Paul & Joe Beauté Loot

I’m trying to come up with post titles that don’t involve the word “haul”… it’s getting a bit repetitive. But repetitive doesn’t necessarily mean boring, right? 😉  Today I bring you some Paul & Joe Beauté loot:
This was spurred on by a gift I received from my friend at Christmas:
Le Bal Masque Set in 001 Oh! Carnival!
After receiving this present, I was compelled to go to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) that carries the Paul & Joe line, and upon laying eyes on the glory of their display, lost my mind, blacked out for a bit, only waking up to find myself thrusting my credit card at the cashier. It was all my friend’s fault! 😛

Firstly, let’s have a closer look at what is contained in the Le Bal Masque Set:
The kit contains:
• Rose Treatment Balm
• Eye Color (x5 sheets)
• Creamy Cheek Color L001
• Waterproof Eye Liner 01
• Pouch
Isn’t it precious!? I almost don’t want to use those eye shadow sheets. Almost.

Here’s what I bought for myself:
Paul & Joe Natural Lipstick in #207 Grapevine ($20 + $8 for refillable case)

Nail Polish in (L to R): Figue 04, Kakigori 07, Koala Bear 12 – $16 each
To narrow down to these 3 choices, I referred extensively to this amazingly thorough post from imabeautygeek (what would I do without her blog? Save money? Ha!).

Eye Color Brush S – $21
It’s super soft and a great shape for blending.  Surprisingly, I didn’t end up with any eye shadows, which is unusual for me. But I figured I have so many shades to try from those eye shadow sheets in the Le Bal Masque set, I’ll give them a whirl to see if I like them enough to buy the full sized pans.

Two good things to note about this haul (aside the lovely items themselves) is that 1) I used a $50 SDM gift card, and 2) I received a crazy amount of bonus Optimum Points for spending more than $75 on Paul & Joe products, so there’s that. 😀

Have you tried Paul & Joe?  I think this is my new Anna Sui! (I still love you Anna, I just also love Paul & Joe – there’s room in my heart for the both -or three?- of you). ❤

45 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Beauté Loot

  1. Paul & Joe (like Anna Sui!) seem like they’re all about the packaging to me! Adorable cases, no doubt 😀 I’d hate to use them and spoil the prettiness. Hahaha! Can’t wait to see how you like the lipstick and the polishes. And yay for SDM Optimum Points!

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    1. I know, I don’t want to ruin the prettiness either but I think that lipstick would be so fun to pull out of my purse to use! I shouldn’t hide them away. 😛 Those Optimum Points offers are SO good with that app, I’m telling you! I depleted my points in November redemption event and would you believe that I’m back up to the top tier already?!!

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      1. Haha, lipstick show-off! 😀 It is super pretty, though. Back to top tier in 2 months? Whoaaaa. But yeah it’s really easy with the app. I buy more groceries at SDM now, too. My location has all kinds of cool foodstuffs after their reno.

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    1. Yes, maybe better NOT to know about them haha! The brand got my attention a few years ago because they released these limited edition lipsticks with cat heads on them:

      The brand has a bit of an obsession with cats – they have lots of items with cat paw prints and as you can see in that set, cat masks!

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  2. Wowwee, look at how pretty the packaging is on these! Love the lipstick colour you chose 🙂 The nail polish shades don’t look particularly special in the bottle, but I went to the post you linked and they’re absolutely beautiful! How do they eye shadow sheets work? Are they really just pans?

    Paul & Joe is another brand I don’t know much about. Similar to my experience with Vincent Longo, one day I walked through a SDM and saw this brand for the first time. Am excited to hear more of your thoughts on this line!

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    1. The eye shadow sheets contain a thin layer of eye shadow pressed onto a stiff paper backing with a clear plastic film on top – I’d say there’s probably about 5 uses per shade on those sheets. Mary Kay used to give out eye shadow samples like that.
      Yeah I realize my photo of the polishes make them look like ass! I think my lighting is off… but I promise to do nail swatches coming up! 🙂


    1. From what I can tell, those eye shadow sheet contain a layer of eye shadow (they’re on a stiff paper with a clear plastic film cover) so you get a sample of each shade. I think they can be used for 5 or so uses. I remember Mary Kay used to provide eye shadow samples like that.
      I just love the retro feel to the packaging – kind of a 40’s / 50’s vibe. That lipstick case is made of metal.


    1. Yes, Anna Sui is slightly more edgy / moody with the black. Paul & Joe is softer and probably someone you can bring home to your parents, lol!
      Yes that Koala Bear name is spot-on! I’ve been really into grey polishes lately – this one has a jelly quality to it too which I love.

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  3. I was so taken with the packaging that I had to buy that gift set for someone I knew would appreciate it! 🙂 Not only is their packaging so beautiful but so is their gel foundation that the makeup artist at SDM recommended to me. It goes on SO smooth and has such a nice finish, and the compact looks so pretty on my vanity!

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    1. Their foundation / powders DO look amazing! I was tempted but I have to pace myself with all the new makeup… I’ll likely revisit the brand for their base products soon. 😛 Thanks again for the present!!!


  4. Holy cute packaging Batman! And that little pouch with the cat masked girl! Too cute.
    I don’t think we have access to Paul &Joe in the US but that’s probably a plus for my wallet. I’ll just live vicariously through you 🙂


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