Guerlain Météorites

Guerlain Météorites is a cult classic – there’s not much I can add to the history and information that’s already out there, so I’ll just show what I own and my thoughts on them.  I will attempt to write this whole post without using the word balls (other than this one mention), or snicker.  Staying classy!

I finally jumped on the Météorites bandwagon a few years back when I learned that Guerlain finally retired the flimsy cardboard packaging in favour of a plastic / metal one.   I actually only own one Météorites from the regular line, the other 2 are from the limited edition collections.  I also received a gift years ago of a travel loose powder (called Voyage Powder).
I own:
• Champs Elysees Météorites Perles Crazy Pearls (Holiday 2013) 30g
• Météorites Powder For The Face 02 Teint Beige 30g
• Perles D’Azur Météorites by Emilio Pucci (Summer 2012) 30g (link to my unboxing post here)
• Météorites Pearly Touch Voyage Powder 00 Pure Light 7g
• Meteorites Cruel Gardenia 9g

I consider the Météorites a finishing powder and highlighter combined – I apply this all over my face as the final step, often over a setting powder. I love the subtle glowy effect it creates – with an emphasis on subtle.  The powder will not control oil or really do much colour correcting, but it will diffuse the look of fine lines and leave the complexion with a slightly softened appearance. I enjoy the Météorites for the product as much as for the experience: the beautiful packaging, the violet scent, and the colourful radiant pearls!  No one needs this, but to me, they’re almost objets d’art on the vanity.

Picture time! (I’m not even going to bother swatching any of these since they’re so subtle, there’s no point.)
Champs Elysees Météorites Perles Crazy Pearls (Holiday 2013) – imparts a subtle pink glow to my skin, the effect is really pretty in the winter months.
Météorites Powder For The Face 02 Teint Beige – blends well into my skin without obvious shimmer or additional colour – it’s my favourite one.
Perles D’Azur Météorites by Emilio Pucci (Summer 2012) – was my last hurrah before I went on my No-Buy, but I was slightly disappointed in how shimmery it looked on my skin. It’s my least favourite out of my collection.

Here are the 3 Meteorites pearls all together:
Each comes with an assortment of 5 different coloured pearls – some are more shimmery than others and the pearls are various sizes:

Météorites Pearly Touch Voyage Powder 00 Pure Light – is a very pale shimmery pearly pinky white coloured loose powder with the same signature Météorites violet scent – I’ve had this for about 7 years now:
I don’t use the puff dispenser anymore – I unscrew the top and dip my brush lightly into the container so I can apply it at focused areas for highlighting.
I included the Cruel Gardenia highlighter since it’s part of the Meteorites family – this product is a more traditional highlighter and should only applied to the high points of the face, not all over. The beautiful floral embossed design though, leaves me hesitant to ever use it:
The ideal type of brushes to use with the Météorites pearls are ones with natural hair bristles that are slightly on the course side.  Guerlain sells a corresponding Météorites brush which is a little rough to the touch – this is by design. The synthetic type brushes with super soft brushes just can’t grab enough product off the pearls. My preference is a Bare Minerals Flawless Radiance brush, which fits well into the tin for swirling around:
In early 2014, Guerlain re-launched the Météorites with a new formulation, now called Light Revealing Pearls Powder:

Guerlain’s Spring 2014 Météorites Blossom collection celebrates the reinvention of the legendary Météorites Pearls, whose light-diffusing properties minimize flaws and add brightness to the skin. More than 25 years after its invention, Météorites Pearls emerges with new constellations of colors to revive light and boost radiance. For the first time ever, Météorites Pearls incorporates Guerlain’s new, revolutionary ― Stardust Technology, a spherical pigment contained within each pearl. This formulation diffracts light upon contact to offer the ultimate in luminous skin. Météorites Blossom celebrates this revolutionary technology, as well as the romantic colors of the new constellations, through images of light and infinite radiance.

