My December 2016 Goals

Happy December!  Now that I’m done Project Pan, I have to be honest with you – I’ve been feeling a little stressed and lot guilty about the pile of makeup that have been waiting to be photographed, tested, and reviewed. Ever since the floodgates opened this year for makeup buying, I’ve been amassing so many new items, all the while making mental notes to review them on the blog. The entire 3 months I was doing Project Pan, I kept eyeing the ever growing pile.

This was from January, just a mishmash of items.

So for the month of December, instead of jingle jangle ho ho ho Christmas themed posts, I’m going to play catch up on all the items I’ve been meaning to review! Here’s a sneaky peek at what will be coming up. 😛

I’m going to try to do the reviews in chronological order, from when these products entered my stash. Going aaaaaall the way back to last December, we have:

Christmas gifts from 2015:
I haven’t even TOUCHED the bareMinerals The Regal Wardrobe palette because I forgot I had it! 😳

Then the Kiko items that I received as part of a swap A Girl With Pink Cheeks:
All the chocolates are consumed, however. 😉

Paul & Joe Beauté loot:
These are almost too cute to use… almost.

January Hauluary purchases:

But I did recently review that Burberry nail polish in Steel Grey!

Highlights of things to be reviewed: Burberry stuff (from Hudson’s Bay Haul), Korean cushion BB cream (from Korean beauty haul),  and Anna Sui Tempting Sweets set (from Winners haul).

Remember those AliExpress items I got? I still haven’t reviewed the Real Techniques Bold Metals set or the comparison between the RT sponge vs the knock-off version:
These are still waiting to be wash, even!

H&M Beauty stuff:
I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed the eye shadows yet. I took pictures and everything – I just need to swatch and type out my thoughts. Doh!

MAC stuff, especially all those brushes I got:

Body Shop stuff – I bought quite a few new things from TBS in the past 11 months, and I’ve been meaning to review them (some I’ve already taken photographs of, ages ago):
Of note: the Oils of Life Twin-Ball Facial Massager (hauled here), Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask (from July), and Bronzer (from the makeup flash sale)

Avon stuff:
Especially that crazy mascara! I just recently pulled it out from the bottom of a basket – I’d forgotten about it. 😳

Stuff I won from giveaways:
Remember I had a winning streak? I have used some of the items I won but have yet to review them, most notably the NYX contour palette (from Sandie’s Stash), Maybelline Naked palette and Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Iconic 2 (both from the Helpless Whilst Drying’s Favourites Massive Giveaway Goodies!).  But I did review the Carli Bybel palette that I won from MyStyleInsideOut (*pats self on the back*)

May & June haulage:
I kind of lost my mind just before my Japan trip and bought the NYX Avant Pop palette (from the blogger meetup), Lancome Auda[City] in Paris Eyeshadow Palette (from the impromptu Lancome haul) and BH Cosmetics palette (from Winners). SO MANY PALETTES, what came over me? 😮

And of course, the epic Japanese Makeup Haul:
So many pretties, and I’ve only tried a few items so far. *Hangs head* I’ll probably be reviewing these products well into 2018!

Birthday Haul stuff:
Specifically, I want to review the 2 CoverGirl TruNaked palettes, the Shu Uemura palette, and the Charlotte Tilbury items!

Mediterranean Cruise Haul stuff:
The Pupa palette, the Korres stuff – all waiting patiently in a basket to be photographed before I can even think of using them!

Don’t even get me started on all the nail polishes I bought in 2016 (here, here, and here…) those will last me well into 2017 for swatching.

And I won’t mention the latest bit of hauling from the Sephora VIB sale and Black Friday… those will have to wait in line!

So you can see, I’ve got a LOT of photographing, testing and swatching to do! I can’t promise I’ll get through these in December (it’s not humanly possible) but I will try to make a dent in the list. Were there any items that I hauled last year you were waiting for me to review, that you want me to prioritize? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Last year I did a super fun Blogmas collaboration with the Babes in Blogland, which consisted of IngridKaily (welcome back to the blogosphere, Kaily!), and Sharon – where we posted daily from December 1-25 with a Christmas related topic each day. I’ll link back to those posts in the month of December if you’re really needing your Christmas fix, mkay? 😉 Last year, on December 1st, the topic was “Red & Green“:
Where we show a makeup look using red and green stuff using items from our stash (check it out here):

Excuse me while I go photograph makeup for the next 3 days straight… 😉

56 thoughts on “My December 2016 Goals

    1. I know, I have to do my JOB! Which is to wear makeup and take photos. It’s a tough job! 😛
      You KNOW that I don’t need any more nail polishes! You’re like a drug dealer….

