Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Cards

I love greeting cards. I love looking at them. I love collecting them.
And most of all, I love giving them!  Christmas time is the best time for a greeting card fiend like me (ecards just don’t hack it!).

Every year I go on a hunt for boxed Christmas cards to give out to co-workers, recently I’ve been buying the blank ones that come in assortment of prints – this year I scored this cute set:

I also love owls and somehow I ended with 2 boxes of owl themed cards:
I haven’t even given out the one on the left yet which I’ve dubbed the “serious Christmas owl” – I mainly got it for the fancy box (I got this during a Boxing Day 50% off sale):

This is the newest addition to my collection – Santa and Rudolph are cut-outs hanging from a swing! – a design from MoMa that I found at Marshalls:

I try to get some with more traditional messages on them like the one on the left… but last year I bought this Gingerbread Zombie one to give to the SO… an entire box of them since they weren’t sold singularly.  No one else I know watches the Walking Dead so now I’m left with 9 extra Gingerbread Zombie cards. If anyone wants me to mail them a Gingerbread Zombie Christmas card, send me an email! 😀

And I also save cards that I’ve received and the SO also does the same (mostly because I round up all the cards and put them in a shoe box!)  Here are some we’ve given each other (we have a thing: cards with cats on them – we don’t even HAVE a cat!):

And this is one I gave to the SO a couple of years ago:

Are you into Christmas greeting cards? Have you sent out cards this year yet?

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35 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Cards

  1. I just bought the last of my Christmas cards today! Barnes and Noble had a fantastic set of great white owl Christmas cards and I’m a sucker for the laser cut cards.
    My grandmother and her sister would send the same card back and forth to each other every week adding a little note every time and then they would get a new card at Christmas and start all over again. I love that, I think it’s such a cute little ritual.

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    1. OH that’s absolutely PRECIOUS! I do think snail mail is a lost art. I love sending mail… and of course, receiving them too! 🙂 I’ve seen a bunch of nice laser cut cards this year too but I had to rein myself in…

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      1. Back in my day (dang kids, get off my lawn!) we always had pen pals when we were little. It was awesome! There’s a post card exchange program that I’ve considered on occasion. I just love the romance of letters and cards 🙂

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  2. Love this time of year when all the Christmas cards come out and we get to see all the prettiness in stores. The boxed ones are especially appealing, but I usually don’t have enough people to write cards to to justify getting a whole box. Papyrus is my favourite…every card is gorgeous, but the cards there are SO expensive!

    Love the ones you have in your post, especially the last one!

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  3. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards but it appears to becoming a lost art, at least amongst my family and friends. I definitely noticed a difference when Canada Post raised their cost per stamp to $1. Damn them!

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