that it was actually an eyelid primer since there was absolutely no English on the packaging except for the ingredient list. “Lid-Schatten.Basis” sounds like it could be lid primer, no? Turns out it is an eyelid primer, but reviews online says it’s not good. There were other things at the Alverde display that I was eyeing but I “need” an eyelid primer since my other ones are not cutting it right now. At least this wasn’t expensive, and I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet – it may surprise me.

Santorini, Greece

My SO and I both went a little nuts shopping in Santorini – me mostly buying makeup and him souvenirs. Greece is home to the brand Korres and the prices were too good to pass up (Shoppers Drug Mart here does carry Korres body and skincare, ever since Sephora stopped carrying the brand). I actually visited 2 different pharmacies that day.

Korres 3 pack nail polish in 31 Nude, 29 Ultra Violet and 25 Lilac 10ml each €7.90 (~C$11.70)
I received some Korres nail polishes from a friend a while back when she vacationed in Greece and they are superb quality. I vowed to get more if I could get my hands on them and I was happy to get this trio.

Korres crystal nail file €9.27 (~C$13.70)
Not really sure what possessed me to pick this up but I was hoping it’d be similar to my favourite no-name brand crystal nail file that I’ve had for close to 10 years (I have a fear that I will drop and break it). And you know what? The Korres one is pretty darn similar. It’s made in the EU.

Korres Body Butter in Bergamot Pear €7 (~C$10.30)
They sell this for C$33 here! 😮

Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil €30 (~C$44)
I was so worried about this breaking during the trip home even though I had it in my carry-on – the box got a little crushed but it’s fine. There are actual rose petals inside the oil! I just saw this at Shoppers Drug Mart and it’s selling for C$75 plus 13% tax. I just love how tax is included in the sticker price in Europe.

Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Eyeshadow Palette in Earthy Bronze  €16.20 (~C$24)
This normally sells for €18 but I got a discount on the makeup for some reason. I’m not complaining! 😀 On the surface of the palette, there’s a design that looks like an erupting volcano… and I’m thinking it contains some volcanic minerals in the formula itself?

Korres blush in 18 Peach €16.15 (~C$23.80)
I wanted the shade 22 Purple (not truly purple but a mauvey rose) but it was sold out. The sales girl recommended this to me, saying that the Purple would have been too deep for my complexion since I’m not “dark” like her – I think she more meant that she was olive skinned compared to me. 😛 And the best part? I got a gwp for either buying 2 makeup products or for buying a blush – I’m not sure which – but regardless, I got a free full size blush brush:
It’s not the softest brush but hey, it was free! 😉

I also picked up this non-beauty item for myself – a beaded bracelet made of volcanic rock:
I really liked this shop (Athens Protasis), they had a lot of pretty pieces and they made a point to tell me that their jewellery were made in Greece whereas a lot of the ones in tourist shops are imported. 🙂

Venice, Italy

Pupa Pupart palette in #03 €20.30 (~C$30)
In the Venice airport I picked up this mainly due to the flight delay! I debated between this and the #05 Smokey one but I was advised by the Italian SA that it would be too dark for me. What is with these people, maybe I want dark? 😛  I also liked these Pupacat compacts but when I read the fine print, I saw that they’re made in Tunisia, not in Italy. I was bummed that I didn’t see any Kiko in Venice but I was in a touristy area, likely if I ventured away, I would have come across it.

I did not find a thing to buy on the cruise ship itself.  I really really wanted to buy something from the duty-free shop onboard but I just could not find anything I really wanted (they carried Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, OPI and lots of perfumes). I almost bought a 2-pack of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ in 75ml pump bottles for $40 USD but with the currency conversion, it wasn’t that much of a savings, just for the sake of buying something.  Ah well, I was happy with what I got overall.   The best shopping by far was in Dubrovnik because it was so unexpected and inexpensive. I also loved the Greek pharmacies and wished I had more time to linger in them (plus a bigger suitcase).

Have you tried any of the items that I picked up? What makeup gems have you bought while on vacation?  I guess whenever I go on a Low-Buy, I need to go on vacation so I can shop! 😆

69 thoughts on “Mediterranean Cruise Makeup Haul

  1. Great haul! That Catrice eyeshadow looks beautiful! I have never tried anything from Korres but their body products sound really nice, really awesome too that you got to pick it up in Greece! A perfect souvenir!

