MUJI Haul – June 2016

Technically I bought these items in June but it doesn’t contain any makeup so there was no need to include it in my low-buy accountability.  I bought these items when I went to MUJI to buy the prizes for the giveaway and of course I can’t help but to pick up a few things for moi as well…

Toning Water for Sensitive skin High Moisture – I’d been stalking the High Moisture version for ages and it was always out of stock. It’s an alcohol-free toner with hyaluronic acid – I plan to use this as a pre-serum facial mist.
Spray nozzle – this fits the toner bottle. I had the choice of a regular spray pump but this version with the trigger seems like it would produce a finer mist? I’m thinking when gardeners mist their orchids. I shall mist my face in a similar manner! 😆

PET Travel Spray Bottle 50ml – I’m crossing my fingers the nozzle on this one is good too.
Cut Cotton White – I have high hopes for these since my experience with the Ecru version was pretty good. I think the bleached cotton will help make this softer and more absorbent, which were my main gripes with the Ecru version.
Compressed Facial Mask Sheets (aka DIY sheet masks) 20 pack – I spotted these in my last MUJI haul and vowed to get them eventually! I’m going to test various toners / essences with them.

Under Eye Patches (aka DIY eye masks) – I love the spendy Shiseido ones but if I can make my own for a fraction of the price, I’ll be quite pleased.

Facial Tissue 20 sheets – I couldn’t tell if these were 2 or 3-ply. I’m a tissue snob, I prefer 3 or more plies.
Foaming net for face wash (the package reads “Beating Net” 😕 ) – so these are all the rage in Asia. It’s not meant to be used directly on the face as a cleansing cloth, but rather, it helps to lather up the face wash into a mountain of fluffy foam. Go check this out and you’ll see what I mean.

Rose Lip Balm – I didn’t know that MUJI offered lip balms! Excited to try this – the ingredient list looks decent. They also had 3 other flavours: lavender, neroli and grapefruit.

Cleansing Sheets 12 pack – I’m not really into facial cleansing wipes but I’m going to test these out in advance of my next trip to see if they’re effective in removing makeup.
Aluminum Compact Mirror L – I wanted a better one for my desk. The one I currently have was a freebie that’s all warped looking. I like how this one stands up too.
Japanese Candy with Plum (this was 50% off) – can’t find much information on these, but except for a non-MUJI site here.  But I’ve opened the package to try one and I love it! I don’t think it’s a flavour for everyone, but if you’re familiar with Umeboshi, or dried pickled plums, then that’s what is contained inside. The outer hard candy is a nondescript light sweet flavour. I might go back for more of these while they’re 50% off!

Yuzu & Kinkan Citrus Flavoured Candy – they showed these at the MUJI Canada HQ and I was quite intrigued! I haven’t tried one yet.
Foot Cover (this was 15% off) – I had a little chat with the sales associate on which foot cover was her favourite and she advised these ones. The soles are padded and they are really low profile so they’re not visible in ballet flats.

Shrink Wrap Dress in navy & grey stripe size M – I had to get one of these after seeing it shown at the MUJI to Go event! It looked so comfy and perfect for stuffing into a suitcase without worry about wrinkling. I already own the Shrink Warp t-shirt but I did not know MUJI offered a dress as well! Also, I had to go up a size in this because I found the sizing to be a bit small, and I wanted a flowy look for the dress. I’ll do an un-wrapping post on this coming up.
Oval pillow and cover – I plan to use this pillow as a back support on the chair that I’m sitting on right now typing this entry – it’s my blogging chair. 😛 Unfortunately, I have to exchange the cover because I accidentally got the wrong size (it’s for a round seat cushion 😳 )

And ta da, another acrylic drawer:
It’s normally displayed with it standing up like a tower, but I plan to use it horizontally and turn the drawers sideways (they’re cubes so they fit any way) to stack with my acrylic wide drawers:
I’ll be putting eye shadow singles in these. This was also 15% off.

I noticed that MUJI seems to be stocking more food items now like teas and cake mixes – I’m excited at this development!  I hope they’ll stock cosmetics here too!

