China Glaze Let’s Jam

I always take advantage of a short work week to wear something a little more “daring”, so last week I wore China Glaze Let’s Jam:
I picked this up back in May – this is part of the Lite-Brites collection that I was so excited for, and I was so happy to have found this – along with a few others from the collection – at Winners. This is part of the reason why I went over my budget so much in May! 😛

China Glaze describes this shade as:

Fun & flirtatious, shimmery orchid is no wallflower.
Get down on it with the schweetest shade on the scene.
Nobody puts shimmery orchid in the corner.
Have the time of your life with the schweetest shade on the scene.

Such a long description for a nail polish shade! 😆 Basically, it’s a neon-ish orchid with blue shimmer.
The formula is a tad goopy, it’s thick enough that I could actually get away with just one coat:
I applied a second coat just to even everything out – the finish is a bit dull / rubbery, typical of neons.
This colour is a bit of a chameleon, it shifts from being a warm toned purple:
…to very cool toned, almost bordering blue in certain lights.  It definitely applies cooler than how it appears in the bottle:
Here’s what it looked like under the fluorescent light in the washroom at work, which brings out the blue shimmer:

What, you don’t take bring your phone into the washroom?

The wear on this polish is excellent – only a bit of tip wear after a week.  I’ve always been a fan of China Glazes and my recent experiences with them have reconfirmed how well they wear on me:
And this week’s random object, I could barely hold:

I’m digging the contrast between the yellow and purple !

It’s a handmade wooden container we purchased in Estonia in 2012:

One of the few items we bought from our travels – we normally don’t buy many souvenirs unless they’re gifts for the in-laws. I was surprised the SO was keen on getting this. 🙂

And here’s a photo of the Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia:
What kinds of souvenirs do you like to pick up when you travel?

53 thoughts on “China Glaze Let’s Jam

        1. Or, maybe I tend to choose colours that I know will work with my skin tone? My skin isn’t over warm and not cool, so that could be it too!
          Yes, wear nail polish! I can’t get enough… 😛


  1. LMAO @ the description of the polish. It’s not so much a description of the colour as a story on just how fab Let’s Jam is.
    This colour looks like it would be crazy on the nails, but it’s a nice kind of bright…not too neon. The blue shift makes it a little interesting, too. The wear is crazy good on you!
    We never typically bring any souvenirs home either!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s almost like a nursery rhyme for this polish shade! 😆
      I thought it would be really glaring on my nails but it was quite wearable – I think my tanner skin helps. I’m thinking that I might have atypical nail polish wear-time – OR, I’m really careful with my hands. Although I do wash them a LOT and often forget to moisturize them.
      We typically buy some booze and chocolate from places to give to to the in-laws and some to keep. We bought some cigars from Cuba and the SO tried smoking them and he was so nauseated, lol.


  2. Oh that is pretty! I like the shimmer. I feel like China Glaze’s description is 4 versions they came up with, and they accidentally put all 4 on the website! XD

    I really wanted to go to Talinn in ’13 when we were in Denmark/Stockholm! Couldn’t squeeze it in. I rarely get souvenirs, as well. I did want a Dala horse from Sweden, but I only managed to find some puny ones in the airport and they were mega-expensive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You could be right about the description, because the other shades only have 1-2 lines each! 😆
      And omg, I ALMOST bought a Dala horse at the airport! My SO talked me out of it, calling it a “dust collector” 😛 We did buy a little Christmas tree ornament at the airport for my MIL.

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  3. I friggin love this colour but I was disappointed with how the blue shift translated on my nails – it hardly showed up at all. 😒 plus I think I got a lemon of a formula, mine was so thick and goopy I couldn’t get it to apply evenly. Looks gorgeous on you though! 👌🏻


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