May & June 2016 Low-Buy Accountability

Since I skipped May’s accountability post, I’m lumping both months together.  Let’s recap, in April, I was able to carry over $122.48. My combined budget for May and June was $100. So in total, I had $222.48 to play with. Let’s see how I did.  First, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, I hauled BIG time in Japan:
But in the rule books of Low-Buys, out of country purchases do not count. I didn’t create the rules, I just follow them, mkay? 😉  But I did a lot of shopping at home too, especially prior to my trip…

First, the one that cost me nothing. At the beginning of May, I received my prize from Rachael of Helpless Whilst Drying:
I still haven’t dug into the items yet! 😛 They’re torturing me in my “to photograph” pile.

Here comes the spendiness… Obsessed Canada order: $4.95 (just counting the Elf blush)

Blogger Meetup Haul: $31.98 (the NYX palette, China Glaze and H&M nail polish – the rest were gifts / non-makeup)

Lancôme haul: $117

Avon order: $39.93 (makeup items only, not skincare)

Body Shop Flash Sale and Clearance Haul: $45.50 (makeup items only, not skincare)

Winners finds: $192.80 (makeup items only, not skincare)

😮 My sub-total so far… $432.16! 😳

Then, I bought the Too Faced Born This Way Natually Radiant Concealer in Light because they had a preview launch event at the Toronto Eaton Centre. What sold me was how thorough and knowledgeable the MUA was – she advised that I was wearing a concealer that was too peach for me (she was able to guess what colour I was wearing in the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – Custard) and that I was using too much product.

I also received a sample size of the Hangover Face Primer.  The concealer set me back $32.

Grand total for May and June: $464.16! 😳 I overspent by more than double my budget! 😮 My most guilty purchase was definitely the unplanned Lancôme one… and I probably shouldn’t have bought all those nail polishes. My budget for July to September is $50 per month. And then it jumps to $200 in October. Guess who’s not buying makeup for the next 3 months! 😥

So my budget balance is at -$241.68 (yes, I’m in the red!)
July: $50 (gone), new balance = -$191.68
Aug: $50 (gone), new balance = -$141.68
Sept: $50 (gone), new balance = -$91.68
Oct: $200 (partially consumed), new balance = $108.32

I’ll be able to shop for makeup once again come October, and I’ve dipped into that $200 budget by $91.68, leaving me with $108.32. *sigh* I have nobody to blame but myself! 😦 How has your makeup shopping been lately?

46 thoughts on “May & June 2016 Low-Buy Accountability

  1. Ooooh-hooooo! (basically the noise I made in my head when I saw your balance!)
    Can’t believe how much you went over by – I thought you were going to have gone over when I asked a few weeks ago!
    Can’t believe you still haven’t touched any of my items yet, that must be worse than my wait for swatching the violet voss!
    Waiting for your thoughts on Born this way concealer, think it launches here this month and i’ve got my eye on it!

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    1. Oh I’m notorious for not touching my new makeup for months and months. Either I have the patience of a saint, or maybe it’s because I own too much makeup… 😛 I honestly haven’t even touched a few items I received at CHRISTMAS!!! 😮
      But, I’m testing the Born This Way concealer this week, so far, pretty good. I plan to rush a review up on that one it align with the launch!
      I’ve got no self control once I start shopping for makeup… I am finding loopholes and cheats for July because it’s my birthday month LOL.

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  2. Oh yes. It happens most of the time girl and so, stay cool and planning well ahead for the next season is a bright way to tighten yourself and keep the purchase under control. Lastly, all is fair in makeup and so, have fun

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  3. Holy moly! Now I see why you went way over your budget – the Lancome and Winners hauls set you way back! It’s going to be so much fun going through all this makeup in the next few months though – you’re going to be Scrooge McDuck, only swimming in makeup instead of money!
    It’s okay, year to date I’m in the red by $178.43 due to Toronto, so we’re in the same boat! At least you can make up for it in the months by October…the only way for me to make up for my overspending is to do a no-buy from now onwards (ahem, which is so not happening…)! 😦
    So impressed that the MUA was able to guess what shade of concealer you’re wearing on your face! I’m surprised that Custard is too peach for you…sigh, it’s so hard to match foundation or concealer shades. Did the Too Faced concealer line have more shades to choose from?

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    1. I just checked, both Nars and Too Faced offer 10 shades, so no, they don’t have a better shade range. I think the key difference is: oxidization. I’ve been testing the Too Faced for the past few days and it doesn’t oxidize.

      It’s true, I’m really looking forward to playing with all the new makeup. I’m going to focus on showcasing more of my nail polishes as well! I received all those swatching spoons and I haven’t made use of them yet. I did my Illamasqua collection, I’m thinking of going through either my Essies or China Glazes next.
      Whining time: but um my birthday is next Monday and I want to shop… 😛


    1. Yes, no one should have been surprised. Least of all ME. 😛 The numbers don’t lie.
      But but, it’s OUR birthday next week… how do I get to buy myself some makeup gifts?!!

