Milani Neon Nail Lacquer in Rad Purple

This polish should really be renamed to “Bait and Switch” because it’s some shady business going on here!  Firstly, I spied this polish in a random dusty Guardian Pharmacy on the bottom shelve behind some Revlon polishes. It was covered with a fine layer of dust but I was quite pleased with myself for finding a Milani nail polish since Milani isn’t readily available here.  I think the lady at the cash was surprised someone wanted to buy this polish – it’s likely sat on the shelves for 4 years since the Neon collection were released in 2010 (I bought this polish last year).  There were a few Neon shades in the display but the vibrant purple colour called “Rad Purple” drew me in:
The important thing to note about this polish bottle is that it is opaque, which I didn’t even notice until I got home and opened the bottle.  Now for the bait and swatch…

THIS is what the polish actually looks like…
And one layer applied:
What?!  It’s a sorta jelly burgundy wine shade that dried to a streaky matte finish.  It bares NO resemblance to the bottle colour! This is what it looks like with 2 coats:
There’s nothing neon about this purple!  If I wanted a vampy shade, I would have bought a vampy shade!
I added a topcoat to my index and middle finger – the topcoat helped a bit:
I was so disappointed, what a crock.  Even if I was to accept the colour for what it is, the formula wasn’t very good – it was patchy and never fully covered the nail line even after 3 coats (I wore this polish on my toes).  This bottle is going in my PURGE pile!
PS. Most of the other shades from this line do apply as the colours appear on the bottle, just this Rad Purple was a total miss!

Have you tried these Milani Neons?  What was your most disappointing makeup item?

38 thoughts on “Milani Neon Nail Lacquer in Rad Purple

  1. WHAAAAAAA? The bottle is colored purple! Holy crap, what a bait ‘n switch! :O And it’s just matte with no neon? Ugh, sorry this happened!

    I’ve never tried the neons but I generally like the regular Milanis (I mean, for the price).

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      1. They’re not great polishes by any means, but for the price, they’re fine. I like some of the shades, though it’s been quite a while since I’ve tried any newer ones.

        Color Club or China Glaze will definitely have a purple neon!

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    1. I know some people open nail polish bottles in the stores but I hate doing that, I always figure the glass is CLEAR so the polish colour should be the same as what you see from the bottle, right? But this one totally suckered me. BOO. I still want a purple neon – it’d be super cute on the toes!

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  2. Was thinking maybe it turned that color from sitting on the shelf for so long but you said others reported the same thing. Weird. I’ve never tried Milani polishes but I’ve seen them at CVS and the old discontinued shades & bottles at Dollar Tree.

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    1. I don’t think this polish is representative of ALL Milanis but it does make me cautious to get another one. I saw a few other bloggers swatch this and theirs were like this, it seems that out of the entire collection of the neons Milani released, this shade was the most problematic.


  3. What the what‽
    Out of curiosity, did you try it over a white base? It seems like they stuck you with a polish that has all of the annoying aspects of neon polish (Demi matte streaky business) but none of the pizazz (just wrote pizazz four different ways all of which got auto corrected to “pizza”)
    I know I’ve had cases of products being completely different than advertised but I don’t think I’ve had any quite this severe.

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    1. No I didn’t try it over a white base but I will just out of curiosity. I doubt it will really make all that much of a difference since there’s no BRIGHTNESS to the colour. I understand what you mean about some neons requiring a white base to bring out the PIZZA (lmao) but I don’t think it’s the case here. Purples are notoriously finicky though.


  4. LOL! That’s ridiculous! And disappointing! I’ve never seen Milani nail polishes before but apparently I’m not missing much if others are similar to this! Too bad though, if it had been true to the “advertised” colour, that would have been beautiful!

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    1. My quest to find another Milani polish and see if they redeem themselves. I don’t believe that ALL Milani polishes have opaque bottles so hopefully what you see is REALLY what you get with the rest of them.

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  5. Dude, I looked at the bottle and was like “I’ve been looking for that exact colour forever!” (Sinful Colors has one, but they’re nowhere to be found where I live, should have snatched it up when they were available!) …..I took that back once I saw the swatch. That can’t be legal, so weird it makes me uncomfortable.

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    1. I know! The bottle colour is AWESOME and I still want to find something like it. I honestly said out loud “WTF” when I opened the bottle. Even after the 1st coat, I thought, oh maybe the colour will brighten up or something? NOPE! Milani = punks
      Sinful Colors have a spotting distribution here too. I see them sometimes at special displays at Rexall. They also had some random ones at Dollarama from time to time.

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  6. Oh my gosh, that’s robbery! Im someone who does open the polish bottles in the store (ooops) haha. I wanna know what I might be working with- helps me avoid buying sheer polishes!

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