Carli Bybel Palette by BH Cosmetics

I received the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette through a giveaway from MyStyleInsideOut:
I’ve been wearing this and playing around with different combinations for about a month now. Here are my thoughts.

I’m going to admit this right off the bat: I’ve never heard of Carli Bybel until I saw this palette on MyStyleInsideOut’s blog. 😳
This is Carli Bybel. She reminds me of a mix between Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner. 🙂
This is what BH Cosmetics says about this palette:

Beauty expert and YouTube sensation Carli Bybel designed this versatile 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette to dial up the drama and add excitement to your look. Carli’s taste for chic refinement and modern elegance inspired her to select a collection of earthy neutrals and plummy brown shadows with four face highlighters that complement every skin tone. The mix of mattes and shimmers makes it easy to go from amped-up evening intensity to toned-down daytime options.

Earthy neutrals! Plummy browns! Just my cup of tea. The palette contains 10 eye shadows along the top 2 rows, and 4 highlights along the bottom. The highlighters are embossed with a flower design – it’s a nice touch! There are no names for any of shades but I’m not going to fault it for that. I’ll just number them 1-14:
Right off the bat I see that there’s a good ratio of shimmers to mattes. The top row contains 4 mattes and 1 shimmer, and the middle row contains 4 shimmers and 1 semi-matte. Here are the swatches:
#1 ivory (matte)
#2 rose (shimmer)
#3 pinky tan (matte)
#4 light plum (matte)
#5 plum (matte)
The top row is pink / plum toned. The most pigmented shade was #1 ivory shade – very buttery but kicked up a bit of dust.

#6 pink / gold (duochrome)
#7 gold (shimmer)
#8 bronze (metallic)
#9 burnt orange (metallic)
#10 chestnut (semi-matte)
The second row is quite bronze and warm toned. #8 and #9 had fantastic colour pay-off.  I call #10 a semi-matte because it does contain sparse shimmer particles in the pan that do not show up on the skin.

My favourite eye shadow shades are #6, #8, and #10. The mattes have a drier texture compared to the shimmers – the best of the mattes were #1 and #10. A typically eye look for me is using the following shades: #8 (all over lid), #3 (transition), #10 (crease), #1 (brow highlight).

#11 icy pink (satin)
#12 champagne (shimmer)
#13 light bronze (metallic)
#14 bronze (metallic)
All of the highlights are quite shiny on the skin, and #13 and #14 for me are more like bronzey blushers. They’re really pretty as blushers, actually. My favourite highlighter is #12 – it’s not as metallic and creates a soft glow on the skin without looking too harsh.

Another look at row 2, with the impressive metallic eye shadow shades.

The wear time on the eye shadows are decent – I get around 8 hours before I experience fading. I’d say that these are the types of powders that swatch better than they look on the lids. The highlighters, however, are fantastic. They last well on the skin and do not fade all day.  While this palette does contain all the colours to do a complete eye look, I find some of the colours end up looking nearly the same as each other when applied on the eyelids (especially #2 and #6 and #7).  And #14 (highlighter) is very similar to #9 (eye shadow).  I would have liked to have seen a shimmery chocolate brown shade to replace one of them.

See how the 2nd from left shade is more subtle compared to the others – that’s my favourite of these.

Initially I thought the palette was missing a shimmery eye shadow highlight and then I realized, duh! It has the highlighting powders along the bottom (namely #11 and #12) that could perform the same function. So it makes sense that they included a matte eye shadow highlight shade instead. 😛
The packaging is made of cardboard – a little less sturdy compared to the Tartelette Tease palette but sturdy enough that I would travel with it. And it contains a good quality full size mirror inside. I like that BH Cosmetics provided a clear film to protect the powders.
The palette contains a whopping 47.6g of product – this is the combined total of the 14 powders but there’s no information given about individual pan size – and is made in China.

• Neutrals colours
• Can create complete eye looks
• Highlighters to cater to variety of skin tones
• Long wearing formula
• Compact packaging including a mirror

• Mattes not as smooth or pigmented as the shimmers
• Some shades are similar to each other when applied

Stash worthiness: 8/10

For me, the eye shadows themselves rate a 7/10 but the highlighters are 9/10 so it averages out to an overall 8.  Thank you MyStyleInsideOut for this! 😀 It was my first BH Cosmetics item and first impressions were good.
Last week I talked about Back o School stationery products, and I think this palette is a great option as a Back to School all-in-one palette. It’s easy to use, versatile, and good quality. Best of all, it’s very reasonably priced. It normally retails for $20 but it’s currently on sale for $14.50.

Have you tried BH Cosmetics before? What’s your go-to neutral palette?

52 thoughts on “Carli Bybel Palette by BH Cosmetics

  1. Oooh, I’ve heard of Carli bybel but wouldn’t have been able to pick her from a crowd, I agree on you’re description of her, very megan fox with big kylie eyes!

