MAC Party Line Lipstick

Finally, I’m getting around to wearing MAC Party Line!  I got this a while back as my Back to MAC item, where I returned 6 MAC empties for a lipstick.  That was back in September.  But the shade I chose was quite a deep plum colour, more of a Fall-looking shade that I had to wait until recently to wear.
Plus, I had to work up the nerve to wear this deep colour! 😮
Party Line is a Creamsheen, and as per the name, it’s a creamy formula with a shiny finish. I have one other Creamsheen formula lipstick from a MAC LE collection and I quite like the feel on the lips.
I honestly don’t recall where I had heard about the shade Party Line, but it’s been on my wish list for ages.
And when I went into MAC to choose my free lipstick, I wanted to get something that was slightly outside of my comfort zone (so no MLBB shades). I applied this on my lips at the store and liked how polished it made my face look (I had minimal makeup on that day).  Party Line is described by MAC as:

Red-toned plum

The colour in the bullet appears deeper than how it applies:
In fact, it’s not all that much deeper than some of the shades I already own:
L to R:
• Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick in Vine Cream (this lipstick has gone off and needs to be throw out)
• Clarins Rouge Prodige in Fusion Red
• MAC Party Line
• Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Minx (very close to Party Line!)
Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD750 Harmony (this one is my current favourite!)

But look at how different the lipstick bullets look against each other (Illamasqua Minx looks downright nude in the bullet):
I really thought I went out of my comfort zone with Party Line and got such a deep shade but alas, I think I just skirted at the edges of my comfort zone. 😛  I’d say it has a more plummy tone compared to the others I have.  I do really like this lipstick though – it’s very comfortable to wear and has a slightly sheer / tinted quality that makes it wearable for daytime.  The colour is very flattering on my NC20 skin tone.  I’m glad I Back to MAC for this!  MAC lipsticks normally cost $20 CAD for 3g.

Have you Back to MAC for lipsticks before?  What did you choose?

59 thoughts on “MAC Party Line Lipstick

  1. I started reading, thinking, “Party Line’s not DEEP…” LOL. I love this one! I find it really easy to wear and it’s one of my “dummyproof” lipsticks. I like that you have so many similar shades, too. Not all soft neutrals 😉

    Back2MAC is awesome (especially now the lipstick prices have gone up again). I’m thinking of getting a couple MACs during the current HBC VIP sale…

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    1. It’s deep to ME! I’m wearing it today and i feel like all my lips have taken over my face, lol. I still have to get used to it. 😛 But I like the plummy tone this shade has that my other ones don’t have, so it’s different enough.


      1. Last week they mailed me some coupons. I assume you need to be an HBC VIP but BEAUTYVIP gives $20 off a $100 cosmetic/fragrance purchase from yesterday through Sun Nov 22. :p And 5% ebates today, woohoo. 😀

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    1. Somehow, I still feel it’s a little bit deeper than the other shades, I think the plummy-ness makes it deeper looking. One of my co-workers could NOT get over how much she loved this lipstick on me (I’ve been wearing it for a few days now) and she says I shouldn’t take it off lol.


  2. Cute Chrismassy theme Stashie!
    It is a gorgeous shade indeed. Its amazing what happens when we step out of our comfort zones sometimes right?
    Its great you can wear shades like this to work.. no one at my work really does different makeup looks which makes me uncomfortable with the idea of switching up my look with brighter colours.

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  3. Somehow I’ve never actually heard of this shade but it’s stunning! I also really like that last shade you swatched, Harmony.
    I do the same thing with shades where I get it into my head that it’s so dark or bright or loud and then when I wear it again it’s so much more subdued than I had been thinking it was.

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      1. It is! I’m like you- I like my nudes! I like getting out of my comfort zone though especially in the fall/winter months, when I feel like bolder lips are easier to wear! My top two that I would recommend that I own and have repurchased are Flowerscope- It’s a red/pink so I look at it like the best of both worlds..goes with everything too in my opinion 🙂 And of course the ever popular Crème Cup- it’s a nude but it’s my favorite nude I have.
        I’m on the hunt at Mac for the perfect dark red/oxblood color but haven’t found one I am in love with yet…maybe because I already have one I love in another brand? Decisions, decisions..they have so too many colors to choose from haha


      1. I don’t have a blog. I’ve thought about it, but I have some lip glosses that are so old, I’d be embarrassed to share. I’m also in denial about how many nail polishes I have, and I think blogging about it would force me to acknowledge the number (hundreds, easily).


  4. Look at you somehow managing to stay within the outer limits of your ‘comfort zone’ haha. But from the outside, at first glance it does look a little daring for everyday wear! That Clarins lipstick from the outside looks like such a hot red, but the swatch begs to differ! I don’t like things that look deceiving from the outside 😛 Does Party Line have subtle shimmer, it looks almost pearl-y, or is that just me?

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    1. Again, you with your LITERAL-ness. Sometimes things look different from the outside! That’s why swatches are helpful. 😛
      Yes, there’s subtle… glimmer? It’s really not noticeable on the skin. I think it’s the hallmark of the Creamsheen formula – gives it that sheen.


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