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  2. Ooh all the Korres stuff looks fantastic! The price over here is mad by comparison.

    Pretty bracelet – so nice it is actually made in Greece. Also, I had no idea makeup could be manufactured in Tunisia. My everyday olive oil is from Tunisia…that’s about it, I think.

    Great stuff all round. Can;t believe you only got one Catrice shadow! ;D

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    1. The prices really got me! I guess it was similar to seeing all the Japanese stuff and knowing they would be double the price if I bought it online. But to see something cost 2/3 less in the case of that Korres body butter – ugh!
      I was a tiny bit curious about the makeup made in Tunisia – I mean, they’re so close to Italy / Malta. Maybe it’s an emerging market for makeup?
      I really kicking myself for only getting 1 Catrice. I wore it and formula is stunning. I found this site that sells Catrice along with Essence, and a bunch of European drugstore brands:
      Shipping is a flat rate at €10,90

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  3. Ooooh, good find on the Bourjois remover, we still can’t get that here! I love the look of that Catrice eyeshadow, well done on finding them – I searched the airport in Milan, but there was no drugstore type brands other than Pupa and I wasn’t tempted. That eyeshadow shade reminds me of Smog from UD, very pretty!

    All of those Korres shades look great, I’ve had something in the Beragmot Pear scent before and loved it. Their makeup isn’t that easy to find here either, skincare not so hard. That eyeshadow palette and polishes look great, those were a great steal at that price!

    I have a similar necklace that’s made from volcanic rock which my Parents got me whilst visiting greece! I don’t like wearing it though, I find it’s texture makes me really itchy!

    I saw several Kikos in Milan during the evening but the stores were always closed, there was a Kiko in Milan airport, but it was so small they didn’t have the items I’d wanted to get my hands on so I left with my spare cash and spent it on Limoncello and Meloncello instead – Helpless Whilst Drunk cominatcha.

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    1. Yes I can see how the volcanic rock beads are too scratchy around the neck – it’s fine around the wrist though.
      I was going to ask you how much they sell the Bourjois remover there in the UK – so silly the don’t carry it. But you wouldn’t be able to use it with your lash extensions – it would melt the glue!
      The Catrice shadow is a bit deeper than Smog – I do have that too, I’ll do a comparison one of these days (all the bronzes). One of my friends visits Greece regularly because her bf’s family lives there and has gotten me a few bits from the brand – I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far so I’m hope these are winners too!
      Kiko remains elusive to both of us then! I do have a few items from doing a swap but I’d love to visit a store.
      Hehe Cat and I already discussed the possibility of doing a BeautyPodcast drunk a while back – I think it needs to happen now!


      1. Yes, I am going extension free for a little bit though I think, need to give my natural lashes a month or so to replenish, so I’m gonna crack out everything oily this month! We don’t get any of the Bourjois skincare here, so odd!
        I’ve got a couple of Korres foundations and used their powders in the past as my CCO had them, but they never carried anything other than those so haven’t tried anything else other than skincare!
        I decided not to bother with Kiko as we can get it here, although the stores aren’t particularly local to me, but I thought there’s no point going crazy on products I can get at home and I’m not that bothered about… WAIT DID I BECOME A RESPONSIBLE ADULT?!

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  4. You’re welcome 😀 lol, going on vacation so you can shop during a low-buy…best loophole ever!
    Such a good haul! So envious of your Catrice and Pupa items…would love to get my hands on those brands one day! Nice choice in shades 🙂 I’m surprised you only picked up one Catrice single, hehe!
    Omg, I can’t believe how inexpensive Korres is! $10 vs $33 for the body butter and $44 vs $75 for the oil?? You hit the jackpot! Bergamot Pear sounds delicious, too. The blush is a super pretty shade, too.

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    1. Teehee, I had to give credit to where credit is due! 😉
      Some Rexalls carry Pupa and I just checked the nearest one to me and they only carry 2 of those palettes but not this version. And they cost $44 + tax, whereas it was $30 there. So that was good!
      I didn’t really pay much mind to Korres when they were at Sephora. But then my friends got me some stuff from their trips and I ended up really liking them. I saw some online sources that sell it for much cheaper – I might get more if I end up liking these (esp that blush in the shade that was sold out!)

