My Least Viewed Posts of 2015

Since I posted the other day about my top posts of 2015, I thought I’d show some love to my least viewed / commented on posts of 2015!  I personally liked these entries but hey, my blog was quite new at the time or maybe no one else thinks these topics were that interesting.  Here’s another chance for me to re-promote them! 😀

Pretty Funny

No Brushes Required

By Killian Perfumes – Guest Contributor

Untrieds: Kiehls Creme de Corps Coriander Whipped Body Butter


Hope this post will introduce you to the posts that hardly anyone saw! 😉 I’ll be taking about a week off from writing new entries (but I’ll still be around reading) so during that time, I will be posting more round-ups from 2015. 🙂

24 thoughts on “My Least Viewed Posts of 2015

    1. I had to take an educated guess – I went to my published posts and sorted by # of comments and then deduced which entries had the least comments / likes. These posts also never show up on my Dashboard top posts of the day / week – ever! 😛


  1. These were all before I started following you I think but now I am reminded that I can go binge read your older blog posts! Something to look forward to! 😀
    I love the Pretty Funny post. I’m also completely intrigued by coriander Kiehl’s and a little bummed that it isn’t still available.

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  2. Some of the posts that I did in which I worked extra hard to do them, took me forevvver to edit and take pics for, and not to mention were my faves are some of the least viewed ones lol 😦 such a shame !!! 😣

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      1. I’ve literally never had dry skin on my face before so this is a whole new thing for me and I had no idea how to get off the dry skin aside from scratching like a maniac and that just wasn’t going to happen.

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  3. LOL my brother sent me that Asian Aging thing a few years ago. We LOLed so hard!

    I’ve tried one or two By Kilians and wasn’t a huge fan….Back to Black was definitely one of them. So pricey…not impressed!

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      1. I’ve told DH that when I hit that old lady phase, I’m gonna perm my hair, dress in Chinese-style pajamas, and push a little cart around in Chinatown all day. 😉

        Yeah, I love intense perfumes, but the By Kilians seem OTT!


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