Pants Party!

Before we get to the Pants Party, I want to acknowledge that today is my 300 Days of Makeup No-Buy!!! And this will be my final No-Buy badge before I’m finished my yearlong ban.
I’m SO psyched to be finished my No-Buy, you can’t even imagine! 😀
Random: Did you know that in 10 pin bowling, 300 is the perfect score? This is achieved by getting a strike 12 times in a row. 😮

So, I recently bought FOUR pairs of pants!  I haven’t bought pants in ages.  Hence, the Pants Party:
That’s Brick, from Anchor Man… I just couldn’t help myself, heh. 😛

First, I stopped into Express. I haven’t been in Express for a while and was thinking of getting some new work pants – I’ve been stuck in a rut of black and grey dress pants lately.  I was in an adventurous mood and took a risk with trying these on:
Columnist Ankle in Geo Print

People who know me, know that these are totally out of my comfort zone!  I do NOT wear patterned pants, nor do I like tapered legs.  Something possessed me to buy them, and I actually liked how they look.  Since it was BOGO 50% off for pants at Express, I also bought the same cut of pants but in a solid maroon colour:
Again, this is totally out of the norm for me.  I do not own a single pair of pants outside of the black – grey – navy colour spectrum.  Until now!  I received a bunch of compliments when I wore the Geo Print ones to work (sporting heels just like the model!) So I guess I chose well!

Then I noticed a new pop-up shop at the mall called Hyba.  It’s a Lululemon-esque yoga / active lifestyle type of store focused on offering a wide range of sizes from XS to 2X.  Turns out it’s a sub-brand of Reitmans, a Canadian women’s apparel chain, which also operates Smart Set, RW and their namesake Reitmans, stores.  Hyba was running a promotion in the store where their athletic bottoms were all $34 each (regularly $40 each) or buy 2 for $60.  So I decided to take the plunge into 2 pairs of slim yoga-styled pants:
Hyba Slimming Pants in Grey Mix and Black

This is NOT my usual look – I mostly wear jeans on the weekends – but I’m willing to try something different.  I can wear these with flats / sneakers or boots.  What I loved about this store is that they offer a pant length called “Ultra Petite” with a 28″ inseam, and it was perfect for me. 😀  They also carry regular (32″), petite (30″) and tall (34″) – talk about catering to everybody.  Can’t wait to wear these!

So that’s my Pants Party.  Have you purchased any clothes lately?

55 thoughts on “Pants Party!

  1. First off, huge mega congrats on reaching 300 days! That is incredible!

    Ooh, I love the maroon pants! Sometimes going outside of the comfort zone can be so worth it!

    Yesterday I bought myself a forest green slouchy knit hat, a pair of burgundy pj pants, and a purpley-burgundy sweater. I haven’t bought myself anything in ages. Earlier this week I was gifted a super soft boucle knit scarf in a purple-toned blue (like a dusty navy with purple tones) and a pair of leather gloves with a zipper at the wrist.

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    1. Thanks! 😀
      I asked the sale associate to show me non-black or grey pants and she brought those maroon ones to me in the fitting room, I was like, ok why not? And they’re made of a great quality fabric too.
      Oooh sounds like you’re all set to be wrapped up in cozy accessories for the upcoming weather! What was the occasion that you were gifted these lovely items?

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    1. Oooh I love me some good cardigans ! I haven’t shopped much at JCrew since I find their prices SO inflated. I do have a couple of items from them and yup, they’re cardigans too! 😛


  2. Congrats on 300 days. So 28″ inseam in Ultra Petite!!! Who knew I was Ultra anything??? I swear that average petite used to be 29″ but most petite pants are still too long for me to wear with flats.

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    1. Actually 29″ is perfect for me but I went up a size on these pants so they sit a bit lower on my hips… I just didn’t want them to be super tight around the crotch area… 😉 You should definitely check out Hyba for the perfect inseam!


  3. Yay make up no buy is almost over!

    I like the selection of pants for each and it’s nice that you got out of your comfort zone. It must have been hard for you to pick out patterned and colored pants, but I do like those express ones!

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  4. 300 days, you deserve more than a medal, well done you!!! 🌟 I also love your sense of style, I find it extremely hard to find petite range clothes here in the uk with the same sort of style. 😊 x

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  5. Congrats on 300 days! You’ve come a long way!!
    That Geo Print is so daring, but so chic! I love the maroon one, that should not be hard to pull off at all, hardly stepping out of the comfort zone! I personally feel like tapered pants don’t suit my body shape, unless some company out there makes ones that suit stick people haha. But I always see classy outfits with them all over the internet, so I envy you! >.<
    In terms of the 28" inseam, how tall are you?

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    1. I’m 5’3″. 🙂 I normally do 29″ inseam but these pants I chose a size up and wore them lower on the hips since I don’t want no camel toe… 😛
      I also feel that tapered pants don’t suit my body but apparently they looked fine. I think the slightly cropped length helped.

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  6. Congratulations, gorgeous girl! 300 DAYS – you should have your own Ted Talk … ‘Beauty Addict Doesn’t Buy Makeup For A Year’; it would be a HIT! (and I’d watch it over and over again, to motivate myself to have a No Buy that is longer than 100 Days next year).
    Pants are wonderful things and can add so much style to an outfit. Don’t be afraid of colour or patterns – embrace them, hunni!
    // Bea //

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  7. 300 days?!?!?! How on earth did you do that?!? HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!! What an achievement 🙂 LOVE the pants…. those purple ones are just too fabulous for words! Great post, thanks so much for sharing huni & once again really well done on your badge of honour ❤ XXXXXXX

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  8. I need pants!
    I’m sick of wearing skinny black jeans to work. Yesterday I went looking for a pair of sensible black pants..similar to the ones you bought in the print and maroon. Print freaks me out as looks a litte too busy? I do like the ones that you got though. Maroon is a good work colour as well..especially since you guys are getting into your colder months though.

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    1. It’s tough finding a good cut of pants. We have dress-down Fridays so we can wear denim but all the other days I’m either in suits or dress pants so I need a variety. I totally hear you about prints being busy. I tend to stay away from prints in general – I have a small frame so I feel prints tend to overpower me. Today I’m wearing navy and charcoal lol… so typical of me!

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  9. I LOVE those pants – particularly the maroon ones! Might have to go try those on. I love the look of ankle length pants with heels – so chic! Plus they fit easily into taller boots!
    Express makes great work clothes! I love their Portofino blouses; they have them in so many different patterns and colours and they look great with dress pants and jeans. I own 3 of them and I want more!

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    1. I was surprised at Express’ work wear offering. We’ve only had Express in Canada for a few years so it’s opened a whole new world to me. I even have a suit from there and every time I wear it, people ask me where it’s from. I only have 1 of the Portofino shirts and I’ve been meaning to get more… I didn’t colours I liked the last time I was in there.

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    1. Yes I can’t wait til next year HOWEVER, I think I’m reformed because I do realize I really truly do not need to go crazy shopping… I will allow myself a free for all shopping month in January and then I might do a “low buy” and set a dollar amount monthly budget (like a normal person 😛 )!

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