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      1. Wow, had no idea Rexall carried Pupa! I rarely, rarely go to one because they’re a little harder to come by here…ahem, might have to check one out soon! $44 is kinda pricey, though :/
        I’ve only ever tried a lip balm and a face primer from Korres, but both were good. You should definitely get that blush!!


    1. I know, it’s kind of insane the price difference. I knew they were cheaper but not by THAT much! I guess it beats buying a plane ticket to Greece but still. I was looking at online prices and they’re more reasonable too.

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  5. What an awesome haul! I love traveling because I love finding things to shop for. That is pretty much the highlight of ANYWHERE I go! LOL. WHERE CAN I SHOP? The Korres products are wonderful, I really love that line.

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    1. It’s honestly one of the highlights of any trip! 😆 My SO does NOT feel the same way. He’d much rather spend the time at a museum – which we did as well, don’t get me wrong – it’s just nice to have a blend of both. 😉

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    1. I was honestly ill-prepared for visiting a Greek pharmacy! I really should have done more research on Korres skincare line – I was primarily after the nail polish.:P I eyed one of their face creams but ended up not getting it. Now I’ll have to remember about their cleansers and moisturizers being good.


  6. Give me that Korres blush please… that Peach shade is gorge! And the palette you got is also stunning!! I thought this is goin to be a Korres haul until I saw somethin else.. haha Great haul!

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    1. I wouldn’t have chosen the Peach shade myself since I already own so many! (who am I kidding, I have blushes in every colour of the rainbow, almost) Haha, yes, the haul was quite heavy on the Korres, I didn’t plan it that way!


    1. When I came home I googled that product and saw some reviews online so I was able to determine it’s an eye primer. And the reviews say it’s no good! 😦 I still haven’t tried it but at least it wasn’t expensive. I can’t wait to try everything out!

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    1. I thought you had Catrice over in the UK? I guess I was mistaken.
      Yes we have Korres skincare and body care but no makeup. Sephora used to carry their makeup but I was never into the line back then. Of course they don’t carry it anymore.


  7. You picked up some great products by the looks of things! The Bourjois blush and the Catrice eyeshadow look absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see swatches and read your thoughts on them!

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    1. I’m so happy to have found those items! 😀 I need to do a LOT of reviews and swatches of things I got this year – I’m so backlogged! I think December will be devoted to catching up on that…

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  8. Ohemgee that Korres eyeshadow palette is beautyiful and perfect for fall! I love the blush too! And that Pupa palette….gasp!

    Can’t believe how much cheaper the Korres products were there, that’s a big difference! Nice to be on the other side of the exchange rate for once!

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    1. Yup, it’s a rare day when something is cheaper even with the exchange rate! I wished I could have bought more… I guess this means I’ll need to go back to Greece, then! 😛

      I wore the Korres blush last week and I love it! I want more…


  9. You watch Lisa Eldridge too 🙂 The Bourjois blush is on my radar but I am interested in it mostly for its packaging 😛 It is such a fab small and compact product for the travel make up bag 😀 Your Korres haul is positively swoon worthy~~~ When will you test them out? I’ve never bought any Korres before. They’re founded by Mirander Kerr, no?

    Is tax not included in Canada’s price tag? It must be so troublesome O_o or they expect consumers to be really good at maths. Over here (EU), everything includes tax on the price tag.

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    1. Well now you’re in the land of Bourjois, you should be able to find those blushes easily and hopefully, cheaply!

      I aim to do a big TEST FEST for all of the makeup that I’ve been accumulating this year. It’s such a shame I honestly haven’t even cracked into my Japanese makeup yet!! I’m devoting December to this endeavour.

      Nope, taxes not included in anything here. Some sort of law that states consumers must be shown taxes separately. It’s annoying and yes we have to do mental math a lot. The tax used to be 15% so it was easier… this 13% business is slightly annoying. 😛

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      1. Sadly, in the land of Bourjois, it is more expensive than UK. Despair not! I’ll do a stop over at London *LOL* 😀

        Well, I haven’t cracked into make up / skin care that I bought last year. So you’re more up to date than me 😛

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