    This looks nice, I thought the highlight row initially was bigger panned eyeshadows they thought would be more popular so made a large pan! I think I would only use the second as a highlight the rest are too eyeshadow toned for me!

    Can see what you mean about similar colours 2, 6 & 8 all look close in the pan!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great review! I’m always wary of beauty blogger palettes and never try them. I’m banned from buying eyeshadow at the moment, but I do love the color selection of this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, anything that’s a beauty guru collaboration always have wary of the quality! I am on a mini makeup buying ban until October because I’ve over spent… It’s good that I’ve accumulated so many goodies to play with in the meantime! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG you’re so right she really does look like a mix of Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner! I hadn’t heard of her either till everyone was raving about her palette. I’m not a huge fan of BH cosmetics though for the same reasons as you (they swatch better than they perform) so I’m still going to pass on this one. I do like the shade range too though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I was to really check through my stash, I know I likely have dupes for nearly all of the colours. It’s not a MUST HAVE for those of us who already own a lot of eye shadows. But I definitely think it’s a good option for high school or university / college kiddos! 😛

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  4. I’ve always known who Carli Bybel is (she shows up on my recommended videos list every once in a while) but have never watched any of her videos. You’re right though, very Megan Fox/Kylie Jenner though!
    It’s awesome that the quality is more than decent….youtube collabs can sometimes be a little sketchy! Row 2 of the shadows is stunning…and those highlighters!! The second peachy highlight is too pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess her “look” isn’t really my style so I just don’t pay attention to her videos…
      For sure, I went into this palette thinking meh, it’s a collab, how good can it be? I’d say the highlighters are the biggest draw of this palette. At this price, it’s worth checking out if you don’t already have similar shades in your collection (which we all probably do!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed, although I think it looks pretty on her, her look isn’t really my style either (we would probably look a little crazy if we did our makeup like that, no? :P)
        Too bad this palette doesn’t have a blush instead of two bronzers – then it would be a good palette to use if you wanted to do a full look without reaching for anything else!


  5. This palette looks pretty. But there’s something about Carli that bugs me. I can’t put my finger on it though. I’ve watched a lot of her videos and I just get a weird vibe. She’s like BFF’s with Nicole Guerrerio right now (they have an apartment in Los Angeles they’re splitting since they both travel there so often so they figured it would be cheaper than staying at hotels all the time).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe it’s too much lip injection on such a young girl…?
      I don’t watch Nicole Guerrerio either… just not my style. All the too obvious contour and Kylie Jenner lipstick shades. I guess they are similar and draw a common audience. I just don’t know how they’re helping me with my makeup application or makeup purchasing decisions…


      1. Nicole I don’t mind. We both live in the same area for the most part. She used to live in St Pete but recently bought a house in I think Clearwater because in one of her more recent vlogs she was at one of the Starbucks I usually go to and I know we shop at the same Ulta (which is like 2 miles from me).

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    1. I know what you mean… that doesn’t jive well with me. I’m not one to judge but made in China means they test, don’t they? Or if they don’t SELL it in China…? Seems to be conflicting information out there.


    1. This is my first BH Cosmetics item. And then I picked up a palette at Winners I mentioned in my May (I think?) accountability. Which I haven’t even opened yet! Too much makeup… 😛


  6. I’ve heard great things about it too so I purchased one for myself back in May and believe it or not, I just started using it just a couple of weeks ago coz I didn’t want to ruin the beauty of it (LOL). Been using #1, #6 and #4. Glad you gave a high rating on it (haha) at least now I know I’m not being biased coz I like them too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I was going to ask if you ever did get your hands on it. I’m glad you treated yourself! 🙂 I know what you mean about not wanting to ruin the beauty of it – I’m like that too especially when pans have special embossed designs. We’re so silly! 😛

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      1. true.. I have few palettes that I purchased for the past months and havent used them til now.. haven’t had the chance to take pics that Y no touch for now. LOL

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  7. I haven’t heard of Carli Bybel either but I do agree she looks like a cross between Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner! This is probably a great palette for beginners or for back to school like you said 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I envy kids these days – they have so many options and good quality stuff at affordable prices! When I started wearing makeup, it was either Avon, or drugstore stuff that wasn’t very good. 😛

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    1. And if I looked through my collection, I’m SURE I have dupes for all of the shades. I really do NOT need this palette but it really is nice to have them housed all in one palette like this.


    1. BH Cosmetics is an online only brand, similar to Sigma or Makeup Geek. Although, I’ve started to see some of their palettes show up at bricks and mortar discount stores here like Winners (TKMaxx) and Marshalls. It’s better for me since I don’t have to deal with the hassle of currency conversion and shipping costs! 😛


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