Hey, have you entered my MUJI to GO giveaway yet? Check it out here! 😀

44 thoughts on “MUJI Haul – June 2016

  1. Ooh you’re making me want to go to muji in London tomorrow – although we never seem to have the selection that everywhere else does! Those DIY masks sound really interesting, may try to source some online if you find them effective. Been eyeing that acrylic drawer set, meant to also be the perfect size for sunglasses!

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  2. This sounds like such a fun place to haul. Yes, I still have not gone!! I keep swinging by all the other stores in the area (dear lord I even got dragged into–well, near–Mark’s Work Wearhouse!), but not Muji. I think I should check it out soon, if only for those bath mesh scrubbies (my family love them, I don’t especially).

    The dress sounds very cool. But if you’re a medium, I can’t imagine what size I’d be. :p Finally I get to lose weight now, though, yay!

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    1. I’m sure running after 2 kiddos will have you dropping the lbs in no time! 😛
      What drew you into Mark’s Work Wearhouse! Some steel toe boots? 😆
      MUJI is a place that I can’t ever walk out empty handed – those mesh things were only $1.50!

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    1. I’ve been spritzing my face with some sort of hydrating facial mist / toner pre-serum for a while now, and it makes a noticeable difference to how my makeup looks. It’s much smoother and looks more hydrated. 🙂

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  3. So is Muji like an all-in-one kinda store? Like cosmetics, travel items, food, housewears, clothing, etc? I’m so intrigued, I’ve never been in one. That shrink wrap dress looks/sounds so cool!

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    1. How I explain it to people is that it’s like Japanese-style scaled back version of Ikea, and MUJI also includes makeup (not in Canada… yet) and clothes. In the full sized MUJI stores they sell beds, mattresses and furniture! Here’s a typical MUJI store in Japan:

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  4. Ok so my eyes just stared at the Japanese Candy with Plum! HAHA.. I want.. I want.. I also want to that oval pillow for my back coz I have dealing dealing with back paid for a while now (sign of old age perhaps..HAHA).

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    1. That pillow is great because it has clusters of memory foam! Really supportive for the bad!
      And I can’t get enough of that plum candy – I love the sour mixed with the sweet. 🙂

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  5. Before I begin, can I just say how striking your blog page background! Go Canada and how I miss Canada also and would like to visit Toronto next! Anyway, I do not think there is a Muji store in Australia, as I have never heard of it before this post and also you bought some interesting items, like that toner that I would like to try as well and those yummy looking candies! 😀 x 🍬🍬🍬

    – 🍬

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      1. Oh yes, you have to visit Australia one of these days, I think you will like it here and plus, I found the people in Canada to Australians very similar, friendly and laid back!

        I will have to check out that website and see if the one in Sydney is near me. Thanks for the link! 😁☺️

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    1. So strange they don’t have a store there considering they have it in other countries so close to you! I understand what you mean, I was like that when I first visited a Tiger store – I wanted everything (and they were so inexpensive) but I just couldn’t bring it all home!

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  6. I’ve had the candies with the dried plum in them from another brand, and they’re really good! You described it to a T with the nondescript light sweet flavor, haha.
    Yay, you got the unbleached cotton too! I haven’t opened my pack yet. Hopefully we will both find it to be comparable to Shiseido (although even if I did, I don’t have access to the Muji cottons, so it’s a moot point :P)
    Ah, I love that drawer! So jealous you have access to these. Next time I come to Toronto, I’m going to bring an extra suitcase to store Muji storage units 😀 Although a few weeks back, I think I might have seen some similar units at Ikea, but they might have looked smaller and/or slightly flimsier.

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    1. Oh I’ve never seen those plum candies except at MUJI. I’ll have to check out China town I guess.
      Yes I finally broke down and got the white cotton. I still have a lot of other cottons to go through but hey, they don’t go bad or expire, so why not! 😉
      I’ve checked out the Ikea ones and I find their acrylic quality to not be as good – they feel more brittle to me.

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment. I actually use the MUJI cushion daily. It’s great and I’m not planning on selling it. Unfortunately, I see that MUJI has discontinued this style – that’s too bad. Good luck in your search! 🙂


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