Body Shop Flash Sale and Clearance Haul

This post is sooooo late. I posted about the Body Shop Flash Sale back on May 11th – it was a one day sale for 50% off on makeup. I bought the makeup items that same day but didn’t get around to posting it until now… only 6 weeks later! 😛  Last week I also got 2 more items as they were having 50% sale on clearance items. So in total, these are my recent Body Shop purchases:
Yup, more nail polishes, what else is new? 😆  More details on what I got…

These were from the Flash Sale, with 50% off just on makeup:
• Concealer Stick in #08 (don’t remember how much this cost – I think $5 – and this product is no longer listed on the Canadian site) – the numbers are wonky on these. #08 seems like it’d be dark, right? I tested out #04 which was deeper than #08. So odd.
• Retractable Blusher Brush – Reg $22 – Sale $11 – I probably shouldn’t have bought this now that I got a nice retractable blush brush from Japan. Hindsight and whatnot.

• Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in #01 Light Matte – Reg $22 – Sale $11
• Colour Crush Eye Shadow in 205 Caramel Flirt – Reg $11 – Sale $5.50
Interesting to note that both the bronzer and eye shadow are made in Italy. [note: I saw this bronzer shade in the clearance sale last week and asked the SA about it – she said that the 2 lighter colours, #01 Light Matte and #03 Medium Matte, are being discontinued! I know some fair-skinned peeps aren’t going to be happy about this! 😕 ]

Colour Crush Nail Polish in:
L to R:
• 710 Big Smoke
• 420 A Grape Affair
• 620 Got the Blues
• 750 Caring Caramel
• 720 Gorgeous Grey
• 350 British Rose
Normally these are $8 which I think are too steep for 6.8ml of polish, but more palatable at $4.

And these were from the recent clearance sale, where certain discontinued items were marked 50% off:
• Glazed Apple shower gel – Reg $10 – Sale $5 – they brought some holiday stuff back out to sell, I’m so glad I got another one of these. I love this scent!
• Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum – Reg $36 – $18 – I also wanted to try the essence from this  line but it contains alcohol so I passed on it.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop items I got? What’s your favourite Body Shop product?

41 thoughts on “Body Shop Flash Sale and Clearance Haul

  1. I haven’t actually tried any of The Body Shop’s make-up collection yet. I should though. I have heard great things. That’s really disappointing about the lighter bronzer shades being discontinued. I will have to make a trip to The Body Shop soon since I have been meaning to try that bronzer. Have you used it before?
    Great haul! I love the grey-ish nail polishes. 🙂

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    1. I only tried the bronzer on at the store, and it was really nice – very subtle but smooth and blended seamlessly. I would recommend you run to the Body Shop to pick one up at clearance price!

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  2. The Honey Bronzer is amazing! I cannot do without it, so good for pale skin! So sad to see they are discontinuing the lighter shades though 😦 I actually thought they were as my shade #2 hasn’t been on the website or in store for ages and I thought they were getting rid so that’s annoying as the shade is perfect! I didn’t know they were getting rid of #1 and #3 though too!

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    1. I was very surprised to learn that – I know the lighter colours had been raved about by many beauty gurus. I suppose the Body Shop knows their sales figures and those shades weren’t selling well. I’m toying with getting a back-up…

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      1. I know that is so annoying especially cause it is their lighter shades that are raved about for being suited for pale skin! Oh well I guess everyone just wants dark contouring shades now! I think I will need to try and source a back up too!

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  3. I have the bronzer in the same shade as you. It’s sad they’re being discontinued but I’ve had my bronzer since January and I’ve barely made a dent in it 🙂 by the time I finish it I’d probably feel like trying something new lol. That eyeshadow and a couple of the nail polishes you picked up look lovely. In NZ today The Body Shop is having 30% everything and there’s a few things I’d like to pick up but I want to make it worthwhile haha!

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    1. You’re right, by the time I put a dent in that bronzer, I’d likely want to try something new too! 😛
      Hope you were able to get some goodies at a discount at The Body Shop!

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      1. I realised points weren’t being given out to online purchases and by that stage it was to late to head into town and purchase from the store! I slyly figured out a way I can save $20 off what I want to purchase anyway so I’ll just pick them up in store 🙂

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          1. Every time I reach 100 points I get a $10 off voucher. I have one of those at the moment and I’m 27 points away from another one. If I buy something over 27 points I can use the voucher I already have and get to 100 points again so I get another voucher which I can use to buy the other items I want. Hope that’s not too long-winded and confusing!


  4. I had that concealer stick and it went straight into the garbage – I found it so dry! Love the nail polishes you picked up. Have you ever done a post on your entire polish collection? I’d love to see it!

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    1. Oh no, I hope I don’t hate that concealer. I planned to use it for spot concealing mainly on my chin.
      I have been on a nail polish buying kick lately… and I really REALLY do not need any more! I did a stash post of my polishes a long time ago – it didn’t show all my polishes but just a sampling of them.
      My collection has CERTAINLY grown since then! 😆 I need do post an update.
      I did also post swatch pictures of all my Illamasquas here:
      I plan to do more with various brands that I own a lot of, like Essie, China Glaze etc. (they’re just really time consuming!)

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    1. I agree, their brushes are really well made! They make one of my favourite kabuki brushes! Aw too bad they don’t off the bronzers there – I wonder why?


  5. You’re going to absolutely love that bronzer, it’s my all-time favourite! I got mine last year and it’s almost completely gone already – I’m addicted! If they are discontinuing the lightest shades, I may have to order another 1. Or 5.


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