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I’d never heard of Obsessed Canada until I was on the hunt to replace my Nail Balsam by Trind (I mentioned it in my favourites lately post). I saw that it was sold not only NailPolishCanada.com (NPC) but also on ObsessedCanada.com (OC) – then I realized, OC is owned by NPC! 💡

What made me decide to order through OC instead of NPC was that OC offered a brand that I’d been curious to try for a while now: Mario Badescu. I ended up with these items:
I placed my order on May 2nd and it arrived in 4 days, not a bad turnaround.

This was the main item I was after:
Nail Balsam by Trind – I’m nearly finished my current bottle and was excited that I was able to find a local source for it. My original bottle was purchased from Finland.

This was the 2nd item I was most excited to get:
Mario Badescu Facial Spray – I’m slowly easing myself into this brand. I’ve read rave reviews online and recently I’ve heard Miss Cat sing its praises. Anything else you’d recommend from Mario Badescu?  I learned that this brand is now available at Urban Outfitters and at the new Saks!

And a couple more items for no reason since I’d already hit the $25 minimum for free shipping:
Colab Extreme Volume dry shampoo in Tokyo scent (travel size) – I’ve been on the hunt for this particular Colab dry shampoo scent in stores but have not been able to find it, so I decided to get it online. I’m planning to bring this on my Japan trip – oh yes, Tokyo scent for when I’m actually in Tokyo. 😀
e.l.f. Studio blush in Pink Passion – holy BRIGHT blush Batman! I don’t know what I was expecting, but this is way more intense in real life than in photos. I think this will look hawt with a tan. This cost $4.95 and will be counted toward my monthly makeup budget.

Tiny rant: I’m scratching my head as to why NPC decided to operate a separate site – 3 of the 4 items I purchased were available on both sites. The only real difference is that OC doesn’t sell nail polish, but most of the brands it carries is also sold on NPC (compare the brand list here and here). If NPC just wanted to focus on nail polish, then don’t carry makeup, skincare and hair care products. It’s just very disjointed. My main beef is that there’s no loyalty point program on OC like there is on NPC. I’d likely not order from OC again, even though they did include a lollipop:

Mmm, grape.

Have you ordered from OC or tried any of these products I got?

33 thoughts on “Obsessed Canada Order

  1. I have heard so much about Mario Badescu lately that I am currently creating a list of products that I want to try. There has been nothing but great reviews on almost all the products!

    That blush looks amazing too!

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    1. Now that the brand Mario Badescu is finally more accessible, I think I’ll be trying out more items from them! Isn’t that blush crazy bright? I wasn’t expecting that.


  2. lol @ random grape sucker!
    I also recently discovered that they sell Mario Badescu at Urban Outfitters, and also at Anthropologie! Would be interested in seeing a review of the facial spray 😀 I’m kinda curious about the Drying Lotion for pimples.
    Where have you seen the Colab dry shampoos in stores? I feel like I’ve seen them at Winners for sure, but I can’t be sure. Am curious about this product as well!

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    1. Yeah that drying lotion is very interesting! It’s always sold out though.
      I saw the Colab dry shampoos at random Rexalls and Shoppers! It’s so weird they don’t all stock it but some do. I first found it at Winners / Marshalls but now they don’t sell it anymore. Ugh. So I just went online. I’ve tried a few of them – I got a set of travel size ones in different scents – t’s my favourite dry shampoo! I prefer the Extreme Volume over the Sheer formula.

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    1. Oh I didn’t know that Elf doubled their prices – yikes. I know it’s always more expensive here in Canada so I just suck it up. Since shopping on their site means I need to buy a bunch of items to justify the $7.50 shipping charge plus if they decide to charge me custom duties. We don’t have any retailers that carry the full line unfortunately.


      1. We can’t get Elf in stores at all here – they stopped selling on their UK site sometime last year, then they came back about 6 months later and doubled the prices of everything whilst they were away. I kind of begrudge the idea of paying for them now, same as Max Factor to an extent – same low cost products as covergirl but packaged to appeal for 30/40 somethings so they hike up the price to match the disposable income even though the product is identical!


    1. Yeah they included a lollipop although I was told not to accept candy from strangers! I didn’t eat it. 😛
      Thanks for letting me know that MB is sold at Urban Oufitters! 😀 Can’t wait to try.

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  3. Mario Badescu is on my list for the month of June.. I was at Urban Outfitters (NYC) a couple of weeks back and Mario Badescu was staring at me.. But for some reason I did ignore him as I was looking for Quay Australia sunglasses which they didn’t have the style that I wanted and left the store with nothing. (Story of my life) lol

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  4. I’ve tried a lot of products from Mario Badescu and I loved them all except the Drying Mask.

    To try :
    Cucumber Lotion (toner)
    Drying Lotion
    Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30
    Herbal Hydrating Serum
    Glycolic Foaming Cleanser …

    That blush is SO pink 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this website, I will order some MB products ASAP – Well, in 3 months !!!😜

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    1. I shall look into your recommendations! I was eyeing the cucumber lotion and the drying lotion. 🙂
      Aww haha I told you, you need to not be online for the next 2 months to shield yourself from temptation!
      Yes that blush… I need the TINIEST amount.

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  5. It’s funny, it may as well be me writing the bit about Mario Badescu! That same spray literally just showed up to me on Saturday from an Ulta order because I too am trying to ease myself into the brand after all the rave reviews.

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