Love is…

Does anyone remember the comic strip called “Love Is…“?  I remember them mainly because my parents had a bunch of prints of them and I always thought they were so cute, yet a little naughty.  I mean, they’re 2 butt-ass naked characters and it was acceptable? 😉
Love Is… was born out of the 1960s, unsurprisingly in the time of the hippie movement – a lot of the images have that cheesy kitschy nostalgia about them.  So in honour of Valentine’s Day, here are some of my favourite “Love Is…” comics.

Does you remember Love Is…?  Happy Valentine’s Day!

38 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. They’re familiar, but I don’t know why. I might have seen them in passing in a compilation book. They’re super cute! =) Got to wonder why they’re naked… Adam and Eve, I guess? Very indicative of the period. Thanks for posting!

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    1. My parents had a couple of them in frames – I remember one was on top of our piano haha. I don’t know what triggered my memory but I thought about them one night as I was falling asleep and I thought it’d be good for a Valentine’s Day post. 🙂


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