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      1. You love it ……Happy Drugs …Lol xxxxxx get to it – Daniel is quoting u this morning on twitter – “in the closet” Lol xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox its been fwd to You the happy drugs – that means =i EXPECT THE CHALLENGE TO BE MET ………. Courage my love – COURAGE lol xo

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  1. I can’t stop starring at all that makeup😳 !!! You will need all of 2017 to review each items!😂 I will try to do a 5 days before Christmas type of Blogmas … You could join me?????😊 … I have to talk to Sharon and Kaily .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so true – I’ll never run out of material, that’s for sure. I’m so slow to try new things though – it’s just my nature. I like buying them and then don’t want to use them until a special occasion or something. Weird!

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  2. Oh Wow, that’s a pile to get through, so many palettes as well. I’m in similar situation with lip products at the moment – I have so many I haven’t touched yet because I need to photograph them first. I have a few random days off work during December as I needed to use up holiday and I’m praying for good light days so I can experience what being a full time blogger is like. Get all of next years blog posts prepped for pictures ha!

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    1. It’s such a tease when you get new makeup but can’t use them because you need to photograph them first! Although, even before I started blogging, I was known to buy stuff and not use for months. I’m hoping to photograph a whack of stuff this weekend so that I can start testing everything next week… hope you have good lighting!

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  3. Hahaha yes!! You gotta review all that awesome loot. I am the same way, you won’t get any chiding from me. I have, for example, some DL polish sets from 1 and 2 Christmases ago that I have not swatched. :’)

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  4. Oh my god, even I’m getting stressed looking at all of the makeup you have to photograph and review…I can only imagine how you’re feeling LOL. I feel like there is some type of challenge you could do here…try to use all-new products for 3 months straight (opposite of Project Pan)? haha!
    But oh man, I cannot wait to see reviews of these products! If you did a review on every single product here, it would probably extend to 2018!

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    1. Haha, yes opposite of a Project Pan – use a new item every single day! Hmm you could be onto something. I did end up using the Shu Uemura palette today so hopefully that review will be up within the next couple of weeks (I like to try something for at least a week).
      Likely I won’t review EVERY single item but I’ll try to do the majority. For the random items I might just do a grouping like random blushes review / swatches! 😛


  5. We’re totally on the same boat! I’ve yet to make a dent in my posts/reviews of stuff I’ve purchased and looking at everything I’ve gotten so far kinda disgusts me. I’m very close to forcing a no-buy on myself after this month (my birthday next month at the very latest). But I’m sure we can get through this. Haha!

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    1. I’m toying with a no-buy for the early portion of 2017. Then maybe instate a 1 in 1 out policy for all of 2017.
      But no, you cannot go on a no-buy before your birthday!
      Good luck to you too!

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  6. I’m a little backlogged too. And I resigned to the fact some things will never be reviewed so I just shrug it off and move on. I update my upcoming posts list at least once a month to keep track.

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    1. I’m sure I’ll arrive to that conclusion soon… likely a lot of what I hauled in Japan won’t be reviewed! Oh, and I started drafting my experiences of Tokyo Disney with the intention of posting it in December!

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      1. Mmmm Tokyo Disney. Glad I’m getting another Disney fix next weekend (boyfriend & I are gonna check out the decorations at the resorts & Disney Springs).

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  7. Good luck on getting everything reviewed! I’m really excited to see your review on the Paul and Joe. Their packaging is too cute!! I’ve ever tried anything of theirs but I want to. 😊

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    1. Thanks! I’m going to prioritize the Paul & Joe. I was hesitant to use them just because they’re so pretty. They’re similar to Anna Sui in that everything is so pretty, but the quality is good too.

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  8. Whoa! If it makes you feel any better I’m sort of in the same boat. I don’t have stuff from last December though lol. But I’ll probably be posting Fall stuff well into Winter and maybe even Spring. I can’t wait to read about it all though. Especially the Japanese haul! Everything looks so pretty!

