Rewards to myself for sticking to my yearlong No-Buy

I had mentioned before that I would treat myself after my No-Buy was over. And I wanted to make sure the rewards weren’t makeup.  So here’s what I’ve bought as rewards for successfully completing my No-Buy:

1) Longchamp Large Planetes Tote
I resisted the Longchamp tote for years. Everyone and their grandmas have one! I toyed with buying a limited edition design a few years back but just couldn’t justify the purchase. Then my friend’s niece visited Paris recently and my friend asked if I was interested in this bag (she owns it and I gushed over it) since it’s cheaper there. I like that it’s not a common style since it’s all black. I LOVE this bag – it’s so sturdy and holds everything I need for work. ❤

2) Photorejuvenation (IPL) facial package
I bought a Groupon for laser hair removal in the Fall. At the spa, they offered a whole array of facial treatments and I got interested in the photorejuvenation  / photofacial treatment. The Intense Pulse Light (IPL) helps with hyperpigmentation, fine lines and pores. I’ll devote an entry on why I wanted to do this and my experiences.

3) Blundstone boots
I’ve been waiting for Blundstones to go on sale since early Fall but I haven’t seen any discounts on them! So I used the mall gift card I received at Christmas (thanks sis!) to help lessen the pain.  I have them in the smallest size (UK 3) and they make my feet look bigger. 😆

With my Longchamp and Blundstones, I’m almost outfitted in the typical Canadian gal’s outfit. All I need now is either a Canada Goose or an Aritzia parka to complete the look! 😉

What do you think of my rewards to myself?

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72 thoughts on “Rewards to myself for sticking to my yearlong No-Buy

  1. Ooooh I thought they’d discontinued the Planetes!!! Maybe they’re still available in France and just not here? Anyway I love that bag and have it in Ebony (very dark brown). That size is awesome because it holds EVERYTHING!

    Great haulage! You have teeny widdle feet! Mine have gotten bigger (thanks, peanut) and I probably need new winter boots.

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    1. I think they’re discontinued in North America? I tried to find it online but most sites are out of stock / discontinued. My friend went to a Longchamp store to get this so maybe they also have exclusive items? It’s such an awesome purse! 😀 I actually saw at Winners they had a pale grey version of this… but it was still $200
      I’ve heard of women saying they need to buy all new shoes because their feet grew from pregnancy! It’s a great excuse to buy new shoes haha…

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      1. Yeah, I think in N. Am. they replaced the Planetes with the Neo (?) line and the bags are made of some other funky material…it just doesn’t look as sleek and elegant to me. Boo. And yes, I’ve even seen the all-leather Longchamps at Winners, but they’re still so pricy. :p

        Argh, I wouldn’t mind buying new shoes, but now I really look like I have huge feet! LOL. It’s my wide duck feet that make me size up!

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  2. I like that you didn’t reward yourself with makeup! That’s a great bag, I like the all black.
    I can’t wait to hear your experience with IPL. I’ve thought about looking into it but haven’t yet!

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    1. Yes, I think rewarding myself with makeup would just defeat the whole purpose. I will post my experience with IPL within the next month! I just want to make sure I have enough experience to provide a good overview of it! 🙂

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    1. I’m smacking myself for waiting THIS long to do laser hair removal. I’m doing my underarms and I’ve had 2 sessions so far and it’s about 80% gone already! (I’m not very hairy to begin with)
      I’m SOOOOO enjoying the Blundstones! They have NOT left my feet since I got them on Saturday! Thank you for recommending them! 😀

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  3. I cannot wait to hear more about the Photorejuvenation facial package! I think I’ve heard some other people talking about it, and I know I’m very interested!
    Also, I need those booties! I have a pair of dark brown booties and tan booties, but no black ones and those are PERFECT!!

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  4. Ooooooh the Longchamp bag is beautiful! I’ve wanted one for a while too but I’ve never seen an all-black one. So chic!

    Such classic boots too – you can wear those with almost anything.

    Looking forward to your review on the IPL – that’s not something I’ve ever considered because I know zero about it. I need some education! 🙂

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    1. I’ve not seen an all black one until my friend came back from Paris with hers and it made me want it! Initially I wanted an all purple one but at the end of the day, I know black goes with everything.
      Yes, those boots are so versatile – I even wore it with a dress the other day haha.
      I didn’t know much about IPL until I asked my friend about it – she had it done and then the spa gave me a trial session and then I was sold! 🙂


  5. Looking forward to hearing about the IPL! I am way too much of a chicken to try anything on my face but I like to hear about them just in case I ever work up the courage haha.

    That Longchamp bag is a beauty! Nice picks for your reward 🙂

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  6. Photorejuvenation is something I would love to treat myself to at some point. When I was younger I loved tanning, which was really stupid and hyper pigmentation is a effect from it on my face. I look forward to your post, I hope it goes well! 🙂

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    1. I didn’t tan much but I have freckles and some of them are splotchy looking. I also have hyperpigmentation that I want to tackle. I hope IPL works for me too! I’ll update in Feb after I’ve had a couple of sessions! 🙂

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      1. When I went to my dermatologist he gave me hydroquinone cream, which actually helped a lot. I have freckles too, they’re not too bad but I’m not a fan of them. I look forward to the update!

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          1. Well I noticed after two weeks a reasonable change. I used it for a total of 5 weeks on and off it worked so well. Got rid of the hyper pigmentation pull made my skin look younger but it did take time. I hear ya quick results is way better! 😀

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  7. Oooooo!!!!! That bag looks like something that’s totally up my ally!😍 I love large bags lol. I love carrying everything with me! You just never know when you need a particular something right !?😅 those boots look Ahmazzinggg as well! 🙈I’ve never heard of that brand before but they look lovely! They kind of resemble some old Navy boots I own and I’ve been wearing them nonstop ever since fall started lol.. can u tell I love them? 😛 does that facial hurt!!?? I’m such a baby when It comes to things like that😢 but if it works for hyperpigmentation and pores then why not lol. Overall great rewards!!! You sooooo totally deserved them!!!:D 💪🎉

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    1. Thank you! I will do a post on the IPL for sure! No pain, no gain! 😉
      Yes that bag holds EVERYTHING – I love it. And yes those boots are a really popular style right now – everyone is copying Blundstones though – they were the original!

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      1. I bet so! And I’m sure they are pricey as heck though right lol!? The material looks incredible! I wanna search them but I’m afraid of the price tag lol. YOU are correct there lol no pain no gain! 💪💪💪 I remember I got a new purse back in April I believe and it’s huge like super huge. I remember tossing in my laptop, my ipad, my chargers, my nintendo ds, etc etc. You can just imagine how heavy that thing was lol!


  8. Nice work on the now buy 🙂 I haven’t purchased any make up since September last year thought i was going good until I bought a new foundation last week( needed a darker shade) and since then i have been looking at new makeup to buy!! Gaaah though i havent bought anything again … yetz haha :p


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