Blogmas Day 5: Real or Fake?

Real or Fake… Christmas trees, that is! 😉
Some people are diehard real Christmas tree devotees. Others aren’t so fussed. There are pros and cons to both. I’m rather simple myself…

I have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree! 😛
I got this a few years back for $15 and we’ve been bringing it out every year since. It even comes with the one red ball ornament, just like from the movie. The branches are made of wire and I bend them so they look more askew. 😛  There’s a fancier version now available for sale that plays music and comes with Linus’ blanket to wrap around the base.
I’ve never had a real Christmas tree – when I was younger, we had this highly elaborate fake tree that we were told cost a fortune (“be careful with those plastic branches, kids!”). Each branch had to be assembled individually and had a specific order in which they had to be attached to the base – it probably took 2 hours to assemble the damn thing.  Then there was a very methodical order in which ornaments could be hung onto the tree – lights first, then red satin balls spaced out just so, then the rest of the ornaments (probably 90% were handmade bought from craft shows so were very delicate), then silver tinsel, then the star on top, and a red tree skirt.  The finished product looked similar to this:

I’m quite pleased now with my Charlie Brown Christmas tree!  What about you? Real or fake Christmas tree?  How do you decorate yours?

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38 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5: Real or Fake?

  1. I have only ever had 1 real tree, it was my husband and I first Christmas. It was a mess though! We knew nothng about real trees and we vacuumed up needles still in June! So fake since than

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  2. We always had fake trees. So much easier and in the end less expensive. Why spend money on a tree every year when you just need to do it once and be done with it. I have a little 4 foot tree now. It’s so cute & perfect for my apartment.

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    1. YES, it was colour coded. the branches were held together with colour coded tags and it had to be matched up to the base by colour. omg it was tedious. The end results were nice since the tree did look realistic, but geez for a kid it was semi-torturous!

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  3. We are Hindus so we didn’t really have a Christmas tree, however, I do have an aunt who converted and we (my cousins and I) used to have “stay-cations” at their place when we were younger. I got to decorate a Christmas tree then. I must say, I wish I could see a real Christmas tree in a house here in Malaysia. I am sure that there are people doing that here but most use the fake ones…
    A Charlie Brown Christmas tree sounds delightful! 😀

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  4. Hahahaha! I really love your Charlie Brown Tree! I think it’s a cultural thing, though. People in Switzerland would not even dream about getting a fake tree, let alone put fake candles on (although it is getting more and more popular these days..) We’re not having a tree at all, because we’re not celebrating at our house any way.

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  5. Real all the way. You know, I used to live in the country, in our backyard we had a ton of Christmas trees. I always love how the real one smell. Your Charlie brown tree I have to admit, is quite adorable !!! 😀

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  6. Fake! Although I wouldn’t mind a real one 😀 that’s such a cute tree! My grandma has a small one displayed in her kitchen every christmas lol

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      1. Yes!! I know .. and sometimes they are even pricer than an actual tree!! Weird ! Lol I saw a fake tree today at michaels it was just twigs no leaves or whatever .. I so wanted to get it my mom was like omg that would make everything so much easier lol!


  7. Fake tree and agreed it takes a lot of work to decorate and to take them down. Luckily, it was only once a year. I love to have real trees for the scents but when the needles start dropping – there’s no end to it = big headache. Your Charlie Brown Tree is super cute!

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