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    1. I’m glad that I’m not alone in this! I could never be one of those beauty bloggers that get sent stuff and they MUST rush the review up in time for the release date. Nope, can’t do it. I just don’t operate that way!
      I’m really looking forward to digging into all the Japanese items too! 🙂


  9. Oh my gosh! Where do you begin? But I know how you feel being behind on blogging photography. I too have accumulated from a few events I had attended some time this year and samples that have been sent to me and I haven’t had a good chance to check them properly out myself. Then I also have a basket of things I bought that I still have to try and review. There’s just not enough time in the day to do everything you want and on top of that have a life too! I feel you, but I think you will get through it! I can’t wait to read those reviews. You’ve got some products there that I want to know more about, I’m curious about the Paul & Joe, Burberry, those Real Techniques Dupes and H&M goodies.

    Caryl xx

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    1. It’s good / comforting to know that I’m not alone in my dilemma! It seemed so overwhelming but I realize there’s no deadline for me to review these. I mainly want to get them photographed unused so that I can finally start using them! I definitely plan to review the Paul & Joe soon – I have photographed them and started using some bits. Stay tuned!


    1. Hey you! I was just thinking about what you’re up to!
      I can’t wait to photographing them so I can actually USE these! 😆 That’s an incentive for me to start going through them…
      Hope you’re well! 🙂

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  10. Stashy, you suffer from hoarder’s guilt. Unfortunately there’s no remedy. All you can do is… wear more make-up. And paint your nails more often. (Yeah, I’d like that.)

    I too have regular bouts of hoarder’s guilt. I know I’ll never be able to review everything I buy. Even if I were to post one review every day, I’d still “only” be able to do 30 reviews a month which would be nothing really because (on average) I buy more than 30 products per month. And the product queue is just getting longer and longer no matter what I do…

    I have more than 1000 nail polish bottles, I have about 150 lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses. I have 3 boxes full of eyeshadows and eye palettes. I have about 200 perfumes – and this figure doesn’t even include the countless body mists I’ve got. And at the moment I’m using six foundations (they’re all Max Factor Pan Stik foundations, two different shades) because I lose them around the house all the time. Oh, and I have 9 back-up Pan Stiks. Well, 9 Pan Stiks I know of! And I don’t even want to mention the toiletries stash…

    And despite all this I have dozens of new products in my online carts at Boots and Superdrug. And I’ve already made lists of what to buy on Boxing Day (when all the beauty sets are 50% off). Yes, lists. Plural. I may have mentioned it before… on Boxing Day my husband and I set out with identical lists. Then we split up. Then we track down the goodies. And we call each other all the time during the bargain hunt so we can update our lists. We usually have all the stuff we want in under two hours, and we’re on our way home by the time all those amateur bargain hunters still have breakfast at home. So yeah, the stash continues to grow. And every couple of weeks I’ll have a moment of despair about what to do with all the stuff…

    What I meant to say… I hope you get around to swatch, photograph and review lots of products this month. Oh, and one thing about the stuff from 2015 – pick the items at random. Or let your SO pick one product every Monday. Or you can make a list in Excel and then pick a random product every other Wednesday… this will help if you really can’t decide. ♥

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    1. Oh my gosh! Firstly, thank YOU for taking the time to write such a detailed response to me! ❤

      Yes, hoarder's guilt! That nails it on the head!!! When you break down the math, yes, it is virtually impossible to match my review output with my shopping pace! 😛 I do plan to cut back next year and possibly instate a 1-in-1-out policy. Your Boxing Day shopping strategy sounds AMAZING! 😆 I need a partner in crime like that. My SO refuses to fight the crowds.

      I take some comfort in knowing that someone else's stash is bigger than mine (200 perfumes – my goodness, where do you store it all!) I've gotten to the point of misplacing a few beauty items and it irks me to no end. I tore my place upside down looking for a missing eye shadow brush and I still haven't found it. I hate, HATE, misplacing things. I am half tempted to buy a replacement, ugh.

      I like your ideas for tackling the items for review – I think I'll make a list and pick at random! Again, thanks for your comment – it helped me put things into perspective!


  11. Yeah……….. I get why you aren’t doing Blogmas now, haha. I don’t blame you. I feel the same way with the palettes I buy. Most of them are to review, but I feel so guilty that some have been sitting there for a year or more without even so much as a finger in them. I’m so jealous of your The Body Shop candy apple tin though! Such a wonderful scent!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a bit overwhelming! And even though I have so much, I keep buying more… 😆
      I noticed that the Body Shop didn’t bring back the green apple scent the same as last year – this year it’s got a spice to it, not as good.


  12. Dude. I feel your pain on the guilty piles of makeup front. It’s amazing how stressful that can get isn’t it?! I love writing about products but if I get behind it gets daunting very quickly.


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