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  4. At least all the new stuff you have will last you for ages! it will take a while to try everything I’m sure.
    That’s nice of the MUA to be honest 🙂
    I can’t remember the last beauty item I bought because it’s been that long!…but I am on the look out for a mascara for sensitive eyes,

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    1. Hi GBT,
      I bought a new mascara the other day and it was VERY affordable (well, as affordable as Australian “drugstore” makeup can get). I myself have sensitive eyes and struggle with itchiness due to crappy mascaras. I bought the Designer Brands Cosmetics Beyond Amplifying Mascara in ‘125 Brown Black’ for $14.99. It adds great length, some volume and HEAPS of definition, if you like that separated, fluttery, somewhat-natural look.
      I know that you’re steadily paying off your debt (good on you! I’ve been keeping up with your journey), so I’m pretty sure you’re not too keen on splurging on Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. DB Cosmetics is very affordable (all of their products are less than $30), cruelty-free and most of their products are vegan. Check them out here: Also, they are available in many pharmacies. Go here ( to find your nearest store. By the way, I am not an employee of DB Cosmetics – it’s just that most of their products are excellent.
      I hope this helps,

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      1. This excellent and so kind of you to share with me!
        Thank you. The only one that I have been able to find online that is suitable for sensitive eyes is Physicians Formula branded mascara…and that retails for $25.
        I would love to try Designer Brands..its sounds great especially because it works for you.
        Thanks so much. I will let you know once I’ve purchased it.

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  5. OH my! I stopped with my budget planning coz I just can’t stop buying. CVS Pharmacy is just right across my workplace, and Nordstrom Rack has been calling my name every week. Aside from makeup, just been hauling a lot of fashion stuff (youtube video is my evidence..yaiks) and now I cannot wait to lay my hands on the (Grav3YardGirl) Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette. I have so much products to share but so little time. Need to keep up..haha AND I need to check out Body Shop’s makeup, I kept going in their store but never really purchased anything. I don’t think I own any of their makeup.

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    1. I totally understand your temptations! I work and live downtown and there are shops EVERYWHERE. I mostly haul makeup. I don`t buy clothes or shoes all the time.
      Body Shop has some good stuff – their blushes are really nice! 🙂

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  6. Whoa! That’s a lot of stuff!
    My Colourpop order finally arrived – just under the wire before the postal strike! Part of it is for my giveaway, and part is for me. Other than that, And my Nyx lip suede, I’ve mostly just been replacing things as I use them up.

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    1. You’re so disciplined! 🙂 So glad you got your order before the looming postal strike! I can’t wait to see what colours you got. I’ve not ordered from ColourPop… yet.

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  7. Good thing you’re not including Japan!!! There’s nothing like writing it all down to make you realize how much you actually spend though! I’ve been needing to do this with groceries cause I overspend and then so much goes to waste.

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    1. I know, I’d be screwed if I included Japan! 😛
      We’re really good with groceries – we do take a list and mostly stick to it. The only times we deviate is when the SO sees sale on MEAT (he gets especially excited for bacon on sale 😆 )


    1. Oh you don’t know the HALF of it. I have things from CHRISTMAS that I haven’t dug into yet! 😛 I can wait and wait… but I will force myself to try them soon! For the blog!

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  8. You got the NYX Avant Pop palette!! Every time I use this palette I think that I should buy one and send it to you but I have officially procrastinated way too long it seems 🙂
    That peachy golden Zoya polish looks SO pretty. It’s entirely possible that you’ve already written about it because I am woefully behind on reading blogs. But if you haven’t written about it…I look forward to seeing swatches lol!
    The guilt of blowing a budget is just the worst isn’t it? I was on a low buy for a few months and then just lost my damn mind so now it’s back to the no buy ways in order to atone 🙂
    Do you ever go on reddit? You might actually really enjoy the /r/MakeupRehab sub.
    I’ve been really into redoing my overall budget lately and I haven’t quite figured out how I want to re-structure my makeup category. At the moment it’s a moot point up until the fall/Christmas shopping time of year. Oddly, I’m feeling quite at peace with that!
    I really do enjoy your accountability posts. I love that you’re honest about what you buy and I really find them inspiring. They help hold me accountable too!

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    1. Funny you asked about the Zoya polish in Meadow. I’m planning on wearing it next week as my mani! 😛 Stay tuned.
      I STILL haven’t tried the NYX Avant Pop palette! 😳 I’ve got at least 5 palettes waiting to be opened… I’m going through them one week at a time. I can’t handle too much NEW makeup all at once (not a problem to purchase them, just the idea of USING them – weird huh).
      Yes, I’m subbed to Makeup Rehab! I know it well. 😛 I don’t comment, just read though.
      I’m glad the accountability posts are helping! It certainly would defeat the purpose if I hid my purchases! So are you on a pause on makeup purchases until Fall?

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      1. I completely understand not being able to handle too much new makeup at once. I have the same problem. I currently am trying to test out two palettes simultaneously and it’s stressing me out a little bit. I think I’m going to put one of them away until later.
        I don’t comment much on reddit at all. I’m not really cool enough and fear the downvote haha!
        I think I am going to put a pause on things. I have a bunch of stuff I want to spend some time actually using and I would put more of a pause into effect but I’m a sucker for all of the fall colors and holiday goodies so I’m going to make some exceptions there. But yes. I need to reign it in a little bit!


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