Beauty Podcast: Verbal Debauchery

I’m back on Beauty Podcast! 😀 There were so many potential titles for this podcast episode:

• 50 Shades of Cat n’ Stashy
• The One With The Sexy Time Talk
• Tips on Lips & Lips

You have to listen to understand… a warning / enticement – we swear and talk general smack about random things, including discussions that are sexual in nature. We talk about beauty, even. 😉

Feature images created using Red Canna by Georgia O’Keefe.

We’re all adults here and it’s all in fun. I hope you’ll laugh and forget about the stresses of your day!

Listen at any of these places:

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♬ Stitcher ♪

People mentioned on the episode:
• Ingrid of Curly.Spring.Blossom
• Jodi of A Brash Attitude
• Chanelle of Chanelle Hayleyyy
• Grieta of TO Beauty ‘n Beauty
• Joyce of Local Girl Foreign Land

Blog posts mentioned:
Project Pan
Eye Shadow Stash
Where was it made?
Mediterranean Makuep Haul
Japanese Makeup Haul

Beauty related links:
Burberry eye shadows (confirmed: 2.5g of product for the singles)
Korres Wild Rose Face Oil
Kailijumei lipsticks (just no… ick!)
Bite Beauty Lip Lab Toronto

PS. Here’s the bag o’ cryo blushes mentioned in the episode:
There were 14 blushes in the bag:
Left to right, top to bottom:
• Lioele Marbling Blusher #02
• MAC Mineralize Blush in Supernova (Heavenly Creature collection)
• Lotree Rosa Davurica Pearl Cheek #03
• MAC Powder Blush in Fab (Barbie collection)
• Shiseido Camellia Compact (this is the one I mention in the podcast)
• Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Terra Azzurra Bronzer & Blush
• Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color RD401 Orchid
• Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color RS302 Tea Rose
• Sally Hansen by Carmindy Natural Powder Blush in Fawn
• NYX Powder Blush in Raisin
• Shu Uemura Glow on Blush in P Medium Red 175
• No7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour in Soft Damson
• Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed
• Milani Powder Blush in Temptation

Why are these blushes in a bag? Some I’ve wanted to de-pot (the Shiseido rectangular pans), some were set aside when I switched out my “winter” shades, and some I will likely purge (Tarte Exposed – so overrated).

PPS. I’ve agreed to be Cat’s cohost for her podcast! Watch out for more mayhem coming up. 😆

Stay classy. 😉

38 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast: Verbal Debauchery

  1. Thank you both for your kinds words! You’ve totally made my day and it means a lot that you thought of/talked about me! Amazing job as always Cat and congrats on your new co-host role Stashy!

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  2. OMG I love this! Listened to it through Google. While I was eating my burnt quesadilla. I gave the fam the non-burned ones and sacrificed my dinner and ate the one that came out like crap. BUT! That was OK, because I enjoyed it thoroughly in the company of the two of you!! Insert clapping emoji here. On my laptop so no emojis.LOL – anyhow loved it. And the Shiseido blush in the photo above looks gorgeous!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aw, you’re the best MOM! It’s just a classic mom move to eat the burnt food and let everyone else have the better pieces. One day, YOU get to eat all the non-burnt bits!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode and it made the quesadilla less crappy! ❤

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  3. Loved this! It cracked me up. LMAO when you were talking about the vocabulary used in the Harlequin books. I also like that the two of you spent 4 minutes on and off debating over that dried flower lipstick, hehe.
    Bite Beauty has a lip lab in Toronto now?! JEALOUS. Did this just open recently? I’ve also always thought it was ridiculous that they opened one up in New York first. Come on, you’re a Canadian company, open one in Toronto first!!
    Great job!!

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    1. I’m so glad it cracked you up! I think there was something in the air that night. I’ll be back on soon enough, so let’s see what else we can argue about next time! 😛
      I’m now inspired to read some Harlequin romance novels so I can recommend some GOOD saucy books! 😉
      Yes, the Bite Beauty Lab only opened in July. To get a custom lipstick made, it costs $45… which I think is a fair price. It’s customized AND it’s partly the experience of making a lipstick. I can’t wait to go! You need to come back to Toronto so you can go toooooo…

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      1. You know it’s bad when you think that Harlequin novels are better books! 😛
        I agree, considering the Amuse Bouche lipsticks are $30, paying $45 for a customized lipstick AND the experience is a fair price. I hope you blog about the experience if you do go! Would LOVE to come back so I can go…and also do more makeup shopping in general! I hear Surratt is coming out with new blush shades 😉


  4. I listened twice today and you know exactly what I googled and red for the dude!!! The episode was hilarious without a dull moment!! I’m glad you are the B%#^h that reports because I am too! Really made me think about how would handle aging, so far I’ve don’t well at prevention but the day will come. lol. I love the raw honesty and this is, of course my favorite yet!!

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    1. Aw bless you for listening twice! 😛 I say if we report those online sellers, then we’re the balancing force! 😀
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this – can’t wait to chat with you! 😉

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  5. Do you still have NYX Raisin? I would kill to get my hands on one and it has vanished from existance. I get that it’s been quite a while since that lineup was discontinued but you can still get other shades pretty easily like pinched and rose garden, terracotta, cinnamon, mainly. Would you consider swapping it for something I may have? I just need to swatch raisin at least once or i’ll go insane lmao
    Alternatively, if you have suggestions of something that is essentially the same shade i’d love to hear it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there, YES I still have NYX Raisin blush! You caught me at a good time because I was planning to do some cleaning and a bunch of NYX blushes were going to be tossed out. I’m just too nostalgic about some makeup items to part with them. I just dug out the bag of blushes and in my hands are NYX Raisin, Angel, Mocha, and Dusty Rose.
      Before we get too ahead of ourselves – where are you located? In Canada?


      1. Hi, I’m sorry for not replying right away. I didn’t get a notification.
        Hope you haven’t decided to take it out in the meanwhile.
        I’m actually in Texas, USA.
        I would totally be willing to pay shipping.

        I’m Mexican and there’s a brand called Bissu which is essentially Mexican ELF. It has some gems and some losers (like ELF lol), maybe something in the lineup piques your interest.

        I’ve also got American stuff of course and Korean makeup from yesstyle lol. Let me know if you’re looking for something in particular in exchange so I can browse my stash 🙂

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