Blah blah blah. What Guerlain did was made the powders softer so that it was easier to pick up with a brush, as well, they reduced the amount of product from 30g per tin to 25g. I’ve read that the new pearls tend to crumble and they’re more shimmery now.  I personally saw this change as an opportunity for Guerlain to reduce the amount of product but still charge the same price.  Also, by making product softer, it means the product will get used up faster as well!  Call me cynical.
But, I might get one of the new formula (maybe 04 Doré, shown above) just to have a point of comparison. I do realize that I already own enough Météorites to last me 3 lifetimes – I don’t actually intend to use them up, really. 😉 If you want to go oogle at an amazing collection of Meteorites, please check out the Flickr album of CarolineSwing, the MakeupAlley resident Balls Lover. *snicker* sorry! 😆

Have you fallen for Guerlain Météorites?

50 thoughts on “Guerlain Météorites

    1. You should go to the counter and at least try them to see if you like them!
      My first foray into these types of pearls was actually at the Body Shop (I had never heard of Guerlain at that time) when I bought a container of bronzing pearls. It was very sparkly but i liked them – not sure if Body Shop still sells them.

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  1. All the packaging is so beautiful. I appreciate how you’ve never used the embossed powder! And I have to mention that since I’ve started following your blog, I now want to go out and spend lots of money on new makeup.

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  2. I haven’t pulled the trigger on these, but I just love to look at them! The Pucci one of yours is my favorite! ❤

    I think one of these days I will have to use my SDM Optimum Points and get a cute tub of these balls. 🙂 And then I have to get a proper vanity so I'll have somewhere good enough to display it, LOL!

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    1. I’m thinking of redeeming Optimum Points for my next one too… it’s just frivolous enough of an item that would make total sense to get to “free”. Make sure your Peanut doesn’t get his grubby hands on them!!! omg he would totally eat them – they look like candy. 😆

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  3. I’ve never tried them, but they look so pretty! I think because I just tend to prefer pressed powders so I never really looked much into them. That highlight with the embossed flower is just gorgeous!

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    1. I’ve wondered about the compacts too. I wonder if they’re generally less shimmery? I should try one in the store. But there’s just something special about the pearls! 🙂
      Heehee glad you found the balls funny! 😉

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  4. These look so pretty!! The only product that I’ve tried that look similar to these are the ones made by Elf that were out for a limited time but I’m sure those don’t even compare to these lol. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 xo

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      1. Oh did they? That’s awesome! I think that would make for a great post and I would love to read that! 😀 I thought they were nice. 🙂


  5. Meteorites are kind of perpetually on my wish list. I think I’ll pick them up if I can get through one more compact of powder in my current back-stock. The packaging just slays me!
    Those links you provided are the bomb! Those early Guerlain compacts are fantastic. I see myself spending my foreseeable free time on that site.
    I’m so bummed that Guerlain changed their formula before I bought these! At least I won’t have the old formula to compare them to though so maybe I won’t feel as bad about it 🙂
    Have you tried the pressed version? The loose version appeals more to my aesthetic but it’s hard to imagine feeling more glamorous than pulling a Guerlain compact out of your bag.
    I don’t think I could ever use that highlight either. It’s absolutely stunning!
    Excellent review! 🙂

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    1. I LOVE that makeup museum site – so interesting to learn more about history and art influences of cosmetics. 🙂
      I haven’t tried the pressed version but I’ve been tempted – I just don’t think I would really carry it around with me though. I guess never say never – I might fall for one of the LE compacts one day.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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      1. I need to actually track down some more resources for cosmetic history. It’s fascinating stuff on so many levels. That site is pure gold though, seriously!
        Now that you mention it, maybe I SHOULDN’T carry one in my bag. My bag is more like a ruck sack and it would be a shame to have something that delicate become a casualty 🙂

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  6. I bought one colored “Balls” 🙊 two years ago. Yesssss! it’s so beautiful … but sadly it did NOTHING on my skin 😦 The cutest packaging ever, but for me the product is very ordinary !!!

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    1. Aw too bad it did nothing for you – did you keep it? Side note, I wore the Pucci Météorites on Monday and my coworker told me my skin looked really “youthful and natural” and asked what I did differently. Not sure if it’s 100% attributed to the Météorites but who knows!

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  7. Oh wow! That’s a lot of meteorites you got there.The packaging were so adorable and definitely will put this in my wishlist. I agree with you that if I ever have the floral design highlighter I could only keep it on display.Too adorable to use it. lol! xo

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    1. I just love looking at them and from time to time will use the pearls if I need a little skin pick me up! 🙂 I suggest you put one of these on your Christmas wish list for someone to buy you! 😉


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