One month till Christmas!

Tick tock, it’s officially only one month till Christmas. 30 more days to finish (or start?) shopping.  I’m pleased to say that I’ve actually started my Christmas shopping!  I went to William-Sonoma when they had a 20% off Friends & Family event and bought a few things, one of which was this:
Williams-Sonoma Salty Nut Mix
The rest I can’t say because some people read this blog. 😉

I also mailed out my first Christmas card earlier this week – I don’t have many to mail out, thank goodness.  I have an idea about what I’m getting for pretty much everyone on my list – so it’ll just be a matter of buying the items.

And a bit off topic, but look what I just saw:
Image courtesy of
The long awaited Spend Your Points Event at Shoppers Drug Mart! Granted, it’s not the Super Spend Your Points Event but it’s better than nothing.  On Saturday only, 95,000 Optimum Points will be worth $200 instead of $170, and 50,000 points is worth $100 instead of $85. I’ll be redeeming for $200 worth of beauty products on Saturday. 😛

What about you, have you started to shop?  I guess with Black Friday coming up, it’ll be the official start of Christmas shopping frenzy. 😀

22 thoughts on “One month till Christmas!

    1. You’re the last minute shopper huh! Black Friday wasn’t a big deal here in Canada until maybe 3 years ago… and we live right beside the US! I think it will become more of a widespread thing – people like sales!


      1. Last year it was quite widespread but that’s it! Us British aren’t used to the fighting though so some stores (asda – our Walmart who bought it over in the first place!) have said they’re not doing it again! I promised myself this year I wouldn’t be last minute but here I am again with no idea what to buy anyone!

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  1. Finally, a Spend Your Points event! But I’m gonna hold out for Super…

    I’m pretty close to being done with Christmas shopping, but luckily I don’t have that much to do. Can’t believe I missed out on the W-S 20% though! WTH, they didn’t send me an email.

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    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Super event… I honestly think someone did the math at SDM and decided it’s not worth it. 😛 And I doubt they’ll have another one for the rest of this calendar year.. so to scratch my itch to shop, I’ll just suck it up and redeem my points!
      Impressive that you’re almost done your shopping! I only found out about the William-Sonoma thing through my coworker or else I wouldn’t have known!

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      1. You know, you’re right! I just spoke with a SDM employee and she said she thinks they’ve discontinued the Super events. 😦 Oh well. $200 is still pretty good. I remember they did $220 once a couple of years back.

        I guess I might redeem this Saturday, then. Maybe get some Christmas stocking stuffers, etc. And of course, check out some makeup, hahaha!

        I can’t wait to see what you redeem for! It just annoys me that not all SDM locations have all brands so it’s harder to get everything you want.

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  2. So excited (about the SDM event)! The SDM Beauty Boutique on Bloor West took my name and number and actually called me about on Monday and put aside my “purchase” since they’re going to be so busy on Saturday. Unfortunately, they’re sold out of the Urban Decay Karma brush. But Guerlain Meteorites, here I come!

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  3. I’m doing all of my Christmas shopping online so i don’t have to face the insanity of the stores! I just have two more gifts to buy and than I’m pretty well done except for stocking stuffers. (Oh, and I’ll probably treat myself to a little something as well)

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  4. I am so excited to see what you purchase from SDM! I am almost done my shopping which is huge for me.
    Black Friday stresses me out, the malls are crazy and everyone is so insane…I think I might partake in in Cyber Monday.

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    1. I’m not sure if I’ll attempt Black Friday shopping this year – I need boots but maybe I’ll just order online.
      I hope SDM will have all the stuff I want to redeem for! I’ll do a post about it next week. 🙂 Do you have Optimum Points to redeem?


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